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Top 10 Reasons to Play RapidDraft

Here are the Top 10 reasons to play RapidDraft


Donald Trump…YOU’RE FIRED!  Any Miss USA contestant that can talk fantasy football as fluidly as Caitlin is every guys dream and should have been crowned Miss USA!  But, The Donald’s loss is every RapidDrafter’s gain, as Caitlin walks us through the entire RapidDraft process from signing up to how to use the draft room tools. 

Just in case you can’t get enough of Caitlin’s sweet voice, you can catch “The Sports Blonde” daily on Blog Talk Radio as she co-hosts “RD Fantasy Lunch” with Pat Hegewald.


Every one of you guys/gals has said it at one time or another, “Does this idiot actually get paid for this?!”.  Well, yes they do and now is your chance to prove how smart you are.  The winner of the $250,000 will either have won

his/her league or have been in the top 40% of all Grand Prize eligible teams, based on total points from Weeks 1 to 11.  By the end of this contest, the winner will have proven to be every bit the fantasy football expert, much like the 11 Pros that he will have had to climb over in order to claim the $250,000 grand prize.


How much would you have to pay in order to get the cheatsheets of the 11 Pros that you’ll be going up against?  Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s more than the $9.99 that it will cost you to enter RapidDraft.

Take a look at the names and sites below.  Once you’ve drafted, print out your draft results and viola!  You now have the player rankings and sleepers of some of the best fantasy football minds in the business.  Use these results to dominate your local leagues.

Fantasy Pro – Company


Tony Holm 

Mike Krueger 

Kelly and Dan Grogan 

Matt Schauf and JT 

Matt Pitzer 

Dustin Ashby and Jesse Herron 

Mike Harmon and 

David Dodds and Joe Bryant 

Russ Bliss 

Scott Engel and Ben Ice 

Ian Ritchie and Mark Deming the real guys (2009 Champion takes this spot in 2010) 

As a real life example, in some of the earlier drafts that I did back in May, Tony Holm of our very own was drafting Devin Thomas, WR from the Redskins, late in drafts as one of his sleepers.  Here is a player update from RotoWorld dated August 3, 2009…

Devin Thomas is expected to be the Redskins’ starting Z receiver (flanker) opposite split end Santana Moss this season.

Thomas has finally been showing the commitment to warrant pushing Antwaan Randle El into the slot position. Arguably the top

receiver prospect in the 2008 draft, Thomas makes for nice WR5/6 flier while helping to draw attention away from Moss.



I hate FAAB!  I hate overbidding for free agents and I hate getting outbid for free agents.  RapidDraft has taken care of that problem and also saved you a ton of time.  Free agents are awarded in reverse order of the standings each week.  This is definitely an advantage for the novice player who is inexperienced in the blind bidding process that is common amongst the high-stakes game.


The Corner of Knowledge will be running a weekly column devoted specifically to RapidDraft.  Some have called me crazy/stupid for doing this, as I will be participating in RapidDraft as well.  But, along with my never ending quest for bitch goddess, I have been put here to teach and enlighten, and that’s what I aim to do.

Before you get all bent out of shape over my use of the phase ‘bitch goddess’, here is Merriam-Webster’s definition…

Main Entry: bitch goddess

Function: noun

Date: 1906

: success; especially : material or worldly success

Even when just talking about my desire to teach and enlighten, I teach and enlighten.

5. DRAFT FROM ANY POSITION YOU WANT(1 to 12 – max of 5 drafts per position, per person)

Since you’ll be drafting against 11 experts RapidDraft allows you to select where you’d like to draft.  You want Adrian Peterson?  Draft from the number one position.  Want to go stud wide receiver in the first round?  Pick a draft spot anywhere between 8 and 12.  The call is yours.

No more being at the mercy of lady luck when it comes to draft position.  You make the call, you’ll only have yourself to blame.


It’s 11:30pm and you’re feeling a bit stoked.  You just got done watching the NFL network and there is breaking news from the day that you feel will affect the value of some players.  You just may be able to catch the Pros napping before they can update their rankings the next morning.  So, jump onto and draft yourself a new and improved team for your run at $250k.


You have a chance to get in on the ground floor of the next great fantasy experience against limited competition.  Based on other new fantasy games, RapidDraft will probably triple or quadruple their entries next year.  So, now is the time to strike.

2. $250,000 GRAND PRIZE

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Win the contest and take home $250,000.  All for the low cost of $9.99…correction…nothing!


RapidDraft is offering you one free chance to take home $250,000!  If you’ve already drafted, you still get a free entry and if you haven’t done a RapidDraft yet, this is your chance.  There’s no excuse not to draft a FREE team!  Somebody is going to be $250,000 richer come week 16 of the NFL season and it just might be the guy who only had one FREE entry in the contest.

Here is the link for you FREE RapidDraft team, join now!

Also, after you’ve joined make sure to join the group and compete against the rest of the Shark Nation.

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