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The Seadog Report Week #4

Howdy Sharkfans! All right, lay into me for the Lawrence Jackson pick this past week. I had a strong hunch that he was going to produce and, well, I just plain sucked eggs on that one. All-in-all, it wasn’t a totally terrible week, but let’s see if I can pull a few names that have a good shot to put together some points for Week #4. Some of these guys are good waiver grabs and some of them have good matchups – I’ll let you decide, but nevertheless, here are my recommendations.

DT – Justin Bannan, BAL

– The Ravens are going against

Pittsburgh, and the Steelers are on pace to set a record for sacks allowed it seems. To be honest with you, I don’t know much about this guy, but with Kelly Gregg out, he’s definitely getting some playing time.

DE – Kenyon Coleman, NYJ

– Coleman was on one of my teams when the season started, but I was not happy with his performance, so I got rid of him. This might be a good week to pick him up again. I’m not expecting over-the-top numbers, but I’m betting he could get five tackles and a sack.

DE – Will Smith, NO

– This is a great opportunity for Smith to get on track as he’s been a little flat out of the gate.

San Francisco is giving up a lot of points to DE’s so far this year.

DE – Juqua Parker, PHI

– Another under-the-radar guy … Parker and Trent Cole both did very well last week against a porous Steeler offensive line. They have another good matchup this week against the Bears, and I think Parker will have a sack or two.

DE – Terrell Suggs, BAL

– Suggs shouldn’t be on your waivers, but this should be a solid, slam-dunk matchup for him against the aforementioned Steelers.

LB –James Farrior, PIT

– I expect Farrior to ratchet-up his point production against the Ravens this week.

Baltimore is giving up some pretty decent points to LB’s each week so Farrior and James Harrison should benefit from this matchup.

LB – Mike Peterson, JAX

– Peterson hasn’t quite gotten the numbers that I would expect from him so far this season. I expect that to change with the Texans this week. If he doesn’t, then something is wrong …

LB – Stuart Bradley, PHI

– I’m still waiting for some good consistency from this kid, but I like the Eagles IDPers against

Chicago (as you might have noticed). I’d give Omar Gaither a go as well this week.

LB – Takeo Spikes, SF

– Before you go all crazy about thinking Spikes is a “must have” for Week #4, let me just jump in and say that Spikes would be a decent bye week filler for this week if you need somebody. He is basically taking over Jeff Ulbrich’s job in San Fran and going against

New Orleans he should be good for at least 10-12 IDP points for you.

LB – Scott Shanle, NO

– Same comment applies to this guy – a good bye week filler. Don’t expect Shanle to light the world on fire, though, as Jonathon Vilma has returned as the force to be reckoned with in

New Orleans.

S – Marquand Manuel, DEN

– This guy has had pretty steady point production so far this year. He’s not really my favorite player in the world, but he makes another good bye week replacement play against KC on Sunday.

S – Brian Williams, JAX

– Steady, solid point production from Williams coupled with a pretty good matchup against the Texans earns a solid recommendation from the Seadog this week.

CB – Phillip Buchanon, TB

– Buchanon has burned me more than once in the past, so as soon as I mention his name here, you know he is destined for failure in Week #4.


Bay is playing

Green Bay on Sunday and with the way the Packers are passing the ball, I’m expecting Buchanon to have some pretty good IDP points.

CB – Eric Wright CLE,

Cleveland vs. Cincy just has points galore written all over it. I believe Wright will easily be in the double-digit IDP point production for sure.

These are some of my recommendations for Week #4, and, as usual, thanks for reading!

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