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The Top Ten at 10 (Week 14 Edition)

17 of our finest sharks put together their own top ten and this is what we came up with…

1. Titans 9.5823:

Oarchambo wrote: best record in the NFL, nuff said.

Very true, but…

footballking21 wrote: They have a solid O-line with a great running game, something that separates them from the Steelers.

Absolutely, which is why they may be better than the Steelers, we’ll find out next week if the Steelers win this week and make the game count.

This I like:

JayP37 wrote: Black Pearl is not showing any rookie wall effects, and K.Collins “managed” a similarly-built NYG team to the SB. I think their defense is starting to show signs of wear. If they’re smart, they’ll be resting all major starters week 17.

couldn’t agree more…I hope, but I don’t hope the Titans can do this. If the Steelers trip up this week, the Titans will have the luxury of resting guys. If not, the Titans will have to beat either the Steelers or the Colts to get that coveted #1 seed. This team just keeps plugging along. People still aren’t believing in them and I just don’t get it.

2. Giants 8.6705:

I am going to solely use Giants homers comments here because I don’t think I need to add much. I will add that they are the champs and that still means alot.

JayP37 wrote: They looked ugly against the Eagles, but easily could’ve won the game if it wasn’t for so many WR drops (sure TD dropped by Dom) and Brian Westbrook. The Eagles/Giants always play each other tough, so I’m writing this off as a tough divisional game they came up short in. Don’t read into the loss. The Eagles are playing very well.

Footballking21 wrote: The loss showed them that they are mortal and if they lose next week, they can still avenge those NFC East losses with a win at home to the Panthers regain the #1 seed. They have the most balance out of any team in the league with a dominating run game, a matured QB, and a solid defense. The talk of being distracted will only motivate them to go out and show the rest of the league that they are focused on one thing- repeating.

I agree with this except the part about the distraction. Come on Plax…grow the hell up and stop being an idiot. I think Plax was a distraction, but I believe it was only a one week thing here.

3. Steelers 7.2941:

Well is there any doubt that the Steelers D is the best? I don’t care what you say this isn’t a debate anymore. The Steelers D is on fire. Number 1 across the board in just about every single statistical category(Rushing yards allowed: 949, Passing yards allowed: 2196, TDs allowed: 16, 5 rushing/11 passing Scoring allowed: 14.1/game, and total yards/game allowed: 241.9). Polamalu is leading the league in ints with 7, Mr. Monday Night, James Harrison, is just abusing Tackles on a regular basis and is 3rd in the league with 15 sacks, and Mr. Woodley ain’t too shabby 11.5 sacks. Woodley has slowed down some but don’t forget about him. I guarantee you the Ravens aren’t dismissing him. As a team the Steelers are tied for first with Dallas, who has a heck of defense lately as well, with 45 sacks.

Now onto the not so good about the Steelers: The offense…where the hell did it go? I don’t know. All of sudden they can’t do anything. The O-line has been “better”, but they are in no way, no how, no shape good. BUT when it counts, Ben and company get the job done. Say what you want about Ben (idiot motorcycle rider, holds the ball too long, etc), but he’s a winner. When the game is on the line, he wins. Plain and simple. FWP has came out and said that he wants to go back to Ol school Steelers and pound the ball. Well that’s great, but how about a line that can do it? I loved Tomlin’s response, “When I walk into work, I pass 5 Lombardi trophies not 5 rushing title trophies.” Tomlin is awesome in interviews. The other bad thing about the Steelers: Special Teams….The Steelers are last in punting average (I’m not even posting it because it’s that bad), and their average starting position for Kickoffs is 19…Just kneel the damn ball in the endzone and you’ll get to the 20…damn.

This week’s game with Baltimore is a heavyweight battle. If you haven’t realized, the Ravens have a D too and Flacco is looking pretty damn good. It should be a great one. The Steelers need to fix that offense. First team to 13 should win this game.

4. Panthers 5.6470:

raynman wrote:

Making a lot of noise from the Carolina’s is the Panthers who have clawed their way up to a 10-3 record and is seated atop what could be argued as the strongest division in the NFC. The win against Tampa Bay was convincing but so was the beating that the Bucs gave the Panthers in Florida several weeks ago. A heavy advantage goes to the home team in the NFCS this year so that may have skewed things a bit but one thing that the Panthers managed to show was the strength of their running game. If you haven’t noticed, the tandem of Williams/Stewart combined with the powerful blocking of their O-line, fullback Brad Hoover, and the TEs and WRs downfield have amassed 1,243 yards on 216 carries since the Panthers last faced the Bucs seven weeks ago. (Thats a 5.75ypc if you’re paying attention) The Panthers have 92.7 more rushing yards per game than the Giants the past three weeks and now have the most rushing TDs in the NFL passing Tennessee for that distinction.

Yes, Jake is as erratic as ever as a QB but you could hardly tell because of the way the running game has taken off and Jake is throwing enough to Smitty and Moose to take some heat off the running game. Passing game has to improve as does their secondary which will be tested Sunday against the Broncos. Speaking of which….the Broncos have allowed 17 runs of 20+yards this year (3rd worse behind Lions and Chiefs) and have allowed 4 runs of 40+ yards (behind only the Chiefs and tied with the Lions and Packers). Also the Panthers have had 19 runs of 20+ yards (behind only the Giants) and have had 5 runs of 40+ yards (tied for 1st with the Titans). The Broncos have also allowed 17 rushing TDs. The Bucs had only allowed 1 all year prior to Monday night. The Panthers now lead the NFL in rushing TDs with 23. Get your popcorn ready, Sunday afternoon should be fun.

