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What the heck was that? Seriously?! Week 1, what was that? We start out with Tom Brady getting taken to school by Alex Smith followed by Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson putting up absolute stinkers on Sunday in games they should have dominated. We saw Jesse James catch two touchdown passes while in the same week Rob Gronkowski only caught two passes – period! To say this week was weird is an understatement. Weird weeks mean things didn’t go as planned and when things don’t go as planned, some people panic. Not all people — but some. Your job is to identify these people within your leagues and take advantage of that fear!

Fantasy Football trading is all about buying low and selling high. I usually break my season into quarters (not counting playoffs) so its a bit early for trading in my opinion but there is a chance someone isn’t too happy with their team at the moment. Trading is tricky after one week but lets take a look at some guys you might be able to get at a discount this week as well as a few guys you may want to sell now.

Buy Low

David Johnson & Le’Veon Bell, RB’s, Arizona Cardinals & Pittsburgh Steelers

I’m just putting these guys first to get them out of the way. As of this writing D.J. could miss multiple weeks if not multiple months so unless its a dynasty league, I’m not touching him at the moment. Le’Veon Bell is unlikely to be shopped in your league but if you have a foolish owner freaking out after Sunday’s letdown, go ahead and see if there is a deal to be had. Again, unlikely but you never know, every league and owner is different!

DeMarco Murray, RB, Tennessee Titans

Murray had a tough go of it Sunday but he managed to break off some decent 5 yard chunks as well as a 21 yard zone-block scamper. Murray dominated the running back split with Derrick Henry totaling 14 touches (12 rushes, 2 receptions) to Henry’s 6 touches (all 6 were rushing). He’s going to have better days ahead but I expect tough sledding the next three weeks against an under-rated Jacksonville front followed by a tilt at home vs Seattle, then a trip to Houston. He has the ability to be useful in all 3 match-ups but his owners may see those contests looming and opt to sell now. I’d take advantage if you can and offer 80 cents on the dollar if he’s being shopped in one of your leagues. Your points of leverage should be the pre-season hype surrounding Henry, the poor performance on Sunday (take away that 21 yard burst and he averaged 2 YPC) and the upcoming schedule. I think a moderate WR1 or high end WR2 could get the deal done in the right situation and land you a nice feature back.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski  QB & TE, New England Patriots

Lost in all of the hoopla surrounding the Chiefs’ Thursday night explosion was the fact that these two fantasy stalwarts nearly connected on a nice touchdown. Had that touchdown occurred (or a touchdown on any of the other red-zone area targets Gronk received) it could have been a very different game and a very different headline. These are two players that people shouldn’t be panicking about but again, they might be in one of your leagues. If someone is shopping Brady or Gronk, be sure to pounce on that and get a deal done. The Pats are at New Orleans next week in a game that has bounce back written all over it.

Davante Adams WR, Green Bay Packers

This game, like so many others, was brutal from start to finish. Thankfully Aaron Rodgers and company were able to loosen things up down the stretch and get a little yardage under their belt. As expected, Jordy Nelson was ahead of Adams on the stat sheet but what was unexpected was Randall Cobb’s usage. The jitterbug WR3 caught 9 passes on 13 targets for a team high 85 yards in this contest which was likely due to Seattle’s scheme. I don’t expect this to be the norm going forward and see a definite uptick for this entire offense next week when they travel down to Atlanta for a potential shootout. Better days are ahead for Adams but don’t forget, many were down on him coming into the season so maybe check in with the Davante Adams owner in your league and see how they are feeling about his value this week?

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