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Two Round Mock Draft

Keep in mind this is being written on March 2nd, after Denver has acquired Dre Bly but realistically, long before any major FA acquisitions have taken place. 

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1. Oakland Raiders � Jamarcus Russell � QB � L.S.U.
The Raiders do not yet have on their roster a bankable franchise QB. Al Davis wants his team to return to greatness quickly and many of the pieces to such a puzzle are already in place, but, without a QB the franchise can only go so far. Russell seems to be the consensus pick here and for good reason. His large arm and mammoth frame will put fans in seats and balls in the air. Should Randy Moss and Jerry Porter remain in Oakland Russell will at least have two decent receivers to throw to and should the core remain a decent enough defense backing him up.

2. Detroit Lions � Joe Thomas � OT � Wisconsin
The Detroit Lions may go in a different direction with this pick as they�ve got a major need at both DE and QB. However, Joe Thomas is pretty much a can�t miss pick. Drafting Thomas will allow the Lions to keep grooming McCown or rolling with Kitna while their young roster develops to into a solid unit. In the coming years there�s going to be a very good crop of quarterbacks for them to pick from. Everyone knows the Lions are still a little way away from being competitive in the league, but Joe Thomas will allow them to take a great leap forward in offensive production and provide a perfect building block for the future.

3. Cleveland Browns � Adrian Peterson � RB � Oklahoma
The Cleveland Browns have more than one option with this pick. They could go defensive tackle, quarterback or even wide receiver. Adrian Peterson is the best value at this point and will help the franchise the most in the long run. Brady Quinn could come off the board here, but Peterson will be able to help whomever�s at the QB position for this team and will add another weapon to a unit that is quickly becoming loaded on offense. Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow Jr and Adrian Peterson form a formidable trio and will be enough for whomever ends up throwing passes in Cleveland till they can find their long term solution.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers � Calvin Johnson � WR � Georgia Tech
A consensus number one player in this year�s draft Johnson shouldn�t really be here at number 4. Luckily for Chris Simms and the rest of Tampa he is. Gruden has a rather up and down track record in the Bay and some whispers around the NFL have hinted that he�s heading toward the street if he can�t right the ship. Chris Simms, Cadillac Williams and Calvin Johnson will form a dangerous trio that could very well catapult this franchise to greatness very quickly.

5. Arizona Cardinals � Gaines Adams � DE � Clemson
Following the 2007 combine Gaines Adams has emerged as the number one defensive end. The Arizona Cardinals would have leapt at the chance to take Joe Thomas here and may consider trading up to get the player they need. The Cards also have a rather major need at S, LB and CB, but Landry, Willis and Hall are not going to be taken this early. Gaines Adams is going to contribute straight away for the Cardinals and at some venom to a listless pass rush. Adams will help to cover up some glaring defensive weaknesses on the Cardinals unit and help the defense catch up with the prolific offense.

6. Washington Redskins � Alan Branch � DT � Michigan
The redskins undoubtedly need defensive help, clearly Defensive End, Cornerback and Defensive Tackle are all major needs for the Redskins. For the aforementioned reasons Jammal Anderson may be the pick here. But, to win games teams need to be able to stop the run and with a very deep class of defensive ends they can fill that need later in the draft. Branch�s solid mix of size and speed will bring immediate help to a struggling linebacker group and a poor pass rush.

7. Minnesota Vikings � Jammal Anderson � DE � Arkansas
The Vikings have had for past few years a great tandem of defensive tackles anchoring their line. Their linebackers will grow from average to impressive when Greenway returns from injury. To complete the puzzle in the front seven they need a top flight pass rusher. The former Arkansas standout will allow them to wreak more havoc in the passing game after it was a major weakness in 2006. The Vikings could go in another direction with Quinn still on the board but the team still feels strongly about last year�s second round pick and Anderson is going to help right away and give a talented defense yet another stud.

