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Trading Team Tactics

For most of you,
the trade deadline in your fantasy league(s) is quickly approaching. Whether you are at the top of the standings or
you are in the middle of the pack, the trade deadline is the last opportunity
to make a big splash and prepare your team for the fantasy playoffs. Here are 10 tips to bolster your team and
improve your chances of winning a coveted fantasy football championship.

1. Be Aggressive

 Don’t wait for
other fantasy team owners to seek you out.
Get the ball rolling by initiating contact and inquiring which players may
be available and letting owners know which players you are willing to give up. Speed the process up by making an informal,
unofficial offer for any players offered that would improve your lineup.

2. Do Your Homework (And Theirs)

Before offering a
trade, take some time to look at the other teams and determine what their needs
are. Don’t waste time offering players
to a team that are stacked in that particular position.

3. Keep It Simple Stupid

Avoid sales talk
and present offers that are simple and to the point. If you are too pushy with a team in need of
a panic move, you may scare off (and irritate) an owner in need of a deal.

4. Buy Low, Sell High

For maximum
value, anticipate when a player’s value has reached his peak and then unload
him while he is a hot commodity.
Conversely, push hard for guys who are due for resurgence. These gambles won’t always pay off, but they
will help you strike it rich when they do.

5. Offer A Fair Deal (But Make Sure It’s Not Too

The worst thing
you can do is propose an offer so ridiculously one-sided, you insult other
owners to a point that future deals aren’t even considered. Don’t be “that guy.” You never know if you could have gotten a
player you desired for less than you offered.
Furthermore, give yourself enough wiggle room to adjust the trade, so
the other owner can feel he squeezed a bit more out of you.

6. Plan Ahead

overestimate the importance of the schedule during the fantasy playoffs, but
don’t underestimate it either. While it
is difficult to a sit a stud regardless of the matchup, the effectiveness of
most players can be greatly influenced by their current matchup.

7. Shop Around

Even if you have
a good deal in place, you’ll never know if you can get an even better deal from
someone else unless you investigate. If
you are certain that you have a player in high demand you might even be able to
get owners in a bidding war, which will result in an even more valuable return.

8. Target Some Teams, Stay Away From Others

If you are team
contending to win it all, avoid making deals with others who you may face in
the post-season. The last thing you want
to do is a help a team who can beat you when it counts most. Alternatively, if you are a team battling
just to make the playoffs, the top teams would make better trading partners than
a team who can kick you out for a final playoff spot.

9. Be Gracious

If an offer is
not to your liking or one of yours is shot down, thank the other owner for
their time and kindly move on. Resist
the temptation to ridicule, threaten, or laugh in their face because you may
scare off a favorable deal for the future.

10. Don’t Settle

After ten weeks
if you are still in the playoff hunt, your team has overcome a lot of adversity. In an odd way, your team has become sort of a
second family for you, and as a result, you may feel uncomfortable trading away
one of “your own.” You may also feel
that trading away a key player could mess with your team’s chemistry. Both of these ideas are obviously ludicrous, and
they can hold teams back from reaching greatness. Because no team is perfect, owners should
either be looking to upgrade their teams are to ensure they are good enough to
win or overvaluing their team for that last ditch push for a playoff berth. Which category do you fit in?

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