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Top 50 Players in PPR Leagues

Adrian Peterson
. OK. You can trust Peterson in fantasy. Maybe not in real life, because I think he might be some sort of cyborg.

Jamaal Charles
. Say what? Yeah. Andy Reid is a glutton for, well, most everything … but especially getting his running backs the ball.

Doug Martin
. Martin has the best nickname in football. He also has a pretty good offensive line and a better defense to keep the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in games, which means a more balanced attack.

Arian Foster
. No, I didn’t forget about him. But some minor health issues and a healthy
Ben Tate
means less touches for this work horse.

Note: This is the spot in the draft where you have the choice of drafting the starting running back from either the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles or Jacksonville Jaguars. Yippee!

Calvin Johnson
. “Wide Receiver is so deep!” everyone else in your league will exclaim. True. But none of them have the game of Johnson.

6. C.J. Spiller. I like Spiller here because, much like the local Dave & Buster’s, he’s the only game in town.
Fred Jackson
might vulture some, but Spiller is the man now.

Trent Richardson
. There’s really nothing wrong with Richardson, but drafting a Cleveland Browns running back in the first round just doesn’t feel right.

Ray Rice
. This guy has 800-plus touches over the past two years. Expect some sort of hangover.

LeSean McCoy
. Commissioner Roger Goodell is trying to nip concussion issues in the proverbial bud. Count on McCoy missing at least two games.

Marshawn Lynch
. He has a pending DUI case. Pete Carroll usually would suspend a running back for the San Jose State game, but Lynch might not be so lucky.

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