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Two High-Flyin’ Sleepers to Help Win Your League!

Chip Kelly, former coach of the Oregon Ducks, blasted off and away from Oregon, and landed in Philadelphia. He is no longer a duck — now he is an eagle. While coaching the Oregon Ducks — a college football team — he used a “speed-of-light” offense which averaged 81 plays per game; 51 of the plays were runs, that’s 63 percent. The 81 plays a game are about 10-15 plays more than the average number of plays run by NFL teams last season.

Kelly likes to spread the field and make other teams “play in space,” while not allowing them to make any substitutions. They eventually start fighting for breath. Why am I babbling about Kelly? Because he will bring this hectic style of offense with him to Philadelphia and the NFL, and I believe it will significantly raise the fantasy value of two Eagles players … quarterback Michael Vick and running back Bryce Brown.

It used to be that anyone who drafted Vick early in a draft got laughed at by the “whizzes” in the league draft comment box. Yes, I’ve been playing fantasy sports that long, but my point is: the heckling has started again, for me, and for Vick. Kelly picked a perfect place to land because he knows that Vick will be the perfect fit to “fly” his “space shuttle” offensive barrage. He also knows how to efficiently handle a quarterback with Vick’s ability to run and pass. In a 12-team, 18-round draft, I got Vick in the 10th round, which is a great value for him. I believe that Vick will outperform most of this season’s projections.

In Kelly’s “no-slow” attack, the offense rarely huddles-up; instead, the emphasis is on running as many plays as you can as fast as you can! I think that this makes Brown an excellent fantasy running back choice.

As much as the Eagles will run the ball, LeSean McCoy — the starting running back — will need more rest and breaks than he ever has before. This is where Brown steps in, and steps up; in both playing time and fantasy value. The speedster zoomed when McCoy got injured, which McCoy has had a tendency to do over the years, and Brown showed that he could definitely tote the football. He should get around 20 touches a game. In the same draft mentioned above, I got Brown in round 11. Again, another great value. With his talent Brown outperforms most of this season’s projections.


I see three bad possibilities.

Vick gets hurt — again! Obviously, with Vick there’s always the injury risk. Kelly should be able to design plays to help protect Vick from injury. Vick has tremendous upside this year, but you still need to protect yourself by drafting another quarterback. (It’s always a good idea to have two quarterbacks on your roster.)

Vick loses the quarterback competition to Nick Foles.

Kelly’s high-flyin’ offense clatters like a prisoner in chains with Kelly’s move to the NFL. Can you say, Steve Spurrier?

In conclusion, Vick and Brown could help make you a winning manager, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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