8. Houston Texans � LaRon Landry � S � L.S.U.
Houston has a need at RB but Marshawn Lynch is going to be a reach at this point. The Front Office may surprise everyone and pick up Quinn here but since carr is still on the roster and have to now pay him, he isn�t coming off the board just yet. Landry is going to help a young, talented but hindered defense. Mario Williams, Daunta Robinson, DeMeco Ryans and LaRon Landry will form a great defensive core that will eventually grow into an elite unit should their players continue to progress.

9. Miami Dolphins � QB � Brady Quinn � Notre Dame
Though it�s not the best business decision to pay yet another quarterback starting money Daunte Culpepper might just be a product of Randy Moss even though he did play well when moss was injured back in Minnesota. The Miami dolphins have an aging team that needs to start building for the future. Quinn will provide the Dolphins with a solid leader and a talented signal caller that the team sorely needs.

10. Atlanta Falcons � Reggie Nelson � S � Florida
Last offseason the Falcons brought in two safeties to help a defense that�s always been on the cusp of special. Unfortunately Lawyer Milloy seems to be well and truly over the hill, regardless he�s never been a good cover man and Crocker hasn�t emerged into the FS he was supposed to be. Nelson will allow Crocker to move over the SS where he is better suited and secures Jimmy Wilson as the Falcon�s second corner. Defensive End is obviously the biggest need on this team after the departure of Patrick Kerney and when you consider Abraham�s injury history. There�s not really a defensive end you could justify at this point so the BPA at a position of need is the pick. The Falcons could go with Levi Brown at this point, it all depends really on the direction Petrino decides to go.

11. San Francisco 49ers � Adam Carriker � DE � Nebraska
Carriker has the ability to play defensive end in the 34 scheme. This will give Nolan and big body to fill very large hole on an over achieving defense. Leon Hall could see himself wearing a 9ers jersey at this point, but Nolan will likely see this as chance to pick up a rare player. Carriker will play end in the 34 and shift inside to the DT position on passing downs giving Nolan the type of player he needs to improve his porous defense.

12. Buffalo Bills � Patrick Willis � MLB � Ole Miss
London Fletcher-Baker leaving via Free Agency creates a hole right in the middle of a very talented defense. Pairing Willis with Takeo Spikes will make a strong duo for at least the next few years. Willis should fit right into the cover 2 scheme even though he�s only got limited experience in such a system. Willis� athleticism will help keep the Bills improving in all areas as the franchise claws itself back into contention.

13. St Louis Rams � Amobi Okoye � DT � Louisville
The St Louis Rams have had a major need on the defensive line now for a few years. Though they would�ve preferred either one of the top two defensive ends or Alan Branch Amobi Okoye is exceptional value at this point. One of the youngest players to enter the draft in recent NFL History Okoye�s upside is beyond ridiculous and he can help this team. He could stand to add some bulk in order to be the player the Rams need but until then he�ll contribute right away to a solid but unspectacular defense.

14. Carolina Panthers � Michael Griffin � S � Texas
This pick may come as a surprise to some and may even appear to be a reach. Wait, and consider the reasons behind this pick� The Panthers have very few major needs safety being the largest of all, followed by depth at linebacker and the need for a pass catching tight end. The front office is going to be tempted by Greg Olsen here, but realistically the panthers are a safety tandem away from having a dominant defense. Griffin is comparable to Reggie Nelson in every single aspect of his game except for the fact that he runs faster, and has a better handle on the nuances of the position due to his experience. Nelson is ranked higher for his play in a loaded defense on the big stage. Griffin is the same way, he�s got big game experience, a national championship and a chip on his shoulder.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers � Leon Hall � CB � Michigan
Pittsburgh�s coaching change is going to lead to a very different defense in the steel city. For that reason they�re going to be in need of corners who�re unafraid to support the run and who can close distances quickly. Leon Hall seems perfectly suited to such a scheme as he can cover deep, in the zone and support the run. Pittsburgh would�ve preferred a defensive end, defensive tackle or linebacker at this position, but they take the best player available in the draft�s best cornerback who really shouldn�t still be available.

