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Thursday Recap

Thursday Rage Article Recap

I never promised you that rose garden, and as a result you weren’t pulling thorns from your favorite canine’s paws.

I did promise to give you some valuable insight into the game. I delivered again. It was scary to see how the score unfolded right on the number 27-24.

Let’s look at some hits and misses from that contest



On The Mark


Projection                               Actual

Drew Brees     

                 (250 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT)     

        (232 yards, 2TDs, 2 INTs)

Kyle Orton     

                  (195 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

       (172 yards, 0TDs, 2 INTs, 1 rush TD)

Matt Forte 

             (90 rush yards, 1 TD, 50 yards rec.) (34 yards rush, 1 TD, 29 rec. yards)

Final Score    

                   (Saints 27-Bears 24)          

         (Bears 27-Saints 24)


While I didn’t actually predict the final score, I was scary close. The overtime coin flip could have gone the Saints’ direction. It’s funny how a coin flip can change a game.

I was also correct that Devin Hester would have to play a big role in the game if the Bears were to win, and I was correct. What the stat sheet didn’t show you was the pass interference call (on the deep ball that Hester drew with his blazing speed) that set up the game-winning chip shot field goal.

I also liked the Colston/Moore tandem because let’s face it, they are the wheels on the bus. Colston was solid with a TD catch.

Missed the mark on


Desmond Clark – who dropped an easy touchdown. (doing his best Rickey Dudley “skillet-hands” impersonation)

Reggie Bush – who was injured, and gave Pierre Thomas the opportunity to take his role.

The winner of the game which could have gone either way folks! (coin flip)

Lance Moore – a very mediocre performance. (not enough targets)

Thursday’s contest was a very good game and nothing is more pure on this planet than two teams giving everything they have in regulation. 

Overtime starts as just as the game does except with the finality that he who scores first, wins, which makes me love college football so much more than pro football. Why couldn’t we see each start at the 20 with an equal opportunity?

The answer is largely due to the start time in the eastern time zone. Double overtimes could keep folks awake to the wee morning hours on Monday night. Cry me a river east coasters!

How can the fate of a team be determined by a coin flip?

Sure, you still have to work the ball down the field, but how many games are won on the first possession of overtime? I suspect more times than not begging the question. Why not try the onside kick?

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