Wednesday - Jan 27, 2021
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The Wrap

That’s a wrap!  The fantasy football season is now over and the NFL playoffs will kickoff this weekend.  Whether your eyes are drenched in tears after another disappointing season, or you are cheering from the rooftops raising your league’s trophy above your head, it is now time to sit in your recliner and watch the NFL playoffs unfold.   Week 17 finalized the matchups and home-field advantage questions for the upcoming weeks. In case you slept in too late on New Year’s Day after partying too hard on New Year’s eve, here are a few highlights that you may have missed.   

After falling behind the Buffalo Bills 21-0, Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to victory with 49 unanswered points which ensured that the AFC playoffs will playout through Gillette Stadium.  Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos’ offense never hit full stride as they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs at home 7-3.  Luckily for Broncos’ fans, the Oakland Raiders failed to defeat the San Diego Chargers, therefore, Denver earned a playoff berth and a first round matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Pittsburgh was able to grind out a “W” over the Cleveland Browns, but lost running back Rashard Mendenhall for the remainder of the season.  The Houston Texans will battle the Cincinnati Bengals next weekend.  Most preseason analysts had forecast a doomful season for Cincinnati’s young, inexperienced squad, which makes them one of the Cinderella teams for the playoffs.

The NFC playoff picture also became clear.  The Green Bay Packers sat Aaron Rodgers against the Detroit Lions as predicted.  However, they never would have anticipated backup QB Matt Flynn to outright torch Detroit by breaking two team records with 480 passing yards and six touchdowns.  The San Francisco 49ers continued their dominance against the St Louis Rams to secure the second NFC bye.  The Atlanta Falcons piled on 42 first half points against the shipwrecked Tampa Bay Buccaneers whose ship is sinking faster than the Titanic as they suffered their tenth loss in a row. Finally, the New York Giants battled the Dallas Cowboys to decide the NFC East.  Eli Manning and the Giants’ defense impressed to win the division and begin preparing for their first round matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.

Week 17 Results

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
Week 17 Projection: 250 passing yards and 2 TD
Week 17 Results: 307 passing yards, 36 rushing yards, 2 TD, and 4 INT (Success)

RB Toby Gerhart
Week 17 Projection: 125 total yards and 1 TD
Week 17 Results: 67 total yards (Fail)

WR Reggie Wayne
Week 17 Projection: 125 receiving yards and 1 TD
Week 17 Results: 73 receiving yards (Fail)

TE Jared Cook
Week 17 Projection: 80 receiving yards and 1 TD
Week 17 Results: 63 receiving yards (Partial Success)

Philadelphia Eagles D/St
Week 16 Projection: 11 points
Week 17 Results: 9 points (Partial Success)

Thank you for support of “The Dive” this season.  I look forward to the 2012 season!

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