16. Greenbay Packers � Marshawn Lynch � RB � California
The packers are heading down the road that leads to the Aaron Rogers era, as such, they need to put some talent in place around him if he is to succeed. Greg Jennings will give him a reliable weapon but the incumbent running backs on the roster leave a lot to be desired. Marshawn Lynch will give them a speedy, tough young running back who they can rely on for years to come.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars � Tedd Ginn jr � WR � Ohio State
While on polish and ability as a traditional receiver Ginn shouldn�t be off the board just yet, he is exactly what Del Rio needs as a receiver. Ginn will stretch the field deep allowing Reggie Williams and Matt Jones to make plays underneath. Talented tight end Marcedis Lewis will benefit from Ginn�s presence as well as now there�ll be one less safety and corner to worry about down in the box. This move also gives the special teams coaches a lot more creativity given Ginn�s amazing return ability. The Jaguars are slowly becoming loaded on offense as this pick will give them MJD, Greg Jones, Fred Taylor, Lewis, Williams, Wilford, Jones, and now Ginn. Leftwich now has anything any QB could ever want in a supporting cast.

18. Cincinnati Bengals � Darelle Revis � CB � Pittsburgh
The Cincinnati Bengals offense is one of the most dangerous in the NFL, their defense, one of the more pathetic. The Bengals have been unlucky as far as performance and injury go on the defensive side of the ball, but the front seven is beginning to come into its own. Focus needs to be given to the cornerback and safety positions if the Bengals ever hope to get over the hump and into a championship game. Revis is the best player available for the Bengals needs at this point and will contribute right away.

19. Tennessee Titans � Dwayne Jarrett � WR � USC
The Titans have a major need for offensive playmakers to support Vince Young. Dwayne Jarrett isn�t going to blow anyone away with his speed but he doesn�t have to. Like Arizona Cardinals standout Larry Fitzgerald Dwayne Jarrett, accelerates well off the line, uses his hands very well to beat the jam and has excellent hip and head movement which allows him to come open. His soft hands and great eye for the ball even in traffic have allowed him to become one of USC�s best ever. His size will also allow him to be a solid downfield blocker for Vince Young.

20. New York Giants � Levi Brown � OT � Penn State
One of the biggest reasons for Eli Manning�s struggles and stunted development and poor protection. Brown will bring to the Giant�s line a road grader as a run blocker and strength as a pass protector. Renowned for his dominance when opening holes he�ll fit right in opening lanes for Brandon Jacobs.

21. Denver Broncos � Jarvis Moss � DE � Florida
Denver lost some games in 2006 for the most part because their defense couldn�t back up the offense. Part of the defenses struggles came as a result of their inability to rush the passer with just the four down linemen. Jarvis Moss may be slightly undersized but his athleticism should allow him to become a good pass rusher who can still be stout against the run, much in the mould of Mike Rucker.

22. Dallas Cowboys � Chris Houston � CB � Arkansas
Probably not the best value for pick at this point in time, but Houston is definitely a fit for this team. Partnered with an already established cornerback Houston doesn�t need to be relied on to cover number one receivers. He can come in and contribute right away to a defense that has at times needed help at the position. The Cowboys more than likely would�ve liked one of the top three safeties in the class this year, but they came off the board long before this pick.

23. Kansas City Chiefs � Dwayne Bowe � WR � L.S.U.
Dwayne Bowe has been somewhat of a surprise this year. Showing an impressive physique and doing everything he had to at the combine Bowe�s been cemented as the third receiver in the draft (even though he came off fourth). Bowe will bring a much needed legitimate number one threat of a prolific offense will allow Gonzalez and Johnson a reprieve from the burden they�ve had to shoulder as a duo thus far.

