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Three Ring Circus: Good, Bad and Ugly

As the fantasy season quickly approaches, we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly that are circulating around the league thus far. As mini-camps have begun, and roles and positions are being jockeyed for, we look forward to another adrenaline-pumping kind of year. These key players who could always be game changers will take to center stage in their brand new, yet-to-be grass stained uniforms. Will the change of scenery help impact their futures? Buckle up, because one thing is certain in fantasy football – it will be a wild ride!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was submitted on June 12th.

The Good: Alex Smith

With a less-than-flattering 2012, Alex Smith spent the latter half of the season riding the bench when San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh introduced future star, Colin Kaepernick. At the end of the season Alex Smith was part of a trade between the 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. I see nothing but good things coming out of this trade. Smith is going to a team who has been in dire need of a stable quarterback, with debates of whether he can be elite or not. It is definitely a step in the right direction for the red and gold of Kansas City. Not to mention that he will be coached by former long-standing Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, who brings his West Coast style offense and a ton of experience. The future is bright not only for Alex Smith, but for this Kansas City team that is finally spending some money and bulking up their team.

Smith has endless possibilities of regaining his confidence and becoming a quality starting, or strong backup, quarterback for any fantasy team. The world is his oyster right now.

The Bad: Willis McGahee

McGahee has so far seemed nonchalant about securing his future as the starting running back with the Denver Broncos. Even though he has reported to mini-camp, questions and hesitations still remain about his future and dedication. McGahee went ahead and took a pass on the organized team activities due to “family obligations.” These obligations have brought up questions of devotion, whether they are true or not. Regardless, McGahee better get his head into the game or he may lose more reps to second-year running back Ronnie Hillman and to the much anticipated second-round pick Montee Ball. Should the 31-year-old McGahee have anything to worry about? Oh, did I mention that Montee Ball is the all-time leader in NCAA touchdowns? I think the worrying should begin.


: Keep a close eye on how mini-camps and preseason goes if you have any intention of drafting a Broncos RB, running back future is hazy right now with who will prove themselves as starting material.

(UPDATE – The Broncos released McGahee on Thursday morning).

The Ugly: Tim Tebow

Once again, media guru Tim Tebow has made his entrance into the three ring circus. The media follows Tebow like vultures, waiting to pick apart his next move. That move we speak of is signing with the New England Patriots. Just at the moment when Tebow’s NFL career seemed over, from the depths swooped the NFL powerhouse and tucked Tebow in its clutches. The question that now presents itself is: now that you have him, what do you do with him? Basking in the media downpour sure to come throughout the season doesn’t really seem like New England’s M.O.

With questions surrounding his talent, will the Patriots finally take the step that no one wanted to attempt and try him at other positions? At this point, what will it hurt? Tebow has the size and we all know that he has the speed, so why not option him as a possible tight end until Rob Gronkowski is fully healed, or possible running back, backing up LeGarrette Blount or Stevan Ridley? The Patriots just may have something up their sleeve with this pick.


As ugly as the Tebow circus and the media train that follows, he may have found his best fit as a Patriot and under coach Bill Belichick. This may be Tebow’s last chance to throw a Hail Mary and continue his NFL career. Stranger things have happened.

No matter what this three ring circus known as the good the bad and the ugly brings, we will be pulling out the dusty jersey, slapping on our favorite team’s face paint, and hauling in nachos by the bucket, all in preparation of the soon arriving season of hard-smacking, teeth-gnashing, pigskin-flying, year of fantasy football.

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