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Congratulations. If you are still reading trade articles this time of year you are still in the hunt! In the hunt comes in many forms. You could have a great record, coasting towards a bye week and are just looking to bolster your roster for a title run (your article comes next week) Or perhaps you are fighting for position so you don’t have to face off against the #1 seed in the second round of the playoffs (this article may apply to you) or you might be fighting tooth and nail for that last playoff spot. A loss could dash your hopes so you are playing this thing one week at a time, its win or go home! This article is for you. The players I am about to recommend are advised for this week only, they may or may not have favorable schedules going forward – to be honest I didn’t even look. We are focusing on this week only for those who must win. If this is you, go all in – you’ve got nothing to lose!


Derek Carr, QB, Oakland Raiders

With an over/under of 51 we could be looking at the game of the week. The Patriots had their way with the Denver defense on Sunday night and they are one of the toughest matchups in the NFL. Even with Chris Hogan missing the game this Pats’ offense is hitting on all cylinders right now. Their defense on the other hand is still among the leagues softest (although they are improving.) They currently rank as the most generous unit vs opposing passers so Carr should be able to find some openings. He has all of his weapons healthy and back from suspension too which never hurts. Given the perceived game flow (Patriots currently favored by 6.5) Carr should have plenty of opportunity to produce high end fantasy numbers this week. It may come in garbage time but that still counts! Carr should be easily obtainable in most leagues, heck he might even be on the waiver wire in some leagues! If he’s owned, you wont have too pay much for him.

Alex Smith, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

While the Patriots give up the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks but the Giants give up the second most! Naturally, Alex Smith is the second quarterback I recommend going after as a trade target in Week 11. He will absolutely cost you more than Carr given the season he has put together so far but that’s fine since you’ll be able to use him throughout the playoffs. The Giants have given up, there is no other way to put it. When you see a team mailing it in like they are, get your hooks in the water! The G-men are averaging 20.3 points per game to opposing signal callers and just gave up 25 points to C.J. Beathard. What do you think Alex Smith will do to them coming off the bye?

Running Backs

Dion Lewis, RB, New England Patriots

So we’ve already recommended Derek Carr based on his chances for success in this match up but there is also an opportunity to be had on the Patriots side of the ball. I never trust a Patriots running back but Lewis appears to have a good hold on this “lead dog” roll for the time being. He did pretty well with his 14 carries Sunday night turning in 56 yards and a score. It’s important to note that this came against the stout Denver run defense who currently ranks as the 4th stingiest opponent for opposing rushers. On top of his rushing numbers he also added a kick return for a touchdown boosting his numbers by a quick 6 points in all formats. The Patriots are favored nearly a full touchdown in this one so there should be some grind it out time. Right now Dion is Belichick’s guy for that. After Sunday night, Lewis’ owner may have him pegged as a sell high, I don’t know many people who like to hold onto a Patriots back for too long! Take advantage, these players are tough to count on but if you can own a Patriot at the right time you’ll be sitting on a gold mine. This appears to be Dion Lewis’ time once again.

Chris Thompson, RB, Washington Redskins

It’s true that the Saints defense has been playing lights-out but I think there is opportunity in this match up for Chris Thompson to put up solid numbers. He is easily the Redskins most dynamic play-maker and should finally get to prove it with Rob Kelley down for what looks like a semi-extended absence. I’m sure Samaje Perine will get his chance but with the way the Saints are putting up points, Washington will need to keep Thompson in the game if they are going to put up a fight. New Orleans is an 8-point favorite in this one which of course leads to a pass heavy game script for their opponent. While Thompson is their best running back, many don’t realize he is also their top pass catcher with 38 receptions on the year. After under performing in Week 10, Thompson should be reachable at a decent price but do make sure to put an appropriate offer out there, he’s been solid this year when given the opportunity.

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