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The Sunday Blitz – FanDuel Championship Weekend

The last Football Fanduel of the year! Fantasy Sharks is continuing to team up with FanDuel for Championship Sunday! Click the link below to sign up and be sure to check out the full breakdown of every notable player in Sunday’s games to help you set your lineup.

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The entry fee is $25 and first place takes home $25,000!

Championship Weekend

The standard salary cap is $60,000. The familiar names and studs will put a dent in your salary cap so you will need to find some value picks along the way. This contest includes only the two Sunday games so you’ll have until 3 p.m. kickoff when rosters lock to sign up.


Peyton Manning
– $11,000 – Manning’s price will limit you from having many other studs in your lineup. Keep in mind there are no $5,000 minimum available players at kicker or defense options this week.

Colin Kaepernick
– $8,900 – Probably the hottest and most consistent player of late, averaging right about 20 points per game in his last five games. He has a tough matchup this week, but so does
Russell Wilson

. He did not run much last week (just 15 yards), but he always is a threat to scramble.

Tom Brady
–$8,700 – To me, it boils down to Kaepernick or Brady at quarterback this week. Manning is too expensive and Wilson has not been effective for fantasy purposes. Brady and the offense focused heavily on the run game last week, but I am not sure if the New England Patriots will go that same route this week on the road. Either way, I would suspect Brady can throw for at least two touchdowns against Denver.

Russell Wilson
– $8,200 – If his price tag was in the $7,000 mark, I would consider Wilson since I would be able to save a lot on a quarterback. However, it is tough to trust him in fantasy at this point. I know Seattle has San Francisco’s number at home, but his last five totals are five, 10, 10, 16 and 11. The weather likely played a factor last week, so keep an eye on it for this Sunday.


Marshawn Lynch
– $9,900 – While he has been the centerpiece of the offense for Seattle, his price tag is very high for a difficult matchup. I would much rather go with the offenses in the AFC Championship game at a cheaper price.

Knowshon Moreno
– $8,900 – Moreno should be a solid pick, but his price tag is now near $9,000.
Montee Ball

took away some carries last week so it is not fully Moreno’s gig.

LeGarrette Blount
– $8,200 – Blount will continue to be the lead dog for the New England backfield as he has totaled 70 fantasy points the last two games. His price is high, but not that bad considering his recent production. I would consider him this week as a selection.

Frank Gore
– $7,300 – Gore rushed for 84 yards against a tough Carolina front last week. To me, there is not much difference between Lynch and Gore in this game. In FanDuel, there is a $2,600 difference. So, I would roll with Gore and a New England running back who isn’t named
Stevan Ridley

this week. My gut would say Shane Vereen because he is cheaper and if this game gets to be a shootout, Vereen would see the majority of the snaps.

Stevan Ridley
– $6,800 – Blount is the main guy and Vereen is the pass–catching back. Ridley managed to score his touchdowns at the end of the game so I would not trust his role at this price.

Shane Vereen
– $6,000 – Great price because his production has taken a hit, but this game offers shootout potential. You will need to save money somewhere so you can spend it on other positions. Here is your chance.

Montee Ball
– $5,000 – Ball carried it 10 times for 52 yards last Sunday in a solid effort. There is always a chance one of those carries could come at the goal line. If you were able to squeeze 10–15 points out of this slot, it would be perfect value. If he doesn’t reach paydirt, however, you may be dealing with a five–point effort.


Demaryius Thomas
($9,200) tops the wide receiver price list this week and rightfully so.
Decker stays at the same price from last week, $8,400. With the limited options this week and the inability to find many values or bargains, it is going to be difficult to roster two stud wideouts.
Wes Welker comes in at $8,000, but I would rather play
Edelman at $7,200.
Michael Crabtree offers more value and upside at $6,800 than
Anquan Boldin ($7,000).
Danny Amendola is not consistent enough for me at $6,400. I would rather take a Seattle wide receiver and save more than $1,000.
Harvin is too risky even if he suits up. I would not consider him.
Golden Tate or
Doug Baldwin are better options at their price tags for a WR3. A price tag of $4,900 is the lowest you will be able to go this week for a wide receiver.


Julius Thomas
– $6,800 – Thomas would be my choice at tight end since this game offers more potential points.
Davis ($6,500) is the only other stud this week, but I am not spending big bucks on a tight end in that game.
Miller ($4,600) is a lottery ticket pick for a touchdown. Any other tight end is irrelevant.


Roll with the cheapest option at kicker:

Phil Dawson – $5,400

As for defenses:
Seattle – $6,200

Pick: If you can squeeze Seattle or San Francisco in your lineup, you will have the opportunity to earn more points. However, you must weigh the point differential you are trading by spending it on Seattle or San Francisco instead of upgrading a quarterback, running back or wide receiver a couple hundred dollars.

Good luck this week!

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