24. New England Patriots � Paul Posluszny � LB � Penn St.
The patriots once feared linebacker corps has recently suffered the ravages of father time and is in a major need of an overhaul. Teddy Bruschi has lost a step since his unfortunate stroke and Junior Seau cannot be considered anything other than a stopgap solution. Pos could either start right away or spend some time riding pine before he finds his place in the 34. In any event this is a match made in heaven. One of the best linebackers in the draft meets on the of most linebacker friendly defenses ever to see the NFL.

25. New York Jets � Justin Blalock � OG � Texas
The jets would certainly prefer a 34 lineman or an offensive tackle with this pick and they�ll be tempted by Joe Staley. Preferring safety over potential in Blalock they take the best guard in the draft and a player who�ll bring balance to a youthful line. D�Brickashaw, Mangold and Blalock will form the core for a very good line.

26. Philadelphia Eagles � Lawrence Timmons � OLB � Florida State
Many hold Lawrence Timmons in high esteem seeing him as the second linebacker on the board after Patrick Willis. His athleticism, though impressive just isn�t enough to catapult him ahead of Pos or into the top twenty. His unimpressive combine measurements and lack of field awareness sees him take a bit of a tumble right into Philly. Timmons can now play outside of one of the leagues better MLBs and in front of a great secondary. Timmons is going to help the Eagles right away and his playing style should fit right in with the rest of the vicious Eagles defense.

27. New Orleans � Aaron Ross � CB � Texas
One of the main reasons for the New Orleans Saints defensive struggles in 2006 and their loss in the NFC championship game was a major lack of talent at cornerback. Aaron Ross brings a much needed presence in the defensive backfield. A solid addition to a porous secondary who�ll help the NFC runners up get to the next level.

28. New England � Sidney Rice � WR � South Carolina
Sidney Rice, though raw will eventually grow into a topflight target for Tom Brady. Chad Jackson showed some flashes during his rookie season and seems to be ready to step into a starting role. The promotion of Chad Jackson and the emergence of Ben Watson, not to mention Lawrence Maroney gives the patriots a young offensive core to go with their already established defense.

29. Baltimore Ravens � Ben Grubbs � OG � Auburn
This player will bring a solid road grader to a talented but aging offensive line and provide McNair and later Boller, with a good supporting player. This addition will help to improve the production of whoever is running the ball for Baltimore.

30. San Diego Chargers � Robert Meachem � WR �Tennessee
The chargers probably would�ve preferred one of the more polished prospects taken earlier in the draft but Meachem is the best value at a position of need at this point. Meachem will bring a valued and much needed deep threat to the offense and further help the development of Phillip Rivers while allowing LaDanian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates a slight reprieve from the heavy load they�ve carried so far.

31. Chicago � Greg Olsen � TE � Miami
Greg Olsen could�ve gone a lot earlier in the draft to either Carolina or Greenbay, but both teams had bigger needs at other positions. Chicago need a offensive lineman and strong safety in a big way but their other need is a possession receiver. While there�s none on the board who could fill that role, Greg Olsen could make an excellent substitute. With the speed to beat linebackers deep and the size to outmuscle most safeties and cornerbacks Olsen will give Grossman a big time receiving target and help to open up the game for Berrian and Muhummad. Olsen just might be one of the best TE prospects to come out in a long while and will provide immediate help for one of the NFLs most inconsistent offenses and inconsistent quarterbacks.

32. Indianapolis Colts � Jon Beason � LB � Miami
Beason will give the colts a solid linebacker who could evolve into much, much more. Like Cato June Beason is known for his athleticism and should he develop the football instincts needed to play adequately in the cover 2 could become a great contributor to the superbowl champs. Indianapolis� defense helped them win the superbowl more than scoreboard would lead people to believe. Beason will help to keep the defense competitive for years to come.

33. Oakland Raiders � Victor Abraimi � DE � Notre Dame
The Oakland Raiders biggest need outside of Quarterback is undoubtedly defensive end. Many people may tell you the Raiders are in need of a running back but LaMont Jordan has been fairly successful given his pathetic supporting cast. If the Raiders bothered with decent play calling or had a passing threat the team Jordan may have been more effective during his time in Oakland.

