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The Ultimate Shark Challenge-Bring On the Sportsline “Experts”

If you spend any time on the Shark boards, you’ll be struck with this thought…these guys have no life!  But seriously, the Shark Tank is full of sharp analysis from serious fantasy fanatics.  The statistical analysis, research and impressions of football fans who’ve been serious about fantasy football has created a rich and vibrant flow of invaluable information for the discerning fantasy nut.


Nowhere was that more apparent this week than in the Shark Tank thread responding to the CBS Sportsline Expert Draft



The most relevant and intriguing comment came from Tony, and I quote,

“Isn’t it funny to know that you’d whoop some tail against Boomer and Marino in fantasy football? Success at real football and fantasy football are two completely different things. I think we have the smoking gun to prove it too..”

Well folks, this got me to thinking.  Now understand, thinking hurts…I burned a lot of brain cells in my younger days, and the synapses have to fire over long, convoluted distances to get somewhere where the thought isn’t immediately superceded by my favorite beer commercial (Love those twins!) So, the thought was this.  We talk a mean game. We play a meaner game. But how gamey can we get? 


What is this nut talking about, you ask?


Simply this.  I think a challenge is in order.


CBS Sportsline had a large article on their site covering the fantasy draft in New York. 


All the celebrities, parties, back slapping and so forth.  This was a big thing.  These are their experts.  Did Marino REALLY take a kicker in the fourth round? 


Taking Tony’s comment as the general attitude of Sharks everywhere, we seem to think we could out-draft and out-coach these celebrity fantasy studs.


So, can we?  Should we?  Will they, if we challenge them?


I say we throw down the gauntlet.  We send a letter to the folks at CBS Sportsline, including Mr. Prisco and CEO Steve Levy, and challenge them to a Fantasy Football Battle of the Titans.  Let them pick their top 6 celebrity fantasy forecasters, and we’ll put up 6 Sharks.  Toss ‘em into the tank in the form of a 12-team league, and duke it out.


But wait, there’s more!  (RonCo ain’t got nothin’ on me!)


There is a good chance they’ll turn us down.  I mean, they are CBS…we are just some upstart fanatical fantasy football phenoms. We’d be David to their Goliath, right?  So, each of us sharks writes a letter to his or her local sports editor, and if you have one, the sports reporter who covers fantasy football. Tell them we’ve thrown down the gauntlet, and get them to help us press our cause.  Maybe we can put a little “press-ure” on them, eh?


And if they still say no?


Well, me thinks there is a fella by the name of Rupert Murdoch, he of the NewsCorp (Fox Network) fame. Fox has been at the leading edge in changing the way sporting events are broadcast.  I could write another article on this topic alone, but I’m fairly certain you guys know what I’m talking about.  We tell them CBS Sportsline, with their All-Star cast, chickened out.  Something tells me they’d jump at the opportunity to duke it out with a bunch of “regular joe” sports fanatics like those who lurk on our boards and tweak the networks once again.  Murdoch and crew have made quite a successful living at it after all. 


It’s time to circle the coral boys.  All you fat finned great whites and shark wannabes sharpen your teeth.  This is no time to be thinking about Fish Eaters Anonymous. If Nemo shows up, he’s plankton! 


Do we have the fins to step up to the challenge?  I’m betting we do.  When this posts I’ll start a thread to discuss it further and plot a course.

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