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The Shark Q&A Session

Come on in and make yourself comfortable. There is no 900 number, no fake Jamaican accents, no crystal balls and tarot cards. This is the place to come to when you are read to get the cold hard facts about who to start, who to trade, and who to pick up.


As a professional handicapper, fantasy football writer, and the newest member of the team, I will be taking all your emails (I will honestly try to answer them all whether they make it into the column or not) and will be utilizing the message boards in an effort to make your fantasy session a tremendous success.


With the injury bug reeking havoc over the last two weeks, there has been a lot of trade talk in leagues around the globe. I received a ton of emails for advice on trades in the last week so let’s start there. Now remember if you have any questions in regards to line-ups, trades, or pick-ups please feel free to send me an email or use the message board. Now lets get to it.



Phoenix, AZ: I have both Bulger and Warner along with Trent Green.  The problem is that we’re only allowed to carry 2 QBs on our active roster (exception IR). Here are my options: 

  • Keep Bulger and Green, drop Warner, write it off
  • Try to trade Bulger (I could get a WR like Coles for him), start Green and hope Warner wins back the job
  • Drop Green, go with Bulger and have Warner as the back up. Only problem here is what to do on the week 5 bye.


What’s your take?  Thanks.


Corey Dragge: This is a tough decision seeing as all three are good quarterbacks but I would go with door #2. Listen, you going to have to dump one QB one way or another. You might as well get something in return. And if that something is a receiver like Coles…jump on it. Sending Warner to the waiver wire is not really an option seeing as you spent a third round pick on him. You can’t drop or trade Green cause then your stuck come week 5. Looks like the most logical decision is to trade. What about trading Warner? I am sure there is someone that would want him.


    I say test the waters with both Bulger and Warner, with Warner being the most obvious first player to trade. See what you can get and relax knowing that you have Green, who may not be spectacular but is consistent, starting for your team.


Coos Bay, Oregon: I have Trent Green and Tommy Maddox.  I also have Priest Holmes and Jamal Lewis.  One of my competitors has offered to trade me Donovan McNabb and Ahman Green for Trent Green and Priest Holmes.  It is tempting, but I am having trouble pulling the trigger on a trade in which I lose Holmes.  Appreciate any advice you can provide.  We are a 4-player keeper league that values touchdowns and yardage.   Thanks.


Corey Dragge: No, no, no! You have a great line up at RB so don’t change a thing. Trent Green and Tommy Maddox are solid QB’s that will provide every week. That’s my two cents.


South Australia: Wonder if you could help me with a potential trade. We start 2 RB’s and 2 WR’s with rosters of 4 for each position. I have RB Stephen Davis, Travis Henry, William Green and Ladell Betts. At WR I have Randy Moss, Jerry Porter, Curtis Conway and Santana Moss.


The potential trade owner has running backs Edgerrin James, Travis Minor, Adrian Peterson, Larry Johnson and wide receivers Marvin Harrison, Donte Stallworth, Anquan Boldin and Javon Walker.


That owner needs a RB and is willing to trade Marvin Harrison. The idea of Randy Moss and Marvin Harrison on the same side looks appealing considering Porter is out for a while and the other 2 are from the Jets. I would like to keep Travis Henry but he may be the bait I need to get Harrison. If not, whom would you deal to get Harrison? Do you think I could get by with Stephen Davis and William Green? Which one of his backup RB’s should I ask for?


Corey Dragge: To have Randy Moss and Marvin Harrison in the same line-up would be amazing, believe me I know. I had Terrell Owens and Marvin Harrison last season. I would use Henry as bait; you can get by with Stephen Davis and Ladell Betts easily. I like Betts better then William Green at this point, but Green is still a great secondary back to have. 


Take Marvin Harrison and Adrian Peterson from him and give him Travis Henry and Curtis Conway if possible.

Boston, Massachusetts: I completed my draft and am pretty happy with my team except for QB. I think I am a little light here.  I may have the opportunity to trade T.J. Duckett and Kordell Stewart for Matt Hasselbeck.  Should I stay with what I have or make the Hasselbeck trade?  If I do stand pat, which of my quarterbacks do I go with, Kerry Collins or Kelly Holcomb?  Thanks in advance


Corey Dragge: Stand pat with this line up. You are solid at QB with Kerry Collins and Kelly Holcomb; both are solid QB’s. I think that Holcomb has a great upside and could be posed to have a great season so I would start him until he proves otherwise.

Glendale, CA: I was wondering what your opinion on Drew Bennett was.  He’s listed as the 2nd WR yet has gotten little to nothing.  I had read that Bennett was 6’ 5” and was previously a QB so he knew the scheme of the offense well.  What should I expect from him as a WR?


Corey Dragge: Bennett is a work in progress. He will get more looks from McNair, especially in the red zone because of his size, but I doubt that he will have incredible numbers this year. Expect 600 to 700 yards and 4 to 5 TD’s this year.

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