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The Seadog Report Week# 2


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Howdy Sharkfans! I know I’m an IDP guy around here, but I need to make a punter comment this week. What in the world was

Seattle punter Ryan Plackemeier trying to do on

Buffalo’s Roscoe Parrish TD return last Sunday? Did he even make an attempt to try to tackle him? Take another look at the replay. Plackemeier does his best of tip-toeing around the main action of the play – almost like he was making it look like he was giving an effort, but come on – that was wimpy. Ryan you are 6ft 3inches tall and weigh 250 lbs. Parrish is something like 5ft 9inches and 180 lbs. Just get in his way, man! I know teams are always looking to protect their placekickers and their punters, but ya know, this is football for crying out loud. He could have at least taken on a blocker….


Enough of that ranting…. Parrish would have outrun him anyways….on to real IDP….


One of the hot topics after week #1 has been Zach Diles LB HOU who had 13 tackles against

Pittsburgh. Is this guy for real? That question is really too tough to tell this early in the year. He plays the strongside in the Texan’s 4-3 defense which means that in the world of IDP his point totals will not be consistently on the high side if history has its way. Typically strongside guys (SAMs) don’t put up the consistent IDP numbers week-to-week. This could easily be an aberration, so I would only recommend picking him up as a possible filler guy for a bench player. He may have some decent weeks ahead and then it wouldn’t be too bad to have him on your squad if you needed him.


Interestingly there were some solid performances by SAMs this week – Diles, Scott Fujita NO, and Chad Greenway MIN to name a few…….


Here are a few recommendations of players who you might want to keep an eye on or possibly play this week. At this point, there is a lot of waiver activity, especially on the ‘D’ side of the ball, so I’m going to lean in that direction this report


DT – Tony Brown TEN

– Brown seemed to be making a lot of plays in the middle of the
Titans defense last week. [edit – thanks to

jdhowlett of the sharktank for correcting me on this. Brown plays for the Titans not the Broncos as I had originally typed]


DT – Vince Wilfork NE

– I had to replace DT Kelly Gregg in one of my leagues last week because he was out. (BTW – he should be back this week). Anyways, I grabbed Wilfork off of the waiver wire and he was solid. I’ll take 6 tackles from my DT any day.


DT/DE – James Hall STL

– Hall is listed as a DT in our Wall league….cha-ching! Actually, he should be a solid DE contributor this year too.


DE – John Abraham ATL

– I’ve got to admit that I had pretty much written Abraham off after last season. He started 2008 with a bang, so you’ve got to think that he still has got a lot more in the tank this season.


LB – James Harrison PIT

Harrison is another guy out to prove me wrong this year. This guy gets the tackles and gets the sacks….that is deadly in IDP-land.


LB – Keith Rivers CIN (R)

– I didn’t think Rivers would be one of the top LBs for week#1. He could be in for a solid season.


LB – Freddie Keiaho


– Keiaho was all over the field Sunday night. I really like this kid. Plus he has one cool-sounding name.


LB – Scott Fujita NO

– Fujita has been fairly inconsistent in the past with his IDP production. However, 9 tackles makes a good start for him in 2008.


S – Tanard Jackson TB

– I like

Jackson to quietly put up above average tackle numbers this year. Eight tackles against the Saints in week#1 is okay in my book.


S – Mike Adams CLE

Adams replaces Sean Jones who was the starter but got hurt last week. I’ve always liked Adams point production especially when he was in

San Francisco. Maybe that is indicative as to how good he really is (or isn’t), but he always seems to post good IDP points.


CB – Ellis Hobbs NE

– I must be out of my mind recommending two Patriot players in the same article.

New England has never been a safe zone for IDP fantasy points, that’s for sure. However, the New England secondary is the weak spot of their defense and I expect teams to be trying to throw on

Hobbs all season long. He probably won’t have huge numbers, but he should be pretty steady.


CB – Fred Smoot WAS

– I’ve never been a big Fred Smoot fan, but he produces when he is healthy, and he will get his chances on this Redskin’s team this year.


These are some guys to look out for the next couple of weeks or possibly to grab and stash if you have some IDP depth on your team. See you next week and as always, thanks for reading!

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