34. Detroit Lions � Aaron Sears � OG � Tennessee
Not a lot of fans will be overly impressed with another offensive lineman with the second pick, but Detroit is in need of a decent offensive guard. Sears and Thomas could create a solid core for a young team. Should Detroit choose to bring in a QB over the next few years they�ll be safely protected by a top flight offensive line.

35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers � Joe Staley � OT � Central Michigan
Tampa Bay last year picked up a talented offensive tackle in Eric Winston out of Miami, now they need another player to protect Chris Simms and help open lanes for Cadillac Williams. Thus the pick is Joe Staley a very interesting prospect who could end up being a very, very good tackle in the NFL. At the very worst he translates to a solid pulling guard in the role of Mike Wahle.

36. Cleveland Browns � Charles Johnson � DE � Georgia
Cleveland has a lot of glaring needs on the defensive side of the ball. Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel both know that to be successful you�ve got to win the battle at the line of scrimmage. Charles Johnson is very good value at this point and is a player who can start straight away and improve a very poor defense.

37. New York Jets (f/was) � Brian Leonard � FB/HB � Rutgers
The New York Jets have at least one talented running back in Leon Washington but his small stature and shifty tendencies means that their backfield is sorely lacking in the power department. Brian Leonard is plain and simple a football player. He�ll block, catch, run and protect for the Jets and excel in most of those areas. The best FB prospect since Mike Alstott will help the Jets offense immediately and probably improve the stamina and longevity of RB Washington forming a solid tandem.

38. Arizona Cardinals � Brandon Meriweather � S � Florida
The Cardinals were able to pick up a much needed defensive boost with Adams in round one. Picking up Meriweather here makes their defense improve further still. Meriweather will be able to partner Adrian Wilson and more importantly free him up to wreak havoc on opposing offenses.

39. Houston Texans � Michael Bush � RB � Louisville
Wali Lundy and Domanick Williams are very similar players in their abilities to both run outside and make some nice catches. What the Texans are really lacking though is a player who can carry the ball every down, in any situation and always gain positive yardage. Michael Bush is going to give them that player. Bush has been accused of running smaller than his size, but he should be compared to Frank Gore. He�ll run around players if he has the speed, or the angle or run through them if they try to take him front on. He can be a physical runner if the need arises but he�s more a balanced runner with the size of a power back. Kubiak will love having a backfield with Bush, Lundy and Williams and will undoubtedly find a way to get all three involved early and often after his experience in Denver.

40. Miami Dolphins – Marcus McCauley � CB � Fresno State
Last year the Carolina Panthers took a starting caliber corner back much later in the second round. The fresno state standout Richard Marshall proved to be a big steal for the Panthers and the Miami Dolphins hope with all their might that lightning strikes twice. Miami�s defense is ageing and needs a lot of work inside and out. After taking a talented safety in Jason Allen last year they take another piece of the puzzle with a starting cornerback in McCauley.

41. Minnesota Vikings � Eric Wright � CB � UNLB
After the release of Fred Smoot the Vikings are in vital need of a solid nickel back. Eric Wright should come in and push Griffin for a starting spot on the team and add depth and talent to a secondary that was sorely lacking in that area. The Vikings are in somewhat of a major need for wide receivers but there�s not really any on the board who would be value at this pick. When all else fails, go with defense. Wright is not only the BPA but he�s also available at a position of need.

42. San Francisco 49ers � Quentin Moses � DE � Georgia
The San Francisco 49ers made a major stride last year taking both Vernon Davis and Kamerion Wimbley in the first round. Though, they still have some needs in the secondary, Moses will help solidify the front seven and give Mike Nolan another talented contributor to his growing team.

43. Buffalo Bills � Anthony Gonzalez � WR �Ohio State
Buffalo have got a solid deep threat in Lee Evans and but they�ve yet to replace the talented Eric Moulds who departed before the 2006 season. Here they take the former Ohio State standout who�ll be used to playing second fiddle to a speedster. The progression of the bills young QB hinges on the people around him and Gonzalez will provide him with a possession receiver hiding some real speed and ability after the catch.

