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The TRIBE has spoken!

I knew it wasn’t a great team when the draft concluded, and as the summer wore on it became apparent that this team had the potential to be very bad. I didn’t think the draft itself was bad, just that I ended up taking some players that I normally wouldn’t have taken. And given that preseason hadn’t even begun yet, I was taking these players blindly. What can you do, as they say in poker can be said here, “That’s fantasy football.” No sense getting mad over it, after all, every one of my teams can’t win the championship.

Week One ended up going ok, my top picks performed well so it looked like they might be able to hide the holes, but week two was a different story. Let’s break down the team by position to see where things went wrong…

My strategy was to wait on quarterback, and I didn’t take my first until the tenth round. Jake Plummer was that guy, and I backed him up with Carson Palmer. As a late round flyer I went with Tim Rattay. Palmer hasn’t quite figured things out yet, and Rattay got knocked out in week one so that wasn’t a good sign. Plummer was ok, not great, but ok, which is to be expected from late round QBs. Would it have been nice to get a little more production? Of course, what can you do.

Running back
Top selection Ahman Green didn’t disappoint in week one, but his week two numbers were not what I needed from my top selection. I didn’t realize at the time just how BAD the Buffalo offense was going to be, so my second round selection of Travis Henry is one of the main reasons this team is hitting the links. Even backing him up in the later rounds with McGahee did not work for me – a lesson to all you handcuffers out there – I took McGahee probably too early, and as a result I wasted that pick. William Green was a late round flyer that may end up being a good pick over the long haul, but I needed points from him this week and Cleveland’s running game looks bad, too. Who knew?

Wide Receiver
I took WRs with my third, fourth and fifth round picks. I figured this way, with the short roster space, I would be able to just ride with these three guys. Chad Johnson and Darrell Jackson posted good numbers in week one, but disappeared in week two. Plaxico Burress never posted good numbers, I’m not sure what happened to the guy. I didn’t like taking him at the time, I should have listened to myself.

Tight End
Todd Heap was worth the early pick I used on him in week one, not so much in week two. Sounds like he got hurt as well so if I had moved on, it’d only be a matter of time before his loss would hurt me. I took a late flyer on Bubba Franks, forgoing another RB/WR, what a waste that guy has become.

Believe it or not, this is the other reason that I’m out of this league. It was just bad luck that the two kickers I ended up taking were Aaron Elling and John Hall. Elling got cut before the season began, I’m not sure who could have seen that coming. John Hall did well in week one, but he too battled injury and posted lousy numbers in week two.

Saint Louis and Denver were middle of the pack defenses that performed well below my already low expecations for them. OH well.

The bottom line, not a good distribution of talent enough to cover a week when the stars would not shine and a pile of bad luck. Crappy selections at WR, and the loss of a kicker.  That’s ok, as long as my money league team continues to win I’ll be happy.  As Seinfeld says, “Even Stevens”.  For every team that you have that is doing poorly, you have another doing well.  For every team that is extremely poor, you have a team that rocks.  We shall see. 

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