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The Seadog Report – IDP scouting the NFC North and the AFC/NFC South

Welcome to the latest installment of the Seadog Report! Due to the fact the 2004 NFL regular season is lurking around the corner, the Seadog’s scouting report will be more of the “Reader’s Digest Condensed version”. Bear with me as we plow through a few of these conference analyses this week.


NFC North


Detroit Lions  


DL  (DE) James Hall, Robert Porcher, Kalimba Edwards, (DT) Dan Wilkinson, Shaun Rogers

LB – Donte Curry, Earl Holmes, Teddy Lehman, James Davis, (Boss Bailey is out for the year)

DB – (CB) Fernando Bryant, Andre Goodman, Dre Bly, Chris Cash, (FS) Brock Marion, (SS) Brian Walker, Bracy Walker


Seadog’s take on the Lions – While the Lions, as a team in general, will be vastly improved from last year, I don’t think their defense is all that great from a fantasy perspective. I wouldn’t consider any of these players to be your number one starters for IDP, but they have some value if you are looking for depth. Keep an eye on Teddy Lehman – I think he has some great potential for the future (maybe even this year with Bailey out).


Chicago Bears


DL – (DE) Michael Haynes, Alex Brown, (DT) Bryan Robinson, Alfonso Boone

LB– Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher, Marcus Reese, Joe odom, Bryan Knight

DB – (CB) Charles Tillman, RW McQuarters, (Jerry Azumah is out for 2-3 months), (FS) Mike Brown, (SS) Bobby Gray, Mike Green


Seadog’s take on the Bears – Last year was a very disappointing season for Brian Urlacher IDP fans. I think he’s going to rebound and barring injury he should be a top-10 stud; maybe even top-5. There’s definitely some IDP potential with this unit. I like Bobby Gray to produce this year as a relatively unknown. Alex Brown should deliver as a DL and don’t be afraid to grab Briggs, Tillman, Brown or Green to back-up your squad.


Green Bay Packers


DL – (DE) Aaron Kampman, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Chuckie Nworkorie, (DT) Grady Jackson, Cletidus Hunt

LB – Hannibal Navies, Nick Barnett, Na’il Diggs

DB – (CB) Mike Hawthorne, Al Harris, (FS) Mark Roman, (SS) Darren Sharper, Marques Anderson


Seadog’s take on the Pack – The Packer’s always seem to have a decent defense, however, I’m not buying into it this year. They will be strong up the middle and I think that Nick Barnett is in for a big year. Look for the safeties to put up the IDP points as well. KGB will get some sacks, probably in the 10-12 range.

Minnesota Vikings

DL – (DE) Kenny Mixon, Kenechi Udeze, Lance Johnstone, Nick Rogers

LB – Chris Clairborne, EJ Henderson, Dontarrius Thomas, Mike Nattiel

DB – (CB) Antoine Winfield, Brian Williams, Ken Irvin, (FS) Brian Russell, (SS) Corey Chavous


Seadog’s take on the Vikings – Last year there was some real IDP gold on this team especially in the secondary. I like the front four as a whole and, in general, this should be a good defense. There should be some excellent IDP value throughout, and don’t be afraid to go after the rookies – Udeze and Thomas – because they should get a lot of playing time.

On a bit of a sidenote – Be wary of the secondary putting up the same numbers this year. When is the last time someone led the league in INTs two years in a row?


AFC South


Houston Texans


DL – (DE) Gary Walker, Robaire Smith, (DT) Seth Payne

LB– Jason Babin, Jay Foreman, Jamie Sharper, Kailee Wong

DB – (CB) Aaron Glenn, Dunta Robinson, (FS) Marcus Coleman, (SS) Eric Brown


Seadog’s take on the Texans – The Texans should have a pretty good defense. For IDP grab their LBs as they will all be good point producers. Look for defenses to pick on Robinson, so he should get some good tackle numbers for a CB. Stay away from the defensive line.


Indianapolis Colts


DL – (DE) Raheem Brock, Dwight Freeney, Brad Scioli, (DT) Larry Tripplett, Montae Reagor

LB– Cato June, Rob Morris, David Thornton

DB – (CB) Nick Harper, Joseph Jefferson, (FS) Idrees Bashir, (SS) Mike Doss


Seadog’s take on the Colts – This is one of those defenses that will benefit from having a very strong offense. On the DL the only real IDP choice is Freeney. I’d like to see him get into the 15 sack range this year, but we’ll see. Thorton should be huge, although he faded a bit mid–season last year. I don’t expect that to happen this year. Nick Harper got huge IDP points right at the beginning of last year, but didn’t do much after. Be wary of that. Doss should have a good season as well.


