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The Top Ten At Eleven (Week 16)

I have to be honest first of all, with Christmas
coming and me being busier then normal I will have to make this the
shortest top ten ever. It will be mine and I apologize for not
including votes this week because of the little bit of time I have. In
fact, i am at work right now and I will probably get fired for this if
i get caught. Nothing like a hillbilly loser on the on the unemployment
line in the middle of Christmas. Uh oh, here comes the boss…

Shew, that was close. Well, anyway, let’s get on with the top ten.
Of course, by now, you do know that it is the only top ten that go to
eleven. Yeah, we are really setting trends here. Well, lets get on with
the top ten at 11. Oh yeah, i think i might do it holiday style

1. Tennessee Titans

All Jeff Fisher wants for Christmas is Kyle and Alan back on the
field for the playoffs. Sure they beat the Steelers without them last
week, but they do not want to try that again. I also heard that Lendale
White used the terrible towel as toiletry. That outta put him on the
naughty list, since I hear Santa is a Steeler fan

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

I like this team a lot and just because they got beat by the better
team doesn’t mean they do not deserve the number 2 spot. They have the
toughest schedule as proven again last week and I am sure when they
meet the Titans they will be more focused and rested epecially since
they molested the sacred cloth of Pittsburgh

3. New York Giants

Well, that put an end to all of the talk of the Big Blue Wrecking
Crew’s demise or did it? You can say what you want about this team but
they did beat the Panthers but it was way too close for me. They should
have sent a message top the Carolina Kittens at home but instead they
gave them hope.

4. Carolina Panthers

Just to continue with what i was saying, the Panthers went toe to toe
with the defending champions and the next time they play, the result
could be different. Delangelo Williams is getting a lot of love for MVP
and deservedly so, but is Jake Delhomme the answer when they need him
to win a playoff game?

5. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts really like to live on the edge, don’t they? After
playing around with the Lions and almost losing to them, they tried to
lose to the Jaguars as well. They are doing just enough to win games
and that is all they need to do. When you win eight games in a row, it
is really hard to argue.

6. Baltimore Ravens

On Saturday, this team went into Dallas and ruined all their plans
for the closing of Texas Stadium. Thank you, Baltimore Ravens for the
nice send off. I, for one, enjoyed the back to back runs of over 70
yards for touchdowns as the look of a peeved Jerry Jones was shown on
my screen. I slept really well that night.

7. Atlanta Falcons

Now, are you convinced that the falcons are a pretty good team.
After last season’s series of debacles that are well documented, they
have turned it around for this year and many years to come. they will
be a threat in the NFC South for a while.

8. Miami Dolphins

Here is another impressive turnaround from a team that only won one
game last season. Led by the most underrated quarterback in the league,
Pennington has given South Florida a reason to cheer. And, he gets his
chance to knock out the Jets and the most overrated QB out of the
playoffs. Poetic justice at its finest.

9. New England Patriots

The true injustice would be that if the Patriots go 11-5 and the
winner of the AFC West go 8-8, the 500 team would make the playoffs. i
don’t have time to research it, but I am pretty certain an eleven win
team has never failed to make the playoffs. I guess there is a first
for everything. What I think is funny is Patriot fans are all of the
sudden rooting for the hated jets

10. Dallas Cowboys

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I just can’t stop laughing at how they
played against the Ravens. This is supposed to be a Super Bowl
contender. Tony Romo did his best impression of Brett and tried to
Favre this game away many times, but the defense was the one that
messed this game up.

11. Minnesota Vikings

Wow! I am not even sure they belong here after the Falcons took them to
the woodshed in their own house. However, looking at the rest of the
standings has me perplexed because in fact, no one belongs here. Maybe,
we should just cut this thing to ten teams… Nah!

With that, I would like to extend a Happy and Healthy Holidays for
everyone and especially those troops overseas who cannot be with their
families, my heart goes out for you the most. God bless everyone of
you. That’s all i have for this week, i hope to have a better top ten
next week

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