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The Seadog Report – IDP scouting the AFC/NFC West

Welcome to the latest installment of the Seadog Report! It’s another condensed version this week as I try to wrap up the western conferences.




Denver Broncos  


DL – Trevor Pryce, Reggie Hayward, Marco Coleman, Raylee Johnson

LB – Al Wilson, DJ Williams, Terry Pierce

DB – (CB) Champ Bailey, Kelly Herndon, (FS) John Lynch, (SS) Kenoy Kennedy, Nick Ferguson


Seadog’s take on the Broncos – The Broncos will have a strong defensive presence this year. I’d like to see Reggie Hayward step up and make a splash on the defensive line. Wilson, Bailey and Lynch are all solid IDP guys, and definitely grab DJ Williams if you’re in a dynasty league.


KC Chiefs


DL – (DE) Eric Hicks, Vonnie Holliday, (DT) John Browning, Ryan Sims

LB– Scott Fujita, Kawika Mitchell, Mike Maslowski, Shawn Barber, Quinton Caver

DB – (CB) Eric Warfield, Dexter McLeon, (FS) Jerome Woods, (SS) Greg Wesley


Seadog’s take on the Chiefs – KC’s defense gets a little overrated in my opinion, however, there are definitely some strong plays for your IDPs this year. Hicks and Holliday should generate some sacks for you and Fujita, Barber, Woods and Wesley should be good starters for you.


Oakland Raiders


DL – Tyler Brayton, Warren Sapp, Ted Washington, John Parrella

LB – Napolean Harris, Dwayne Rudd, Travian Smith Danny Clark, DeLawrence Grant

DB – (CB) Charles Woodson, Phillip Buchanon, (FS) Ray Buchanen, Stuart Schweigert, (SS) Derrick Gibson


Seadog’s take on the Raiders – Boy, am I glad I saved the West for last. Mixed-up positions, no clear-cut starters for some spots on some of these teams, it makes life interesting. Anyways, I think Tyler Brayton is going to have a huge year, and I like Danny Clark to slip out of the LBs to be a good IDP point producer as well. There is some good talent on this team, but there are also several questionmarks. Keep tabs on some of these guys as they’ll be gold off of the waiver wire.


San Diego Chargers

DL – Otis Leverette, Adrian Dingle, Igor Olshansky, Jamal Williams

LB – Donnie Edwards, Zeke Moreno, Ben Leber, Randall Godfrey, Steve Foley, Carlos Polk

DB – (CB) Quentin Jammer, Sammy Davis, (FS) Kwamie Lassiter, (SS) Terrance Kiel



Seadog’s take on the Chargers – Donnie Edwards is an IDP stud, but the real strength on this defense is the secondary, so look for IDPs there as well (I like Terrance Kiel at strong safety). Avoid the defensive lineman.


NFC West


Arizona Cardinals


DL – Fred Wakefield, Bert Berry, Marcus Bell, Russell Davis, Calvin Pace, Darnell Dockett, Kyle Vanden Bosch

LB– Ray Thompson, Ron McKinnon, Karlos Dansby, Gerald Hayes, Levar Fisher

DB – (CB) Duane Starks, David Macklin, (FS) Dexter Jackson, Quentin Harris, (SS) Adrian Wilson


Seadog’s take on the Cardinals – Boy these western conference defenses just keep getting better and better for IDPs. Not. I have faith in Denny Green that he can make something of this team, but not much progress will be seen this year. I like Dockett for a dynasty grab, Thompson and McKinnon will have some IDP value, and keep an eye out for Vanden Bosch coming off an injury last year.


San Francisco 49ers


DL – John Engelberger, Bryant Young, Anthony Adams, Andre Carter, Brandon Whiting (maybe)

LB– Julian Peterson, Derek Smith, Jeff Ulbrich, Jamie Winborn

DB – (CB) Ahmad Plummer, Mike Rumph, (FS) Zack Bronson, (SS) Tony Parrish, Ronnie Heard


Seadog’s take on the 49ers – Peterson was the man last year for this squad, but I don’t like the fact that he missed training camp – that usually translates to injuries and missed playing time. Carter, Smith, Winborn, and Parrish are all IDP considerations


St. Louis Rams


DL – Leonard Little, Damoine Lewis, Ryan Pickett, Bryce Fisher, Tyoka Jackson, Sean Moran, Jimmy Kennedy

LB– Pisa Tinoisamoa, Robert Thomas, Tommy Polley

DB – (CB) Jerametrius Butler, DeJuan Groce, (FS) Aneas Williams, (SS) Adam Archuleta


Seadog’s take on the Rams – Strong at the LB positions and Archuleta is a top IDP performer. Little is a great pass rusher, but he’s got legal difficulties hanging over him. Look for Bryce Fisher to be a sleeper pick this year.


Seattle Seahawks


DL – Chiki Okeafor, Cedrick Woodard, Rashad Moore, Marcus Tubbs, Grant Wistrom

LB – Anthony Simmons, Orlando Huff, Solomon Bates, Niko Koutovides, Chad Brown (broken leg), Isaiah Kacyvenski

DB – (CB) Marcus Trufant, Ken Lucas, Bobby Taylor, (FS) Ken Hamlin, (SS) Terreal Bierra, Michael Boulware, Damian Robinson


Seadog’s take on the Seahawks – Last but not least, there’s my beloved Seahawks. Not a lot of IDP choices here, but the few that are will be very solid. Simmons and Hamlin will be IDP studs this year. Wistrom will be okay and for those of you playing in a dynasty league grab up Boulware.  


Well, that’s a wrap for this installment of the Seadog Report. Stay tuned during the regular season as I attempt to provide some “who’s hot” and “who’s not” in the realm of IDPs each week . Thanks for reading!

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