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The Sin City BetBot 6000 Presents

Initially built by NASA to set lines for the Las Vegas casinos in the late 50’s (who do you think funded the Apollo missions?

The government?

It was the mob…), The Sin City


6000 calculated lines for over 30 years. The


was given various upgrades through the years, not always with the best
equipment, but he was very good at setting lines, and living the good



was de-commissioned in 1990 after San Francisco destroyed Denver in the
Super Bowl. The 45 point spread simply fried a number of the


wires and he retired. The


was discovered by and retooled to give fantasy
advice. He lives now to give his own unique, well cultured take on the



Sin City


6000 Presents is transcribed by Joe


and Tom Walls because “typing

.. .


is a dame’s job”.


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as I expected, the NFL trading deadline came and went, with nary a
significant move to be found.  It just doesn’t make sense for NFL teams
to trade players, at least players with a significant salary cap
number, because the current teams don’t get the benefit of clearing
that cap space.  Furthermore, the contracts aren’t guaranteed, so if a
team has a high-priced veteran they don’t like they can release him
whenever the cap hit makes the most financial sense.  I only bring this
up because I had some feedback on my trade comments last week.  You
were probably thinking that I’m just trying to land a job at one of the
big pre-game shows (or else why would I be discussing the obvious?) 
Alas, that is not my cup of tea.  I’ve done my fair share of network
TV, and enjoyed quite a bit of it, but I’m much too busy on Sunday
mornings to slum it with the likes of Terry Bradshaw and Michael
Strahan.  It would be very tough for me to fit in since I do not suffer
fools lightly, and the fake laughing would drive me bonkers.  Like that
time I took a road trip to wine country with Ed McMahon.  One bottle of
Cabernet and it was all over but the crying (and I mean that
literally.)  Let’s not belabor the point and move into this week’s


The Eagles are not ready for prime time. Perhaps if

Andy Reid

realized that a running game yielding over five yards per attempt may
be a good thing to use…?  Watching the Eagles offense under Reid is
like watching a horror movie.  Except instead of screaming at the TV
“Don’t go upstairs you idiot!” you are screaming “Stop calling deep
pass plays you idiot!”  On Andy’s laminated play sheet the first set of
scripted plays reads “PASS, PASS, PASS, PUNT.”

Saints are without a doubt the class of the NFC, that is for sure; but
no team is as dependent on the health of the quarterback as the Saints
are on



health. Not even the Colts and

Peyton Manning’s

well being.

I hear you Vikings fans chirping after reading the above. The Vikings

need to dominate a good team like the Saints did to the Giants.

of the two best teams in the conference, Vikings fans should be happy
that the likely site for an away game in an NFC Championship game is
New Orleans, in a dome. If



had to play outside in January, it would be ugly.

Does anyone want to win the NFC West?

Matt Ryan

is showing that last year was no


Atlanta finally has a (stable) franchise quarterback. Speaking of Ryan,
the Falcons’ streak of no back to back winning seasons will end this
year. It must be network policy to mention the above stat. Every
Falcons game I watched, the announcers need to mention this stat.


Zorn ,


Sammy Davis Jr.

like to say, “…Sorry, man.” You got hired by the wrong dude. Zorn
probably wouldn’t have been a great head coach anyway, but after
this…BZZT… experience, he is likely one and done. Besides

Al Davis

, is there an owner a coach wants to work for less than

Daniel Snyder

? I can’t see



going to Washington, his experience with Davis will scare him away.

The Jerome


Rush to


Section of the Article –

is the part of the column where I turn off my rational heuristics and
make a wild judgment based on limited, potentially biased data…kind of
like my favorite NFL referee, Jerome


, AKA Southern Sassy.

  • Jeff Fisher

    will be going as

    Peyton Manning

    this year for Halloween.

    Bud Adams

    will not be amused.

  • Richard Seymour

    is fooling himself. Predicting the playoffs for the Raiders is a nice
    motivational trick from a hardened vet, but the players just don’t care

  • Yes,


    , the Texans will sneak into the playoffs this year.

  • No one outside of Philadelphia will watch the Monday night game this Monday.

AFC NOTES – A few weeks ago I said that

Jeff Fisher would never be fired but here we are at 0-6.  And coming off a 59-0 beating, the rumors have started.  If he sticks with

Kerry Collins going forward then why is

Vince Young
even on the roster?  You need a QB in this league – either VY is your
QB of the future or trade him to somebody who can use him, and get the
draft picks for the rebuilding effort.

of 59-0, is there anyone else in the league that would continue to pile
on points other than the Patriots?  Everyone is beating up on the
Titans secondary, but this was uncalled for. 

Bill Belichick has as much class as a grainy snuff film.  The three rings speak for themselves, and I’m sure he’ll be buried with them.

Raiders coach

Tom Cable avoided assault charges against his assistant coach

Randy Hanson,
apparently the DA figured that coaching staff needed a good beating or
two.  Not that the DA will be able to see them play this weekend,
Oakland has been blacked out from local broadcast.  Televisions across
the Bay Area rejoice!

California governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger
signed a bill that clears the way for a stadium to be built in Los
Angeles.  He championed the cause as creating jobs and being
environmentally friendly.  The hope is that LA will then be able to
lure a … wait, did Ahhnold just try to tell me that building a 75,000
person football stadium was environmentally friendly!?

Roscoe Parrish
is complaining about being benched as the return man for the Bills,
saying his “resume speaks for itself.”  Roscoe, stop fumbling the
bleeping ball.  Let me just say that I’m all for getting

Fred Jackson more involved, and also that I warned everyone that the Bills offense would suffer when

Marshawn Lynch returned.  Since Lynch got back, the Bills have scored 10, 3, and 16 points.  And that 16-pointer required overtime.

BetBot Picks of the Week That Nobody Else Likes

I get e-mail all the time telling me how terrible my picks are.  Last
week I went 2-1 to put me at 10-5 on the year.

Bills (+7) over PANTHERS – Exactly how does one win over bleeping Tampa Bay get you off the hot seat?

CHIEFS (+5) over Chargers – San Diego has no run defense.  When will the lines start reflecting this?

Vikings (+5) over STEELERS – I’m going to keep taking teams getting points against Pittsburgh’s un-defense.

So long for now, and remember “Showgirls and gin my friends, showgirls and …BZT…gin.”

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