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The Sin City BetBot Presents…

Initially built by NASA to set lines for the Las Vegas casinos in the late 50’s (who do you think funded the Apollo missions? The government? It was the mob…), The Sin City Betbot 6000 calculated lines for over 30 years. The Betbot was given various upgrades through the years, not always with the best equipment, but he was very good at setting lines, and living the good life. 


The Betbot was de-commissioned in 1990 after San Francisco destroyed Denver in the Super Bowl. The 45 point spread simply fried a number of the Betbot’s wires and he retired. The Betbot was discovered by Fantasysharks.com and retooled to give fantasy advice. He lives now to help your team with deeper sleepers to start each week.


The Betbot’s column is transcribed each week by Joe Petrizzi and Tom Walls, because, “Typing is a dame’s BZZZT job.”


Need more BetBot?  Try a daily dose of BetBot at http://blog.sincitybetbot.com and look for other content, including weekly NFL picks, on http://www.sincitybetbot.com.


I’m writing this to you while watching the Philadelphia Phillies play the Washington Nationals in baseball after a 4 hour rain delay in Washington.  A few comments:


  1. Of the 200 people still in the stadium, 198 of them are Phillies fans.
  2. The Nationals have a center fielder named “Nook”.
  3. The Phillies are blowing it again, which means it must be the …BZT… final week in September.  It’s an annual ritual.


Here are some names to look at for your roster:


QB Charlie Frye– CLE – Frye might be under the radar in your fantasy league because his passing numbers lack the TD production you want to see from a fantasy QB.  But his yardage has been solid at almost 700 yards, including 298 against a tough Baltimore defense last week.  Plus, his 61% completion rate is pretty good for a second year man – better than that silver spoon punk Eli Manning anyway.  Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow lead a pretty decent receiving crew, and the near term schedule includes Oakland and Carolina, neither of whom has been stopping teams with any regularity.  But the kicker is the 3 rushing TDs Frye has chipped in this season.  There is nothing better than a QB with a nose for the end zone – finding a rushing TD from your QB in the box score is like finding a bottle of single malt in your liquor cabinet – way in the back behind the Jagermeister and the Sambuca.  It just tastes so sweet and unexpected.


RB Mike Bell – DEN – In case you haven’t heard, Mike Shanahan named Tatum Bell the full-time RB in Denver, so Mike Bell’s fantasy value just fell faster than Mel Gibson’s career prospects.  He’s probably even been kicked to the curb in a few of your leagues out there.  But consider that he’s still the #1 backup behind an RB that has never had to shoulder the load, playing for a coach with a finicky attitude and a history of holding Tatum Bell back for the slightest infraction.  There’s no reason not to acquire Mike Bell at this point – he’ll be real cheap and HE might be the #1 back the next time Tatum breaks wind without saying excuse me.


RB Michael Robinson – SF – Is he still available in your league? Probably.  Frank Gore is nicked up again and Robinson ran strong and ran well in his absence last week against Philadelphia.  Furthermore, Gore couldn’t stuff it in 4 times in a row from the one yard line, and fumbled it at the goal line for the second time in two weeks.  Robinson, on the other hand, scored twice from short yardage, including a play where he stoned Eagles safety Brian Dawkins and gave Dawkins a concussion.  You don’t need a …BZZT… signed confession from the head coach to figure out that the Niners will be looking to M-Rob next time they get down inside the 5.  Mike Nolan even suggested that San Fran would be looking in that direction.


To read the WR and TE write ups, you may want to check out my Sin City Betbot 6000 Receiver Confidence Index, as I’ll be referring to it going forward.  I’ll often refer to a receiver’s CI score as a triplet of numbers – his raw CI number, his receptions weighted by CI, and his yards weighted by CI.  For example, Andre Johnson’s CI numbers are 1.52/31.8/468.


WR  Jerricho Cotchery – NYJ – You know about that crazy catch he made two weeks ago against the Patriots, but he’s also 16th in the league in CI yards with a 1.27/19.1/279 line.  Out of his 15 receptions, 11 have gone for a first down or TD.  With a resurgent Jets passing game under Chad Pennington, and the complete lack of a running game in New York, Cotchery could be in line for more opportunities going forward, and after a weak 3-33-0 performance last week against the Bills he might be under the radar in your league.  But last week’s game in Buffalo was in the rain – and passing in the rain is a lot like trying to open a condom with scissors – it’s messy and it just doesn’t work right.  Keep looking at Cotchery for a bye week replacement and possible WR3 with upside.


TE  Bo Scaife – TEN – There’s not a lot to like about the Tennessee passing game, but Bo is bubbling to the top.  He’s 6th among tight ends in CI yards with a 1.35/9.4/159 line, and of his minimal 7 receptions, 6 have gone for a first down or TD.  That’s the kind of production that gets noticed, and if you’re the skeptical type scratching your head and saying “yeah, but he only has 7 catches” you have to look to the future.  If Bo keeps making things happen with his opportunities, he’ll get more opportunities.  Plus, it’s only a matter of time until Vince Young gets his shot under center, and you know that tight ends are a young QBs best friend.  FYI, Gin is a robot’s best friend.  A lot of people might think oil, but they’d be wrong – oil is a necessity, Gin is a luxury.


So long for now, and remember “Showgirls and gin my friends, showgirls and …BZT…gin.”


If you have any questions for the Betbot, please contact Tom Walls at twalls@fantasysharks.com – also, check out

The Sin City BetBot’s Home Page.

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