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Trilogy Interview

In the ever growing series of Whale Shark (1000 messages) Interviews the turn has come to Trilogy our (XX) Whale.

Congrats man, you are a big boy know, a Whale Shark (or actually a Great White since this interview was put on hold over the offseason), how do you feel?

It’s great, the tank is a great community. Helpful, and entertaining. I’m just glad i’m the predator and not the prey anymore =]

You have a monkey with glasses as your avatar. You know what they say about monkeys with glasses don’t you?

Yeah, but it’s not really true. It only LOOKS like it’s as big as two of them. But seriously, this avatar was a 2nd choice for me. Doug Coutts beat me to punch for my original choice.

I hear you. Well, you didn’t exactly get the first pick in the avatar-draft.

Coutt’s got the Priest of the avatar draft. I’ll settle for the Stokes.

So tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you..etc..etc..

As most of the people that frequent the tank know, i’m from Philadelphia. (pauses for groans) I turned 23 last week, and i work at the University of Pennsylvania. I do IT project management, with a splash of network administration on the side. I also moonlight as nearsighted primate. You can hire me for parties.

Great. Thank’s. We’re really not THAT interested. So what about breakfast? Do you have it?, and do you really think it’s the most important meal of the day or is that just talk?

I’m actually not the biggest fan of breakfast, although there probably is some truth to that whole important meal thing. In the morning during the week i tend to eat an orange on the train to work, that whole banana/monkey thing is so cliche. On the weekends i generally dont eat until lunch time, however that might have to do in part to the fact that i sleep until 12.

Oranges? How very Richard Simmons of you. I only do coffee myself.

I prefer ice’d coffee.

As long as you get your daily caffeine-fix. Us Sharks need the extra stimulus during pre-season. Talking about the FF-season – Other then oranges and ice’d-coffee, how do you prepare yourself?

This is my sophmore effort as a fantasy football all-star. Being this is my 2nd year playing, i really don’t have many rituals or practices for the pre-season yet. I think i’m still in a learning mode, i’ve learned a lot from my mistakes last year, and this year i’ve just been doing a lot more research in and out of the tank. I think i’m more then well prepared this year.

So what got you started with Fantasy Football?

I have always been a sports fan. Mainly hockey and baseball, however i’ve always been an eagles fan (as if i had a choice in this city).
Last season my friends money league needed a 12th, and the sports fan and the gambler in me combined to form an amalgamation of confidence. After Brad Johnson and the TB defense lead me to victory in week 1, there was no turning back. I can’t get enough of FF.

Cool. So tell us a little something about your league(s) and team(s).

I’m currently in 5 leagues. 1 is a league made solely of my friends from my last job, none of us take it seriously, so i will probably use that to either make some risky moves and try some strategies, or i will just crush them all for bragging rights. Hopefully both. I’m also in 2 leagues comprised of my fellow tankmates, one Commish’d by O-nut, another by stank. The fourth is my afforementioned money league with friends, and i will also be participating in a hammerhead league here at fantasysharks, which i’m really psyched about. I’ve only had 1 draft so far, and i’m only half-confident with it. I don’t like having to rely on two players for the outcome of my season, but it may just come down to TO and Portis for that league. I’m planning to pickup JJ Stokes though, so i got that going for me. Which is nice.

What are the team names? Why?

This year, my team name in most leauges is ‘Sharpie Warriors’. It’s basically just an ‘omage’ of sorts to Terrell Owens, who happens to be my favorite player. The fact that he’s on my eagles forced me to represent the fantasy world with it this year. In my league i play in with my friends from my last job, my team name is ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ which is just a play on words. They are all from new jersey and i like to keep up the state rivalry we have going.

Being a Philly-fan. Give us your honest opinion about the Eagles chanses. Will T.O and Kearse put them over the top? Whatabout Westbrook? Any good FF-sleepers you would like to promote?

Just like every Philadelphia fan, i gotta say that this is the year. Or i guess in better words, this *HAS* to be the year. I’m very confident about Kearse and TO – i think that they were both KEY pickups, unfortunatley i think it happened a year or two to late, since we had to part with 2 of the best secondary players in the NFL in Vincent & Dawkins. If freak can stay healthy, and McNabb can get TO the damn ball, i think you can pretty much lock up a superbowl appearance. Some team has to shake the philly curse. Eventually.

