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The Tribe Has SPOKEN!

“It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times?!?!”  How could it be that a team that claimed immunity once and was three points away from grabbing it a second time on consecutive weeks would be gone after five short weeks? Easy to answer: injuries. I had a feeling leaving the draft that week five might be my toughest week since I had used two of my first four selections on guys that would be on a bye (Jamal Lewis and Todd Heap). Perhaps I could have gone further but who knew that Edgerrin James was going to sit it out (again!  GRR!) and the Eagles were going to go to a three back RBBC with the one guy I didn’t have doing most of the scoring this week.

Looking back on the draft, I’m not sure there’s much that I could have done differently. Getting James at 1.11 I thought was a steal. He never quite lived up to the hype, then missed the last two weeks with injury. Jamal Lewis at 2.02 has been awesome, producing outrageous numbers early and often. I knew that Staley in the third round was a bit of a reach, but I thought that by getting Buckhalter late in the draft I’d be covered. Little did I know that Brian Westbrook would also be in the mix.

The quarterbacks I took for this team were brilliant (yes, I’m being modest). Jake Plummer, Joey Harrington, then Patrick Ramsey in rounds eight, nine, and ten, respectively. I don’t know that any other team in the survivor outscored me at the quarterback position. When Plummer struggled, Ramsey was awesome, and vice versa. Harrington didn’t quite live up to expectations, but that’s why I always grab three middle of the road guys. Out of the three, you figure that one of them will play great, in this case two of them performed very well.

As for the guys catching the ball, Todd Heap certainly didn’t live up to the fourth round pick that I used on him. That said, our draft was so early, there’s no way that I wanted to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for a tight end. No waivers dictated to get one of the top three and I did, which in turn really sent the other owners scrambling to adjust to the strategy. No second guessing that pick. I needed just a hair more out of the Derrick Mason, Darrell Jackson, Charles Rogers trilogy that I took in rounds five, six, and seven. None of them really emerged as a stud, and that combined with Heap underperforming (and being on a bye this week) spelled doom.

Actually, Joe Nedney going down for the season early on was a sign that this team just wasn’t meant to be. Adam Vinatieri was adequate, but only having one kicker limited the point scoring from that position. My defensive selections weren’t that great either, but who knows how they are gonna play drafting this early.

That’s about it in a nutshell. No anger this year, just a shrug of the shoulders and that’s all.  Sometimes even when you put together a great draft, it just doesn’t pan out. You just never know what’s going to happen. That’s the beauty of fantasy football. And if getting knocked out of this league early means that I’ll do extremely well in another league (Seinfeld’s “Even Stevens” Theory), then I’m all for leaving now.

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