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Theatre of Pain Draft Lottery

Say you are in a Fantasy League chock full of players throughout the 

United States and beyond…  How do you decide how to best inform 

your league about the draft order?   Sure, you could use a website to 

randomly generate the draft order, but where’s the fun in that?    

It’s the culinary equivalent of a hummus plate.

Over the years, the select few have taken it upon themselves to 

upgrade their efforts.   The ones that do usually enlist the help of 

their friends or family to video tape their cheesy antics while 

wearing a suit,  picking names out of a bowl, and using a wooden 

spoon as a microphone.   But come on… why embarrass yourself when 

you could act like a real man and achieve better results?

Let’s face it, the last thing you want when you have a big appetite 

is a plate of hummus.   If you want to roll with the big dogs, you 

have to have a man-sized feast.   So when thinking about our draft 

lottery this year, I decided to take things to a whole new level.   I 

didn’t know a thing about video production last week, but after many 

hours and hundreds of cuss words,  I’ve come up with something that 

gets me pumped for the 2007 season every time I watch it.    That’s 

right, I’m not even afraid to say that I have the best damn draft 

video on YouTube.

So, take a look at our draft lottery video for the “Theatre Of 

Pain.”  Don’t you think it’s time to throw your teams a real bone and 

give them something that they can actually sink their teeth into?   

Isn’t it time for a big plate of meaty, beer-battered, 7 alarm 

buffalo wings with a side of seasoned garlic fries?

Click here to watch the Theatre of Pain draft lottery from Qwest field

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