5. Colts 4.5294:

This is gonna be pretty much all me since everyone else is saying the same thing that I’m going to. Don’t look now, but here come the Colts. The finally beat a team convincingly. Of course, I think our 3A state soon to be state champion, West Craven Eagles, could give Cincy a run for their money. But…The Colts did what they should do, beat a bad team convincingly. Combine that with the Colts win over teams like the Steelers, and the Colts are peaking at the right time. That defense is still suspect and like

jesteva wrote: I’m not buy the Bob Sanders mystique! I’m not either.

The Colts have the offensive power but with an aging Harrison, who is playing alot better, and a banged up Addai, I’m not sure this team can go far. The Colts look to have the inside track to the #5 seed considering the gravity of the Steelers/Ravens game this week. They may be playing the Titans “B” squad week 17 and this could be very good for the Colts. Going into either Denver or whoever wins the AFC East shouldn’t be a problem for the Colts or whomever gets the #5 seed IMO.

6T. Ravens 3.5294:

Ok this one kills me, but has anybody noticed that the Ravens actually have an offense now? With the 3-headed monster at RB and Flacco playing great…watch out. Oh yeah…they still have a D if you haven’t noticed. This Sunday’s game with the Steelers could be for the AFC North and the #2 seed. It’s gonna be a hell of a game with the Steelers with not much offense. Watch out AFC, the Ravens are coming. As long as they don’t have to play the Giants, the Ravens will be just fine.

6T. Buccaneers 3.5294:

Ummm yeah…What happened to the #3 rushing D? It got slapped around by Stewart and DWill that’s what. Can’t say I saw that one coming. I almost feel bad for Turner this week. No way that happens again. That’s my guarantee of the week. This team just befuddles me. I have no idea what to make of them. Antonio Bryant? Really? U of Pitt in da house!

Kiffen’s D will get it done, but is he going north to work for his son at the U of Tenn? I don’t know, but damn that would be a hell of a combo in Vols land. This team will make the playoffs and will be a hell of an out for anybody they play. Garcia cracks me up as a QB, but like Big Ben he makes plays.

8. Cardinals 2.0000:

First home playoff game since like forever, actually 1971 I believe. The Cards play in the worst division in football, but they are fun to watch. Fitz, U of Pitt in da house again, and Boldin are beasts with Warner, I want to be the MVP again, throwing them the rock. Their D is middle of the pack and like many other sharks have written as long as they don’t have to go East for the playoffs…watch out.

Who knows what you’ll get with this team, but I’d love nothing more than a Steelers/Cards SB. That offense vs the Steelers D…Bus like…Bus like alot.

9. Falcons 1.5882:

Ok another NFC South team here. Matt Ryan, Offensive Rookie of the year? I think so. This kid has come to play and with Roddy, everyone laughed at Bus in my home draft when I took him, who’s laughing now? White catching everything in sight…damn. And oh yeah, they have another guy you might have heard of…Turner the Burner. What an addition. This guy has been money all season. Like I stated in the TB portion though, I feel bad for him this week. I just don’t see him doing anything this week after TB’s meltdown agains the run last week.

Look for White to have a big game this week and the Falcons look like a playoff team. We could very well get 3 teams from the NFC South in the playoffs, which is arguably the best conference in the league.

10. Cowboys 1.5294:

Should the Boys have beaten the Steelers? Maybe. Could they have beaten the Steelers? Absolutely, but they didn’t. The Boys are tied with the Steelers for the most sacks in the league, and I for one was very impressed by their D.

Now onto the fun stuff here: TO…please shut up and play. You even look more idiotic making comments with a Rudolph nose and stop crying about Romo and Witten. Just play already…damn. And ummm yeah…MB3 ain’t soft Mr. Jones. Why did they get Roy Williams again? I don’t know. They sure as hell ain’t using hiim.

This team reeks of drama and locker room meltdown, which could cost Phillips his job. I think it does. Garrett to be named 2 days after the Cowboys season ends. With one of the toughest schedules down the stretch, and 90210 type drama at every corner, this team will be lucky to make the playoffs. The Boys hold their destiny in their own hands though and that’s all you can ask for at this point and time.

Just shut up and play…seriously.

11. Eagles 0.7647:

Don’t look now, but here come the Iggles again. They pimp-slapped the Giants and proved that once again they are coming on. Week 17 vs the Giants could be for the #6 seed in the NFC. Westy is looking like a stud again and McNabb finally realizes that there are ties in the NFL and let’s just get wins instead.

I think the Iggles make the playoffs as they are getting hot at the right time and will definitely be a tough out for anybody they play.

Side notes:


Sorry Uncle Parcells, but they didn’t make the list. Miami does hold their destiny in their own hands for the AFC East though. I’d love to see them make the playoffs. This team is really on the rise fast.

NFC North:

Bears/Vikings: I don’t think either team does well in the playoffs, but someone has to win the division and get a home game in round 1 of the playoffs. I’m not confident in either team, but they both have good running games and that’s not exactly a bad thing.


This just isn’t the same team without Brady. They can still win the AFC East though and a home game in Foxboro is a very good thing.


Seriously here, W T H? What has happened to them? Me no get it.


Sorry, but they are toast especially after Thursday nights game. One of the most fun teams to watch but they ain’t going anywhere this season.

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