44. Atlanta Falcons � Tim Crowder � DE �Texas
The Atlanta falcons had a solid tandem with John Abraham and Patrick Kerney but with one half of that duo leaving for a pay day and the other half struggling to stay healthy the Falcons need some new blood. Crowder will give them a good young player who could develop quickly with the talent around him into a good weapon. In a division with Steve Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, Reggie Bush, Marques Colston, Calvin Johnson and two former pro bowl QBs defending the pass is very important. Tim Crowder should make that task a bit easier for the new coaching staff in the dirty south.

45. Carolina Panthers � Zach Miller � TE � Arizona State
Earlier this offseason the Carolina Panthers hired Jeff Davidson to be their offensive coordinator. Jeff Davidson comes from the Bellicheck tree of coaches and is a Charlie Weiss disciple. In fact, he was the tight end coach in New England during their reign of dominance winning three superbowls. Last year he was in Cleveland calling plays using a useless playbook he didn�t write, Kellen Winslow Jr featured heavily and had a brilliant season. Obviously Davidson loves his tight ends, with this pick, he gets one. John Fox will be happy with this pick and Zach Miller fits into the Todd Heap mould of a player who can both block and catch when called upon. This is a match made in heaven as a player whose stock has seen a drop lately falls to a team where he can blossom into the player scouts thought he could be before the combine.

46. Pittsburgh Steelers � Justin Harrell � DE/DT � Tennessee
Pittsburgh is in big need of players able to fit into the cover two scheme. Justin Harrell will be able to play under tackle in such a scheme and be a very disruptive force against both the run and the pass. If nothing else Harrell will be able to come in on passing downs and make his presence felt. Harrell isn�t a once in a lifetime athlete and won�t ever really be a probowl player, what he will be is a solid player who keeps gets his job done first time, at the right time, every time. Exactly what the Steelers need at the position.

47. Greenbay Packers � Jason Hill � WR � Washington State
The Packers have a lot of positions on their team in major need of an upgrade. Wide Receiver seemed to be a strength of this team in the past but Donald Driver though still dominant is beginning to show his age and Greg Jennings cannot be counted on yet as a legit number one target. Jason Hill has the potential to be good in this league and should provide Favre and later Rogers with a productive downfield threat.

48. Jacksonville Jaguars � Eric Weddle � S � Utah
Jacksonville�s talented defense has but a few holes. Safety is one of those few. Eric Weddle will fill that hole and provide the team with a solid cover guy who hits like a freight train. Good speed, decent size and excellent ability on field, in most drafts he�d go higher, but due to the depth at safety he falls to the middle of the second round. Right into the welcoming arms of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

49. Cincinnati Bengals � Quinn Pitcock � DT – Ohio State
The Bengals struggled against the run last year and were in dire need of a big body who�ll eat up space in the middle. Pitcock gives them that type of player. A strong, well built athlete who possess a good motor and high intensity on the field Pitcock will start right away in Cincinnati and help one of the leagues poorer defense take that next step.

50. Tennessee Titans � Anthony Spencer � DE � Purdue
Tennessee has a large hole at right defensive end. Spencer will fill that hole and contribute to a young team. With Pacman possibly leaving the team this offseason after yet another crime caper the team might look in another direction with this pick, even if he does leave though Spencer will help to hide the holes in the secondary by bringing pressure off the edge.

51. New York Giants � Kenny Irons � RB � Auburn
The new York Giants have needs across the board, but none more important to their team than running back. Yes, Brandon Jacobs is a solid back and could very well be a solid starter in the NFL, realistically though he hasn�t proven squat� Irons will give the Giants some insurance and at the very least a workhorse who can move the ball when Jacobs needs a breather. The knocks on Irons are his hands of stone and distinct lack of power. His negatives are Jacobs Strengths. Between the two of them they make a very solid backfield and will help the Giants continue to be competitive in the NFC East.

