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The Seadog Report Playoff Edition

Greetings Sharkfans! It has been a wild ride through 2008 and I think that it is fitting to kind of wrap up the season with a year-end playoff Seadog article. This is for all you hard-core people out there who are taking a radical IDP season-ending fantasy playoff push into the post season….or perhaps it is just something to read and think about as we wind down into the fantasy football postseason….Either way, I’m going change my format just a little this week. I’m going to take a look at the playoff teams and pick the top one or two guys at each IDP position who I think would be the best play at that position for that team. Have fun!

Indianapolis Colts

DL – I’m going to stick with Robert Mathis on this one. Dwight Freeney is too inconsistent and Mathis has been outstanding this year.

LB – Normally, I’d lobby for Gary Brackett at this spot just for his sheer consistency, but because of his injury, I’m going to go with Freddie Kieaho. He will have good numbers as long as the Colts are playing.

DB – Bob Sanders should be healthy enough to play. He gets the nod here.

San Diego Chargers

DL – Jamal Williams is the best IDP DL for the Chargers.

LB – Stephen Cooper can be top-10 IDP at the LB slot.

DB – Eric Weddle (S) gets the nod over Quentin Jammer (CB). Both will do well.

Baltimore Ravens

DL – Terrell Suggs – no question.

LB – Even though he’s lost some IDP luster from his past studliness, I need to go with Ray Lewis as the recommendation. He’s still good.

DB – I’ve been down on Ed Reed for a couple of years now, but because his big-play persona has returned this year, I think I’ll take a chance with him.

Miami Dolphins

DL – No great shakes here, but I’ll pick Vonnie Holiday.

LB – Channing Crowder is my pick. He’s probably the best IDP LB play that Miami has.

DB – Yeremiah Bell is one of the top IDP overall, let alone just the DB position.

Atlanta Falcons

DL – John Abraham frustrates me with his inconsistency, but it is playoff time and he has huge big-play capability.

LB – I’m going to go with Keith Brooking over rookie Curtis Lofton just based on experience.

DB – Erik Coleman (S), Lawyer Milloy (CB), Chris Houston (CB), and Brent Grimes (CB) – all of these guys will be solid plays, especially in the Arizona game.

Arizona Cardinals

DL – Darnell Dockett is the best choice here.

LB – Karlos Dansby is just amazingly consistent with his IDP production.

DB – Antrel Rolle is my pick for Arizona DB. He’s arguably a top-15 IDP safety.

Philadelphia Eagles

DL – Trent Cole is by far the best IDP DL for Philly. He is one of the best IDP DLs – period.

LB – Even though he has been hurt, I’m going with Stewart Bradley. He should be busy against Minny anyways.

DB – Brian Dawkins has been bringing it the 2nd half of the season and he’s going to busy as well – at least with Peterson running at him.

Minnesota Vikings

DL – Jared Allen is the choice. He is banged up, but I’d still play him.

LB – Chad Greenway has been one of the more successful later-round IDP draft picks this year.

DB – Antoine Winfield is the top (or one of the top) IDP CBs in the league right now

Tennessee Titans

DL – I like Tony Brown over some of the other “bigger name” Tennessee DLs.

LB – I’m going to pick Stephen Tulloch as the pick over Keith Bulluck these days.

DB – Cortland Finnegan (CB) gets my vote over Michael Griffin (S).

Pittsburgh Steelers

DL – Aaron Smith is the choice – I guess.

LB – James Harrison and James Farrior – I wouldn’t sit either one of these guys.

DB – Troy Polamalu – his “star” label doesn’t always match his IDP production, but he’s the best choice for a Steeler IDP at DB.

New York Giants

DL – Justin Tuck is the best choice for a NYG DL, but they are all decent plays if need be.

LB – I guess Antonio Pierce is the choice here, but I’m not thrilled with any of the Giant’s IDP LBs.

DB – Yikes! No great picks at DB either….I’m going to go with Aaron Ross (CB) or James Butler (S)

Carolina Panthers

DL – Julius Peppers is the man at DL for Carolina.

LB – I’ve got to go with Jon Beason. He’s had a great season this year.

DB – Chris Gamble has been a steady IDP point producer all year.

Well, that wraps up another segment (and another season) of the Seadog Report. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

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