Jacksonville Jaguars


DL – (DE) Paul Spicer, Hugh Douglas, (DT) Marcus Stroud, John Henderson

LB– Daryl Smith, Mike Peterson, Akin Ayodele, Greg Favors, Tommy Hendricks

DB – (CB) Juran Bolden, Rasheen Mathis, DeWayne Washington, (FS) Deon Grant, (SS) Donovan Darius


Seadog’s take on the Jaguars – I think this defensive unit will be a lot better than it appears to be, however, if you are looking for IDP, I’d consider some of these guys as possible backups on your squad, but that’s it. On the DL look for Douglas to rebound a bit this year, Stroud and Henderson can be very consistent point producers. Ayodele is probably their best LB, but keep an eye on Daryl Smith if he earns the starting spot.

Tennessee Titans


DL – (DE) Carlos Hall, Antwan Odom, Travis LaBoy, (DT) Kevin Carter, Rien Long, Albert Haynesworth

LB– Keith Bullock, Peter Sirmon, Rocky Calmus, Rocky Boiman

DB – (CB) Andre Dyson, Samarai Rolle, (FS) Lance Schulters, Lamont Thompson, (SS) Tank Williams


Seadog’s take on the Titans – The Titans always have a good defense and this year will be no exception. On the IDP front, stick with the linebackers and safeties. I don’t see much right now, at least on paper, from the front line. Bullock is a stud. Keep tabs on Boiman and Thompson – they could be good pickups on the waiver wire.


NFC South


Atlanta Falcons


DL – (DE) Patrick Kerney, Brady Smith, (DT) Ellis Johnson, Ed Jasper, Travis Hall

LB– Keith Brooking, Cris Draft, Jamie Duncan, Matt Stewart

DB – (CB) DeAngelo Hall, Aaron Beasley, Jason Webster, (FS) Cory Hall, (SS) Bryan Scott


Seadog’s take on the Falcons – This Atlanta defense will be vastly improved over last year. Switching from the 3-4 to the 4-3 will help them a lot. I’m expecting Brooking to be very huge this year. Draft would be a good grab, but he’s been having health issues so be wary. Hall is going to get picked on as a rookie CB, so don’t be afraid to grab him for his tackles in the secondary.


Carolina Panthers


DL – (DE) Mike Rucker, Julius Peppers, (DT) Brent Buckner, Kris Jenkins

LB– Mark Fields, Dan Morgan, Will Witherspoon, Brandon Short

DB – (CB) Ricky Manning, Artrell Hawkins, (FS) Travares Tillman, (SS) Mike Minter


Seadog’s take on the Panthers – This team will have a strong defense once again this year. I think Rucker and Peppers will both be excellent IDP plays and, (if he can stay healthy) Dan Morgan and Witherspoon will get you some points as well. Minter is always solid in the secondary and you might consider taking a shot at Manning in the secondary as a backup.


New Orlean Saints


DL – (DE) Charles Grant, Darren Howard, Willie Whitehead, Will Smith, (DT) Johnathan Sullivan, Brian Young

LB– James Allen, Sedrick Hodge, Orlando Ruff, Derrick Rodgers, Cie Grant

DB – (CB) Ashley Ambrose, Fred Thomas, (FS) Tebucky Jones, (SS) Jay Bellamy, Mel Mitchell


Seadog’s take on the Saints – You gotta like the Saints defensive front line. For IDP go with Grant and Howard. Stay away from the linebackers unless you are desperate. Thomas and Bellamy should be adequate picks from the secondary.


Tampa Bay Bucs


DL – (DE) Greg Spires, Simeon Rice, (DT) Anthony McFarland, Chartric Darby

LB– Ian Gold, Shelton Quarles, Derrick Brooks

DB – (CB) Brian Kelly, Rhonde Barber, (FS) Jermaine Phillips, (SS) Dwight Smith


Seadog’s take on the Bucs – Always a strong defense, Tampa Bay will not disappoint this year either. Rice is awesome from the DE slot. The LBs are very good; look for Brooks here although he’s not the force he was a couple of years ago. There should be some great IDP value from the secondary as well, and I really like the potential of Phillips this year.


That’s it for this installment of the Seadog Report. Stay tuned for the next article when I try to wrap up the western conferences. Thanks for reading!




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