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The Seadog Report Week #6

Howdy Sharkfans! I’ve been doing IDP for a long time now and if I’ve learned one thing it is this – trying to predict IDP performance is a lot like trying to make a putt in golf. First, you study the green analyzing the breaks and the bumps, and then you hit the ball with the right force and technique to get it in the cup. Sometimes it drops in and you look like a pro, and other times you might as well just pack it in. Hopefully, my advice leans more towards par instead of bogey for you.

As usual, my recommendations are for good matchups and perhaps a good waiver pickup or two. I try to pick players that aren’t always “household” names for IDP, but usually, it is a little of both. Here we go for Week 6 …..

DT – Pat Williams and Kevin Williams, MIN

– I like the matchup the defensive line for

Minnesota has going against the Lions this week. If you are in a DT-required league, then both of these guys should be taken already, but I expect some solid point production from one or both of them on Sunday.

DT – Jay Ratliff, DAL

Dallas has a great matchup this week against the Cardinals. Ratliff has been pretty impressive for an IDP DT this year.

DE – Shaun Ellis, NYJ

Cincinnati is giving up a lot of sacks these days, and I look for Ellis to have a couple of them this week. With Carson Palmer breaking out of his injury-induced slump, this may not be a sure thing, but I like the chances.

DE – Jared Allen, MIN

– Allen hasn’t been that impressive as seasons past. He’s still running on high octane though, and a multiple sack performance could easily take place this week against the hapless Lions.

DE – Juqua Parker and Trent Cole, PHI

– If you haven’t figured it out by now, the 49ers are allowing sacks left and right. Cole looks to be back to his old self these days, so he should have a field day, and Parker is quietly producing some nice points here and there. I like the Eagles’ defensive front line to produce above average IDP points this week.

LB –Gary Brackett and Freddie Keiaho,


– Both of these guys are seasoned stalwarts in the Seadog lineup cards this season.

Baltimore is giving up a high level of LB IDP points per game so they should both be strong plays on Sunday.

LB – Zach Diles, HOU

– I keep waiting for Diles to falter, but he has had solid production all season. I’m not sure this is the greatest matchup going against

Miami, but the numbers are showing the Dolphins to be one of those teams that is yielding high LB IDP points. Based on that and Diles’ production so far, he gets my recommendation this week.

LB – Stephen Cooper, SD

– I’ve been waiting and waiting for Matt Wilhelm to be a little above average with his points each week, but he hasn’t. Cooper gets reinstated into the lineup and has eight tackles. If he’s available in your league, then you might want to consider grabbing him up.

LB –DeMarcus Ware, DAL

– Ware should be gold this week as the Cardinals are prone to give up a lot of sacks. Ware could be in for a monster game.

LB – Thomas Davis, CAR

– I haven’t been as high on

Davis as others have been, but he’s really stepped it up this year and shown me differently. He’s been solid all season and I think he will be even a little better than that this week as the Panthers go against the Bucs.

LB – Thomas Howard, OAK

– I’ve been talking Howard up some already this year, but his point production has been pretty erratic so far. I think this is a week where his points spike on the high side, so he gets a vote as a strong play for Week 6.

S – Nedu Ndukwe, CIN

– This is the second straight week that I’m recommending a Cincy safety (probably because the Bengals aren’t very good so these guys tend to get a lot of action). The Jets pose another favorable matchup this week, so I’m going to go with the other guy this week –Ndukwe (I’m glad I don’t have to pronounce his name).

S –

Melvin Bullitt,


– He had a big game last week and it looks like the Ravens will help him to continue his point production. He is a solid pickup/fill-in until Bob Sanders gets healthy again.

CB – Eric Wright, CLE

– The Giants offense is going to help to pad Wright’s stats this week. This should be a great matchup on Monday night.

CB – Adam Jones, DAL

– This is a controversial pick by me, and I’m not positive of his status with the team as it looks like he got into a fight the other night. If he is playing this week, he could be fantasy gold as the Cardinals are just airing it out these days and

Dallas is short on CBs. I’d go with Jones in your lineup unless you hear otherwise.

Well, these are some of my recommendations for Week 6, and, as usual, thanks for reading!

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