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That’s right, DYNASTY GOLD! If you’re in a dynasty league, the one must-have player from this draft is Tim Tebow. Don’t get distracted by the haters and naysayers.

It’s his iconic status that has most people hoping for him to fail. And, if you’re not careful it’s easy to get carried away in the anti-Tebow sentiment. If I remember correctly, it was during
Florida’s 24-14 win over

for the National Championship back in January 2009, when one of the announcers said , ‘If you had a chance to spend 20 minutes with Tebow your life would be better for it.’ Now, with that in mind, imagine how much better your life would be if you had Tebow on your fantasy roster for the rest of his NFL career?

How early, is too early, when it comes to drafting the quarterback that you believe can lead you to a championship?  Or, at what
point would JaMarcus Russell or Tim Couch have become a draft day steal?  The answer to both of these questions is quite obvious. 
You could never have drafted Tom Brady or Joe Montana too early and at no point would JaMarcus Russell or Tim Couch have been a
draft day steal.  Either way, only time will tell if Josh McDaniels’ bold move was a stroke of genius or the move of a madman.

Tebow could not have landed in a better situation. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has shown that things are going to get done his way in

.  He’s traded away a Pro Bowl quarterback and a Pro Bowl wide receiver in order to mold the Broncos in his image, and the drafting of Tebow is just another step towards that goal.

No one has more to gain or lose with the rise and fall of Tebow than McDaniels. Hence, you can bet that Tebow will be given every, and I mean every, opportunity to succeed. But, opportunity is only part of the equation as Tebow must continue to refine his game in order to succeed at the NFL level. Unlike Jay Cutler, Tebow has been more than willing to accept criticism and make adjustments. He understands that he’s not a finished product and will not be outworked or outprepared.

But, the most important factor in making Tebow dynasty gold is McDaniels’ track record as an offensive coordinator.  It was McDaniels who was calling the plays during Tom Brady‘s record-setting season of 2007 when he passed for a league-record 50 touchdowns. It was McDaniels who kept his foot on the pedal as
New England ran up score after score. It was McDaniels who took a guy, Matt Cassel, who hadn’t started a game since high school and in less than one year earned him a $63 million payday. It is this same McDaniels who will take every opportunity in the future to let Tebow run up the score. And, with Tebow’s ability to run, don’t be surprised if a combined 50 touchdown season is in Tebow’s future.

So, let the other owners in your league rip on Tebow. In fact, you should lead the attacks on Tebow’s ability to succeed as a professional. Then, with the cunning and cool of a cat burglar, select Tebow at a discount during your rookie draft.

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