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The Tribe Has Spoken and I Got Straight Cussed Out.

When your first round draft pick turns tail and retires it is not a good sign (It happens, shake it off big guy). When your bye week filler QB damn near breaks his neck, things look grim (Not a problem…I can handle it). When your #2 or #3, depends on how you rank them, WR breaks his leg you start looking for the life rafts (Ok…I can figure this out…I am an expert dammit!). But I couldn’t stop the bleeding in time and when I looked at this week’s options I knew that I was in serious trouble.


My bye week filler WR hasn’t played in two weeks and my bye week filler tight end is riding pine on the IR, but somehow I still thought that I had a shot of pulling this off. I mean I got Randy Moss and Isaac Bruce on the edges, Matt Hasselbeck chucking the rock, and though Ricky William called it quits I was still able to snag Chris Brown to tote the load out of the backfield.


I knew after the draft that if I didn’t dodge the injury bug I was in trouble due to drafting a number of players with the same bye week. At the time of the draft though I felt that they couldn’t be passed up. But obviously it was this coupled with the fact that all my bye week fillers turned into flower toting, Barbie loving, girl scouts with boo-boo’s. So with 3 starters with byes, 4 players out with injuries, and 1 player retiring to a tent on a beach…it is safe to say that I saw this coming. 


That is the way it goes.

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