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The Top 10 at 11 (Week 15)

When I started this … What do you mean I didn’t start this? Are you trying to tell me I stole the idea off another esteemed member of the Fantasy Shark community? That is completely not true. I asked the Bus if I could steal it and use it and he certainly isn’t complaining over the weekly royalty checks. Well, he does complain, but I just lock him in his cage and leave the room. Don’t worry though; I leave him plenty of bread and water. Enough about the Bus, you came here for the greatest Top 10 in the history of mankind. It is so awesome, that it is the only one that goes all the way up to 11.

Starting last week, we began to take this from another perspective; we allowed the finest minds in the shark tank to vote on who they thought were the best teams in the NFL. (Actually, we were so desperate we asked anybody and everybody to reply, even if they couldn’t tell the difference between a home run and a touchdown.) What we did was take each ballot and added up the points for each team and averaged them out and came out with a rating. If a team was voted one on that ballot they were given a value of 10, if it was two, they were given a value of nine all the way down to 10, which was given a point value of one. I have a super smart guy that figures it all out because I am not too bright, so he could be manipulating these numbers anyway he wanted. Anyway, enough of my wondrous babbling lets move on to the Top 10 at 11.


Pittsburgh Steelers (9.4762)

All I can say about this team is that they just keep rolling along and winning. Sure, they may be the luckiest team in the history of the world but they also have to be the mentally tough. Being 11-3 is hard enough, but when you achieve that record from having the toughest schedule for a first-place team in over 20 years, color me amazed. If they beat the Titans this week they will probably have all their home games in the ketchup bottle of a stadium (no free advertising here, Heinz!) throughout the playoffs and no one wants to play this team in Pittsburgh in late January I assure you.

2. Carolina Panthers (8.3333)

This team has played well as of late and could very well take advantage of the Giants not playing as well as they play them this week. It could be another game for home field advantage so it would be in the Panthers’ best interest to kick a hurt dog while it’s down. This team can run over you and then can run around you, and when you are tired of playing the run they will throw it down the field to Steve Smith. I am still not convinced Jake Delhomme will lead them to the Super Bowl, however.


Tennessee Titans (8.0476)

I kind of had a feeling that the Texans would play them well, as they always do every year, but I just didn’t have the guts to say so or bet my millions on it. This team could be in trouble as losing Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch for the rest of the regular season is a big blow to their chances of gaining the No. 1 seed and home field advantage. The Steelers are salivating at this chance to kill off the wounded animal and making sure that the AFC Championship game is in the




New York Giants (6.8571)

Losing two in a row definitely can do a lot to change perceptions of some folks, but maybe they miss the one-shot wonder more then they thought they would. The proof is that they just asked the out-of-work Joe Horn for a workout for the playoff run. Two weeks ago everybody was ready to crown their posterior as Dennis Green would say, but they have not looked good when they need to get it together for a playoff run. They have a huge game against the Panthers this week, not only for the top seed but to right the ship before they lose their confidence just as the playoffs are approaching.


Indianapolis Colts (5.9047)

Quick, name the hottest team in the league as of now and you don’t even have to Google it. The first clue would be that bold team name above this paragraph. Well, that was suspenseful, but the Colts have indeed won seven in a row in a variety of ways. They have won close games, they have blown teams out and they have won both on the road and at home. This team is peaking at just the right time and could be the team (not the other AFC South team) that could be a challenge to the Steelers this January. I know I wouldn’t bet against Peyton Manning.


Baltimore Ravens (4.5238)

Take nothing away from the Ravens as they are one tough physical team, it was just that they lost to a better team in a game they could have easily won. They were a controversial inch away from being the top team in the AFC north and this team can knock you in the mouth. In fact, that seems to be the theme of the Top 10 these days as most teams play a smash-mouth brand of football and the Ravens are probably the most smashmouth of the league.


Atlanta Falcons (2.9524)

Yet, another physical team is in the Top 10 by no coincidence. Coach Mike Smith has completely changed the culture of the Falcons and everybody in

Dixie has forgotten all about the Bobby Petrino and Michael Vick era. I know I am like an mp3 player stuck on repeat, BUT Matt Ryan just keeps on impressing me as a football fan. I have never in my life seen a rookie signal caller play so well. That might have just a little to do with their improbable turnaround.


Dallas Cowboys (2.6190)

Wow, the Cowboys are winning in December with Tony Romo. I will repeat that: The Dallas Cowboys are winning in December with Tony Romo, the worst quarterback to ever play in the Holiday-filled month. Well, they beat the Giants who are pretty good, but I am starting to doubt the Giants without “one bullet” Burress. I will be completely convinced if they can beat the Ravens this week as well; and that they are for real and if they will do some damage in the playoffs.


Philadelphia Eagles (1.7142)

Since Donovan McNabb was benched and unbenched this team has been on fire. If they make the playoffs, I do not think I would want to play this team, but will they make it? That tie against the Bengals could do them in as they will need a ton of help just to even sneak in the playoffs. I think it’s funny that a tie with the Bengals is enough to keep a team from making it to the playoffs. I am still laughing about it. Let’s hope they do make the playoffs, and they go into overtime. Maybe McNabb will actually think they can tie, then.


Minnesota Vikings (1.4286)

The Vikings at 10? Really? Come on? They are better then the Patriots and the Buccaneers? This maybe the one ranking I do not agree with at all. There is probably a hatred of the Patriots and nobody cares about the Buccaneers. I know the truth hurts doesn’t it? Seriously, I just don’t see it. I know that 

Travaris Jackson

has been playing out of his mind. In fact, someone check him for performance enhancers because there is no way in heck he is that good.


Miami Dolphins (0.9048)

This is the same team that won one whole game last year. It is funny what a new quarterback that doesn’t suck and a coach who preaches discipline will do for you. For the first time I was able to watch this team as they beat my 49ers. Sure the Niners dominated, and the Dolphins will not get any style points. However, I don’t think they care as long as they win and they are doing just enough to win and could be in the playoffs come this time in a couple weeks. How about that for a turnaround?

Others receiving votes: Patriots (0.571), Buccaneers (0.472), Jets (0.429), and Cardinals (0.381)

Other notes that may interest those Pyromaniacs and Arsonphobics alike.

I keep hearing that the 49ers are really not interested in re-hiring Mike Singletary, and if this is true I will give up on them and become a Lions fan, I swear. He has done more than enough with the lack of talent on that team to prove he is worthy of a head coaching job in this league. Or, at least, a chance with his own staff and personnel.

Did you know that the 6-8 Chargers still have a chance with the playoffs? Only in the AFC West can this happen where all the teams are mediocre or worse.

Matt Cassel continues to increase his Scott Mitchell-type paycheck next season. I am sure someone will overpay him this offseason.

This week is an awesome week for football! We have the top two teams in both conferences squaring off for what could be home field advantage. We also have the Ravens and Cowboys in what could be a very interesting game. Not to mention we have the Falcons playing the Vikings and

Arizona traveling to

New England. And, that’s not all:

San Francisco is going to play the Rams in the Game of the Week. Yeah, that last one was a joke, so sue me.

I am rooting for the Lions to go 0-16, and I bet you are, too. Unless, of course, you are a Lions fan and if that is the case, God bless you.

Feel free to disagree but remember you all had the chance to vote so don’t blame me …

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