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The Seadog Report Week 12

Howdy Sharkfans! So far so good – I made some decent calls last week and my teams actually reflected that with wins in each of my leagues. Hopefully Week 12 will be just as rewarding … here are some Seadog recommendations to help you out for Week 12.

DT – Brodrick Bunkley, PHI

– Bunkley has been coming on strong the last couple of weeks and the Ravens should present a good matchup at DT for him.

DT – Brandon Mebane, SEA

– This guy might make a good filler week for you this weekend, but I wouldn’t expect huge points. He might steal you a sack this week though.

Strong DT plays this week (favorable matchups):






DE – Trent Cole, PHI

– I give Cole some press every once in a while, but he is as hot as anybody right now at the DE position.

DE – Julius Peppers, CAR

– For those of you who have stuck it out with Peppers this season have been rewarded handsomely the past couple of weeks. It is nice to see him finally getting his due this year.

DE – Paul Spicer, JAX

– This is pretty much a fill-in recommendation for this week. Spicer should have a good matchup which may translate into a few extra points for him on Sunday.



plays this week (favorable matchups):






LB –

Jerod Mayo,


– Mayo is starting to put up Patrick Willis rookie numbers. Twenty tackles by a Patriot LB? You’ve got to be kidding me! No joking around, this kid is for real. Also keep an eye on Mayo’s teammate Pierre Woods – he might be a nice filler player for the last third of the year.

LB – Eric Barton, NYJ

– Great IDP numbers the past three weeks from this guy. He’s definitely the LB to be playing for the Jets. He should do well against the Titans this week too.

LB – Stewart Bradley, PHI

– Bradley has turned into a goldmine for a fourth- or fifth-tier drafted LB in many IDP drafts. Good matchup this week and a solid IDP start for the rest of the year.

LB – Scott Fujita, NO

– Big numbers the past couple of weeks, the question is – are they for real? Might be worth taking a shot with him if you need some production at LB.

LB – Demarcus Ware, DAL

– If your league rewards for sacks, this is a good week to play Ware against the 49ers.

Strong LB plays this week (favorable matchups):







S – Abram Elam, NYJ

Elam has been making the most of his playing time lately. If you need a safety these days, I would definitely consider picking him up. Hey, if anything, this guy can hit!

S – Mike Brown, CHI

– Brown has been producing under the radar as of late. Solid numbers. Play him if you’ve got him.

Strong S plays this week (favorable matchups):



San Francisco,



CB – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, ARI

– Phew, this is the last time I’m putting this name in an article. Actually, Cromartie has got point-potential written all over him. I’m playing a hunch with him in the Wall this week.

CB – Corey Webster, NYG

– The Giants CBs should be getting plenty of action this week against the Cards. He should have a good matchup this week.

Strong CB plays this week (favorable matchups):

New York





Well, these are some of my recommendations for Week 12, and, as usual, thanks for reading!

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