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The Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback

Ah, Reality Television.  You either love it or you hate it. 


Most of you visit for information on the players on your roster.  Maybe you use the Shark forums to get ideas for trades or drop/adds.  Maybe you were lucky to compete in one of the new Shark leagues.  Also there are some exciting contests being unveiled this year as well where you can win some valuable prizes. 


This season, we will also attempt to determine which Quarterback has the moxie and stamina to outlast all the others and be named the Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback (UFQB).  We will put 18 of the top QBs in the NFL into a simulated competition.  Think of it as Fantasy Reality Internet. 


The competition is very simple.  Each week two players will be nominated based upon the fantasy stats posted that week.   The two lowest fantasy producers of the week, based upon the Shark League scoring system, will be put on the block.  You will be able to vote to put one of them on the waiver wire and out of the competition.  We will continue this each week until only one Quarterback is left standing.


We hope to have a little fun and mix in some news and reality from the week.


We reserve the right to modify the rules as we go along, although any changes are intended to improve the competition not sway it.  Also, based on injuries, we may need to replace a player during mid season.


So, without further ado, here are the NFL Quarterbacks that will be taking part in this year’s competition:


Drew Bledsoe

Tom Brady

Drew Brees

Aaron Brooks

Kerry Collins

Daunte Culpepper

Brett Favre

Rich Gannon

Jeff Garcia

Trent Green

Matt Hasselbeck

Kelly Holcomb

Tommy Maddox

Peyton Manning

Donovan McNabb

Steve McNair

Jake Plummer

Kurt Warner


Check back each Tuesday during the season to see who was nominated.  Then you can vote to help decide who is the Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback!




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