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The Thin QB Waiver Wire

Audibles Week 11 – The Thin Quarterback Waiver Wire

Matt Schaub was looking as if he would reach the next plateau this season. Matt Cassel was having a mixed bag of results this season. Two players heading different directions ending with a glaring similarity. It’s funny how quickly your season can end.

For some of you in a non-keeper league, it’s a quick dump to the scrap heap and a new pickup. If you find yourself in the unique situation of needing a quarterback, the wire is awfully thin. Hopefully you don’t need to start one of these guys every week, but value exists in spot starts.

Let’s look at the candidates:

Tyler Palko, Kansas City

Palko is an undrafted signal caller who has bounced from NFL practice squad, to out of football, on to the UFL, and then back to the CFL practice squad. He was signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers to their practice squad after Charlie Batch and Ben Roethlisberger were hurt and promoted to backup on the active squad behind Dennis Dixon for a single game before being released a month later in 2009. He was signed to a future contract in March of 2010 by Kansas City.

Does this remind you of a certain bag boy that went on to win the Super Bowl after being cut and playing arena football? Great story, but there’s only room for one of those. Palko is a liability at the very best, clinging to the last rung of a broken ladder.

Advice: Take a pass and pick up the defense opposing him (New England Patriots). He is a very low-end quarterback overshadowed by more risk than reward.

Matt Moore, Miami

A week or so back, Moore was a topic of discussion after a solid game against Kansas City. Since then he struggled against Washington, a game in which he couldn’t find the end zone. This week he faces a Buffalo team that ranks 20th in points given up to quarterbacks (17.56). He is a decent high-risk/reward play for those of you with bye week and or injury needs. Temper your expectations as Buffalo ranks 29th in points given up to running backs, which favors the run over pass. I suspect the Miami game plan will be to hand the ball off. I can’t help but wonder if Buffalo jumps out to an early lead here and forces Miami to throw the ball.

You could do a lot worse than Moore. He is averaging 193 yards per game, but has thrown an average of just .66 touchdowns per game. This week’s matchup looks like he finds Marshall in the end zone to me.

Advice: Desperate play but one that has upside if Buffalo gets on the board early.

John Skelton, Arizona

Call me crazy, but don’t call me late for dinner. Skelton has outplayed Kevin Kolb and is making a case to take the job outright. The last two games Skelton has thrown for 537 yards and four touchdowns. Despite his pedestrian completion percentage (52.5) and two interceptions, he led the Cardinals to a win over Philadelphia. Some will say that the San Francisco 49ers’ defense is no picnic, and I would agree. However, take into account that Eli Manning and the New York Giants threw the ball for 311 yards last week and could have had a third touchdown in that game if not for a very poor series of play calls.

I am scratching my head when I look at this one. Do you really need to try the draw play on third down at the 10-yard line against the 49ers? I mean it was stuffed all day long and you had D.J. Ware in to run the play. The 49ers’ secondary looks like the house of cards on some plays. Am I the only one that thinks so?

Skelton has more than capable receivers in Larry Fitzgerald, Early Doucet and Andre Roberts.

Advice: Decent play this week with upside and a monster play in Week 12 should he win the job.

Rex Grossman, Washington

Grossman has had a tough go of it this year. The problem is deeper than the quarterback position. The problem stems from the head coach and offensive coordinator. No one is going to argue with me here. The Redskins are a mess offensively. Wide receiver Leonard Hankerson looked like one who was going to emerge as a nice surprise until injury claimed him last week. Santana Moss is out this week as well, which leaves Anthony Armstrong and Jabar Gaffney. Fred Davis is awaiting suspension for testing positive for a banned substance, but should be available for this week. Dallas’ pass rush is so fierce and Grossman has a tendency to throw to opposing teams.

Advice: I don’t care how desperate you are. The highest of risks this week is Grossman without any silver lining unless I am missing something.

Now that I have identified potential plays, I would not start any of these guys unless you are in a real pinch. I would roll the dice with Skelton against the 49ers. I will tell you that it will not be a mistake-free game and you should expect him to throw an interception or two. I like the yardage possibility and honestly think he could find the end zone as many as two times. I also think that Moore merits a look based on the matchup. I can see this game as being huge yardage totals.

Last week I attended the Stanford/Oregon game at Stanford Stadium and got a chance to see Andrew Luck. He is very poised and looks like a pretty good prospect, but I am not buying into all the hype. He was overshadowed by the Oregon offense, which is the most dynamic thing to watch.  LaMichael James is electric and any noise that the “Luckamania” fans could muster was quickly silenced by him. I saw Stanford grad students sporting wedding rings and “Luckamania” head bands ready to fight Oregon fans in the stands. At one point I thought there might be a riot. I have survived Lollapalooza, Day on the Green, The OZfest, and Pearl Jam in Golden Gate park when Neil Young had to take over for Eddie Vedder because he was sick from partying all night. I know what a riot looks like.

The bottom line is that losing sucks. Before you lose your matchup this week, get some help from FantasySharks!

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