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Trent Green’s Impact on the 2007 Miami Dolphins

With many fantasy football leagues
having a 2 quarterback system, people are looking everywhere for a
viable 2nd quarterback option that’ll be around in the later rounds.
Recently, I was poised with the question, “How do you think Trent Green
will do this season?” It is an important analysis due to many owners’
interest in not only him, but also Ronnie Brown and Chris Chambers.

That’s a tough call and I believe that Ronnie Brown is the key to Trent Green having a positive impact on the 2007 Miami Dolphins. If Brown is doing well, then that’ll take a lot of pressure off of Trent Green. The problem is that Green’s going to encounter a lot more blitzes and complex blitzes at that with playing in the AFC East. Trent Green has never really handled pressure all that well. He never could play for the Washington Redskins, because he wanted to sit in the pocket and they needed him to be more mobile, due to the blitzing of the Eagles, Cowboys and Giants. In the AFC West, you can definitely get away with sitting in the pocket and deciding the right guy to throw to. Throughout the AFC West, one of the more common themes is a solid secondary and while they’re some good defensive backfield players in the AFC East, the AFC East focuses more on blitzing and making the opposing quarterbacks throw before they’d like to.


With all of that said, the Dolphins have some play makers, but I might even say that they’re a little below average when it comes to play makers when compared to other teams, especially in that division. Think of all of the weapons that the Patriots have, Jets have and perhaps even the Bills. I think that the Dolphins are going to struggle this year, unless some wide receiver steps up big time. Chris Chambers has to bounce back since last year was a big disappointment and he will. I remember someone in my own fantasy football league picking him before Reggie Wayne last year and I was thinking, “Are you crazy?” Booker’s all right, but he’s getting older. I really liked Wes Welker there, because he was a little guy that makes plays. Welker joined the other 8 wide receivers in

New England

, but I’m sure he’s happy having Tom Brady throwing to him over Trent Green and Cleo Lemon. The NFL has a bit of a trend now with smallish, quick wide receivers with Steve Smith and Santana Moss. Obviously, he’s not as good as them, but he’s the same type of player.


Ted Ginn is interesting; I don’t know what to think of his value. In my opinion, the Dolphins chose him over Brady Quinn, because of Devin Hester’s impact last year on the NFL. It makes me wonder how long opposing teams spent focusing on Hester during practice, when they could’ve spent that time working on offense or defense. The main reason they drafted him was for his punt returner abilities, I read that in one of their press releases. I think they’d be in better shape at least for the long term with Quinn under center. Looking back, I already think that they’re regretting picking him, because he’s injured now and Culpepper is leaving town. The fans booed Cam Cameron at the post-draft press conference. Don’t get me wrong, Ginn has ridiculous speed. I remember watching him play in the Big 33 game in Hershey, Pennsylvania when he was a senior in high school and thinking this guy’s definitely going to the NFL, however he never was really a great wideout. His hands are not fantastic and he can really only run posts and fades, but who knows what’ll happen with him and Chambers together. Chambers could take a lot of attention off of Ginn, which will give him the opportunity to make some plays. I’m not in love quite yet with Ronnie Brown and please consider their offensive line for a second. This is partly a joke and partly not, but why don’t they have Jason Taylor play some tight end?!?


My last thought is the new head coach, Cam Cameron. Last year for the San Diego Chargers, he was definitely a run first-pass second type of offensive coordinator, but he has more offensive passing threats now, I mean there’s no comparison between Chambers and Vincent Jackson. I expect that Ronnie Brown will have a better season with Cameron’s influence, but who knows what’ll happen to their passing game. How long has Green been a member of the Dolphins anyway? It’s going to take him some time to learn their offense. Keep in mind that even his own teammates in


think he’s brittle.

Author: Danny O’Rourke


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