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Top DraftKings Studs, Value Plays & Avoids – Week 3

Join Shane ‘AshyL4rry’ Sleek, one of the top DFS players according to TPOY rankings for 2015, as he brings you his top DraftKings studs, value plays, and avoids for Week 1 along with the top DST plays.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Also, click here for Fantasy Sharks $DPP (Dollars Per Point) data complete with commentary.]



Aaron Rodgers
Tom Brady
Andrew Luck
Ben Roethlisberger
Russell Wilson
Cam Newton


Marshawn Lynch
Le’Veon Bell
Jamaal Charles
Matt Forte
Adrian Peterson
Latavius Murray


Antonio Brown
Julian Edelman
Julio Jones
Odell Beckham
Randall Cobb
Brandon Marshall
Jarvis Landry


Rob Gronkowski
Travis Kelce
Greg Olsen
Tyler Eifert

About Shane Sleek

Shane has been playing fantasy sports competitively since 2010. He added daily fantasy sports to his regimen in 2013 and has transitioned his success from season long leagues to these now popular daily fantasy leagues. He is currently ranked 3rd in the tournament player of the year race.