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The Seadog Report – Introducing The Wall

Hi Sharkfans! I’m going to stray from my “normal” Seadog Report ramblings to introduce you to The Wall – the Sharktank’s very first IDP-only fantasy league. IDP’s (individual defensive players) are becoming increasingly more popular to use in fantasy football leagues, but I must admit that an IDP-only league is a bit radical. Perhaps it’d be better to call it “cutting edge”. So, to stray from the norm just a little bit, I’d like to tell you a little about this new league.

The Wall is made up of a myriad of different owners – twelve teams in all. Most if not all of these owners have been very successful in “regular” fantasy football leagues. Some have a lot of experience in IDP while others have virtually no experience at all. Some of us are in it because of the challenge of playing with only defensive players, while others are in it so they can learn more about IDPs and through that learning process apply that knowledge to improve their performance in other IDP leagues. Some used the value-based draft (VBD) method, some used previous experience, some used cheatsheets, and some used a combination of all three methods. There is certainly a lot of diversity in this particular group, but that’s part of the reason this league is so intriguing.

Before we get much further, let me give you a brief introduction to the league. (Please keep in mind that this is a league comprised of Sharktank members, so the names are their actual tank names, and those of you who frequent the forums here at Fantasysharks will probably recognize many of them)

The Wall 2005

Division One
Team: Brooklyn Larceny owner: CleffedUp (creator and founder of the Wall)
Team: Neccesary Roghness #42 owner: johnnyballgame
Team: 1985 Bears owner: SoCalIrishSports
Team: Andre the Giant has a killer D owner: dgack

Division Two
Team: 46 69’ers owner: SJSwarm
Team: Team GBalls owner: gballs1
Team: The Hussy Bus owners: FantasyHussy/The_Bus
Team: Team Seadog owner: seadog

Division Three
Team: Paddler and the Soon 2B Named owner: Paddler
Team: Snazzy Panazzy Panachevitz owner: panachevitz
Team: lt1800’s Chargers owner: lt1800
Team: Deck’s Wrecks owner: Decktard

Interception Return TD 6
Fumble Return TD 6
Blocked Punt or FG return for TD 6
Blocked Punt, PAT or FG 3
Each Interception 4
Each Fumble Recovered 4
Each Fumble Forced 3
Each Safety 2
Each Sack 2
Each 1/2 Sack 1
Every Assisted Tackle 1
Every Solo Tackle 2
Every 3 Total Tackles 1
Every 5 Total Tackles 1
Each Tackle for Loss 1
Passes Defensed 1

Defensive Tackle (DT) 1
Defensive End (DE) 2
Linebacker (LB) 3
Cornerback (CB) 2
Safety (S) 2
Defensive Player Utility (DP) 1
Bench (BE) 6

The inaugural draft for the Wall has been successfully completed (in just a little over 3 days, I might add). Different strategies were employed as some went by picking the best available player while others stuck with a method of drafting by position. Most teams put a high priority on drafting Linebackers, while Defensive Tackles and Cornerbacks, seemed to have the least priority. Overall, everyone seemed to put together a solid team, so The Wall should be a very competitive league.

The use of IDP’s is getting increasingly more popular and there are many team owners out in the fantasy football world that can easily relate to this league. That’s why this year the Seadog Report is planning to include a section dedicated to reporting on the Wall. Hopefully, it will help to provide some incite to those who are learning about or even just curious about IDPs. Here’s a couple of quotes from one of the owners:

“I think the cool thing about this league after doing the draft is that by breaking out the DT and DE from the classic DL position and CB and S from the DB position, it deepens the draft and adds value in the same way that going from Team D to IDP did.”

“I think the IDP league is a great way to brush up on your IDP’s before your “real” draft and get to know a little bit more about the defenses….I certainly feel like I am armed with more info now than I was before we did this draft.” – dgack

So you can see this is a very radical league, and we’d like to encourage all those who are “IDP-curious” to check us out. The league home is: The Wall and several of us owners have posted our draft results with some brief comments in the IDP forum, so check us out there as well. Thanks for reading!

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