Haha, Nice dodge on the Westbrook/sleeper part of the question. Being in two of your leagues I was trying to pump some secret info out of your little measly monkey brain. No such luck eh?

Oh come now padd, i didn’t dodge any sleeper question. I clearly mentioned JJ stokes in a previous response.

Yeah! I’ve heard Pats are going to spike their Gatorade with L-dopa this seson so who knows?

Nobody knows. Well except for madden maybe. His omniscience overwhelms me.

Well, you’re new at this.

Before we move over to the questions I would want to introduce what I hope will be a favorite segment of the (Paddler-version) Whale interviews. “Pest eller Kolera” – It’s a game were I will introduce you to two options. You will have to choose one of them. Feel free to ask questions and/or evaluate why you picked one over the other. Lets go:

What would you rather do? Eat three pounds of undisclosed human hear, collected at “Madame Franz” discount barbershop in Amsterdam OR spend six hours trapped in an elevator with Mr Methane, the famous British flatulence artist, and his claustrophobic ostrich?

Oh, that’s easy. The former. Human hair tastes good with a little tabasco.

Ostrich too. Except the beak. Ok, what about; Starting each sentense with the phrase “Geeee fellas, I dunno about you but…” OR having to wear those landscape-pullovers worn by Bill Cosby in the Cosby show for as long as you live?

I gotta go with the “geee fellas” – if the man butters can do it from south park, i can pull it off too.

Let’s wrap this up with a football related one; Arizona OR San Diego?

As much as i love LT2, i gotta go with Arizona. Josh has got a nice young recieving corps to throw to this year, and they are only gonna get better. I think if Shipp can hit some paydirt this year, they will make an impact.

Enough of this nonsense. Let’s talk shall we? How did you first find the site and how often do you logon?

To be honest, i dont really remember how i found the site exactly. I think i did a search for fantasy football on google and ended up here at some point. I’ve found that most fantasy sites i stumbled across at the time looked like they were designed by a 7 year old on AOL Hometown, and when i got here the layout was very professional; and that appeals to the geeky web designer in me. So i stuck around. I can usually be found logged in to the tank at any point during the work week, i’m one of the privaledged to have constant computer/internet access at work and a boss that is to busy to check in on me. After work and weekends i’m not on as much, although the majority of this interview was completed on a saturday, so that can change as well.

Is there any special features or articles you like the most?

I enjoy Mr. Coutt’s dynasty den a lot. I love the databases of stats here that are easily searchable and configurable dependant on your leagues. The tank is an obvious draw for me, and i’m looking forward to reading the new article – “The Last Row”, i need some philadelphia support around here.

Since this is a question most Sharks find interesting; Is there any other poster on the message boards that you would like to mention?

The community aspect is a great thing in the tank, and i think it’s getting stronger by the month. I enjoy most of the regulars around here. Stormtrooper is my arch-rival, we have a certain ‘love-to-hate’ relationship when it comes to hockey. I of course have to mention supersock and stankweasels, my fellow mock drafters. Hemol, my Eagles-fan brother has to get a nod as well. Paddler, even though you are conducting this i have to give a shout out to you i suppose =] You should fly me out to sweeden the next time i’m in europe (this winter). So many others to mention as well, CBSUX, O-Nut, Davlar, Choo, Hard 10 , Action & Agenda. Everyone makes this a great place to spend time at. If i forgot anyone, feel free to PM me and yell.

Aww, thanks for the shout out. Not sure you had to but it didn’t hurt. Last question. So, will you move in with those 3 chicks or what?

Pad, you know i’m gonna do my duty as a man to live the boyhood dream and move in with the 3 hot chicks. If i can’t, we’ll all have to settle for the next best thing. Nightvision window pictures. Monkey’s are good climbers Wink

Well, I’m sure TT, HND, CBS and the other hottie-drafters look forward to that one.

Thats it! Thanks again for being such a important contributor to the Shark Tank message boards! See you again at 10.000?

As long as i can keep my job, you know it. Thanks for the interview!

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