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Thursday Night Recap

Saints @ Colts – Thursday Night Season Opener

Colts 41, Saints 10

Peyton Manning + Drew Brees + Joseph Addai + Reggie Bush + Colts defense + Saints defense = Heaven for fantasy owners, if you have them. However, the game started off slow and with a scare. Addai got the wind knocked out of him on the first series of the game and lay on the field for a minute, which had millions of owners holding their breath, including myself. The 1st round pick would return on the next series.

By the end of the 1st quarter, Indy would finally get going as Harrison reached the endzone. The Saints then scored what would be their lone TD in the game defensively on a fumble return. The score was knotted at 10 going into the half.

Then the Colts came out firing with two quick TDs by Addai and Wayne. Then Wayne would get another TD to finish the night with over 120 yards and 2 TDs. The general, Peyton Manning, had 3 TDs and just missed the 300 yard mark. Addai eclipsed the 100-yard rushing mark and added a score.

So what was missing from this fantasy-stud filled night? The Saints offense. Brees, Bush, Deuce, and Colston

did not

combine for more than 25 points in standard leagues. They looked awful. Enough said.

I’ll be back Monday with recap from the Sunday games.

Good luck this weekend–(That is if Peyton or Brees didn’t crush your hopes-one way or the other)

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