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Top 3 Offseason Acquisitions

Detroit Lions: RB Reggie Bush

With Jahvid Best not able to get medical clearance, the Detroit Lions have all but given up on the future of their promising running back, so it was no surprise when Detroit decided to go all in on a solid running back to fill the position that Leshoure has been leading. Leshoure has to many questions regarding what his full capabilities at lead running back are. Enter Bush. Coming off of a year in which he had almost 1,000 yards for the Miami Dolphins, Bush brings more than just the rushing yards that Detroit needs, he also brings the speed that the Lions are looking to use not only at running back but on for punt returns and possibly filling in wide receiver positions next to Calvin Johnson. Look for great things to come with this acquisition as the Lions bear their teeth for a potentially deadly offensive combination by land and air.

Seattle Seahawks: WR Percy Harvin

Seattle Seahawks fans have got to be salivating at the recent acquisition of Harvin. The Seahawks are coming off of a terrific season of 11-5, and looked to strengthen their wide receiver position by reaching out and obtaining Pro Bowler Harvin from an unhappy situation in Minnesota. Harvin held out wanting the prime-time contract similar to Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgarald, but it just wasn’t going to happen with the Vikings, nor did it end up happening in Seattle, but Harvin seems happy with the change of scenery. Seattle took the bait, and now has an elite wide receiver to couple with the sophomore phenom Russell Wilson. If Harvin can stay healthy, keeping his injuries and history of migraines under wraps, and you are a fantasy drafter that prefers the 1-2 punch combination of the same team quarterback and wide receiver, this just might be a possible combination for you.

San Francisco 49ers: WR Anquan Boldin

Coming off a Super Bowl win, Boldin was traded to the 49ers to fill in the prime position that Michael Crabtree left open by tearing his Achilles. Who could blame this guy for leaving his Super Bowl team? Boldin was approached and asked to take a $2 million pay cut; his quarterback Joe Flacco received a $120.6 contract. Enough said. I would be packing my bags, too. With Boldin having probably the best season he has had so far, taking a cut just didn’t make sense, so his services will be used elsewhere, and happily. This seems like a good fit with Colin Kaepernick taking the helm as the 49ers quarterback and favoring passes to Crabtree. Boldin’s similar style has found to be working well so far in 49ers mini camps. With 11 seasons in the NFL, Boldin will adapt well to the pistol and read offense. With less than alluring names filling in at other wide receiver positions for the 49ers, Boldin has the chance, and the talent, to be lead receiver and Kaepernick’s favorite target.

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