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The Seadog Report Week #1

Howdy Sharkfans! Well, it is that time of the year again – time for Ol’ Seadog to come out of hibernation, dust off the cobwebs and get into some IDP talk for 2008.


Usually, I try to highlight matchups and waiver grabs each week, but this week predicting some of that is a little tough with only the preseason to go on. Play your best players this week, and if you need to look at matchups, check the opponents your players are going up against. Are they a strong rushing team? Does the QB throw a lot? Is the offensive line solid or prone to give up sacks? These types of questions might help you choose if you need to decide about who to play for your IDPs.


Having said that, for this week, I’m going to take a look at some of the players that I will be playing in two of the IDP leagues that I’m involved in for FantasySharks – HAFAX (a hybrid experts league) and

The Wall (FantasySharks’ own IDP-only showcase league)


DT – Kelly Gregg BAL

– (the Wall) – Gregg has been hampered with an injury this preseason, but he is supposed to be playing in the season opener. He is not flashy and rarely puts up huge points, but he is a steady contributor, and that’s all I’m looking for from my DT position.


DE – Trent Cole PHI

– (HAFAX) – Cole is going into 2008 as a IDP stud on the defensive line. He will be playing every week for me unless something bad happens.


DE – Alex Brown CHI

– (the Wall and HAFAX) – I’m taking a little risk to start the season with Brown as one of my DLs. He should be starting for the Bears and even if he doesn’t, he should figure to be in a solid rotation with Mark Anderson. Brown came on like a freight train at the end of 2007, so I’m hoping that some of that will spill over into 2008.


DE – Andre Carter WAS

– (the Wall) – Carter is another every week player for me. He should have some solid numbers with Jason Taylor on the other end of the Redskins’ defensive line.


LB – Curtis Lofton ATL

– (HAFAX) – It looks like the rookie has won himself the starting MLB gig for the Falcons. He could be poised for a great IDP season this year, and it is time to throw him right into the fire.


LB – Gary Brackett


– (HAFAX) – Brackett is the epitome of the blue-collar IDP LB. No flash; he just produces week in and week out. This is more of a safe play for me this week.


LB – Paul Posluszny BUF

– (the Wall) – The Poz will be an every-week starter for me unless something drastic happens. I had him pegged as a Top 5 LB this season and I’m anxious to see him fit that mold.


LB – DJ Williams DEN

– (the Wall) – I don’t care if he is lined up as the weakside LB or the MLB, I’m betting Williams will be in my lineup every week; he is just too good.


LB – Matt Wilhelm SD

– (HAFAX) – Wilhelm is more of a gut pick for me this week as his matchup is more favorable than a couple of my other choices. I’m betting that

Carolina will try to run the ball as much as they can, so hopefully Wilhelm will be busy.


LB – Thomas Howard OAK

– (the Wall) – I’m playing four LBs this week in the Wall and Thomas is one of my Top 4 guys.


LB – Donnie Edwards KC

– (the Wall) – I’m not all that convinced that Edwards is a no-brainer this week as he has been hurt this preseason. MLB for the Chiefs should garner him some decent IDP points. I’ll be monitoring his situation, and if I feel the need to swap him out then I’ll probably go with Wilhelm as a replacement.


S – Rodney Harrison NE

– (the Wall) –

Harrison should give me double-digit points against KC. That is all I want out of my safety slot.


CB – Leon Hall CIN

– (HAFAX) – This second-year player should be on target for an excellent season. I like the Ravens/Bengals matchup this week.


S – Chris Hall CAR

– (The Wall) – Hall was an IDP freak last season. He’s also coming off an injury, but I need to play him based on his potential to put up some points for me.


CB – Roderick Hood ARI

– (The Wall) – Hood is really my best option at CB for the Wall. I’m hoping that he’ll get a few tackles and a few passes defensed this week.


CB – Aaron Ross NYG

– (The Wall) – I’m gambling that Ross will come into his own this season. I’m going to give him a go against the Redskins on Thursday.


CB – Terrence McGee BUF

– (HAFAX) – McGee has been an IDP stud in this league because we score return yards. He’s pretty good without the return yards. Terrence will be starting for us until further notice, that’s for sure.


These are the guys that I’m most likely going to be playing this week in the lineups for these two leagues –

The Wall and FantasySharks’ HAFAX team. I’ll be incorporating more of a “normal” Seadog Report next issue. I’d also like to point out the excellent

IDP forum on FantasySharks’ message boards. If you are looking for IDP advice, that is a good place to hang out.


See you next week, and as always, thanks for reading!


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