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The Toughest Week of Survivor Pools

It’s not easy to pick survivor pool teams, but it’s even more difficult to pick one in the first week of the season. There are some rules I live by when picking survivor teams and they go as follows:

1) Be cautious when taking road teams.

2) Be cautious when taking a team in a divisional matchup.

3) NEVER take a team on the road in a divisional matchup.

So, with that said, let’s take a look at the Week 1 possibilities.

You have the Eagles, but they’re on the road at Green Bay.

You have the Broncos, but they’re on the road at Buffalo, and Denver ALWAYS struggles Week 1, especially on the road. I STRONGLY consider that you DO NOT take the Broncos. In 2006, The Broncos were a popular pick as a road team at the Rams. However, they lost. In 2005, the same outcome occurred as the Broncos lost at the Dolphins.

You have the Colts, who opened up as six point favorites, but do you ever want to take the Colts this early? Plus the Saints are not a cake-walk.

The Steelers play at Cleveland in a divisional game. If you read the rules, you know how I feel about taking Pittsburgh. It looks easy, but don’t do it.

Same goes for the Patriots at the Jets…

That leaves you with a few choices:

The SEAHAWKS hosting the Bucs.

The JAGUARS hosting the Titans. 

Since the Jags game is a divisional game, and they usually play close games with the Titans and Texans,

the pick this week has to be the Seahawks.

If you want to be gutsy Week 1, go with the Vikings hosting the Falcons, but you’re putting a lot of trust in Tarvaris Jackson.

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