52. St Louis Rams � LaMarr Woodley – DE
The Rams acquired the Defensive Tackle they needed with Okoye in the first round and here they get their missing defensive end. Woodley, Okoye, Glover, Witherspoon, Hill and Tinoisamoa are going to form a great defensive core for many years to come. Woodley should provide pressure off the edge and help the Rams deal with the prolific offenses in their divison.

53. Dallas Cowboys � Tony Ugoh � OT
Ugoh is an interesting prospect who may project to either Guard or Tackle in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys have a need at both and Ugoh though he can only fill one hole, figures to do so. Tony Romo needs better protection down in Dallas and Ugoh will help the rest of the Cowboys line to do so.

54. Kansas City Chiefs � Drew Stanton – QB � Michigan State
The chiefs resigned Damon Huard this year and he figures to be in their plans for the future. Trent Green�s age is beginning to show and his statistics last year, though he was injured for a large portion of the season, left a lot to be desired. Stanton will bring mobility and some excitement to a position that has for years been filled by quiet achievers. A solid leader and a very real chance to start for the chiefs not too far down the track this pick seems to make sense even with Huard on the roster.

55. Seattle Seahawks � Josh Beekman � OG � Boston College
The Seattle Seahawks had one struggle on their offense, the offensive guard position vacated last year by Hutchinson. Beekman can pair with the league�s best left tackle and form a great run blocking duo. His pass protection may well be the weak point of his game but the players around him are good enough to help cover up this problem.

56. Denver Broncos � DeMarcus Tyler � DT � North Carolina St
The Broncos got their much needed pass rushing threat in the first round so here they get the other key cog to their line. Tyler brings a good motor and solid technique to a very solid defense. This acquisition will help the talented linebacker core run free and make plays while the outside rushers fare better on passing downs.

57. Philadelphia Eagles � WR � Aundrae Allison � East Carolina
�Drae� will bring a competent deep threat to the Philly offense. After losing stallworth the offense figures to drop off some in the new season unless the Eagles can find a deep threat. Allison will bring a speedy compliment to the outside receivers and give McNabb a solid target. Additionally the East Carolina alumni can return kicks so if Westbrook has to miss time and Jeremy Bloom doesn�t work out the team won�t miss a beat.

58. New Orleans Saints � ILB � Buster Davis � Florida State
One of the saints major needs heading into the NFL draft is linebacker. Buster Davis though lacking in size brings an impressive ability to read the play and outstanding football instincts. New Orleans still has a number of needs at other positions but facing three talented running backs including the best rushing attack in the NFL for three years running twice a year they need better linebackers, hence this pick.

59. New York Jets � Tanard Jackson � CB � Syracuse
The jets outperformed their talent level this year and just scraped into the playoffs. Though the team is certainly on the way up they still have a lot of holes, particularly on that defense. Tanard Jackson will give the team a solid cornerback who though more of a nickel or backup could grow into a full time starter. Magini should find the best way to utilize his talents on a team that has a number of needs.

60. New England Patriots � David Irons � CB � Auburn
New England filled two needs early in the draft by taking both a LB and a WR here they fill their third biggest need by taking David Irons. Irons isn�t going to wow anyone with his measurables but he always gives 100% effort and is good enough to lock down most teams number two receivers. A well rounded athlete and player who�ll contribute right away, David Irons simply makes sense.

61. Baltimore Ravens � David Harris � ILB � Michigan
The Ravens still have a need at running back and could use some help on the offensive line but with Adalius Thomas leaving via Free Agency and the fact that Ray Lewis is over thirty they take this chance on harris. Harris is a great run defender but he may never be anything more. In Baltimore he�ll have a chance to learn from the best and might develop into more than most scouts can project. In any event he�s the best player available at this point and Ozzie Newsome stays true to his strategy of going BPA. Harris, are you ready to become a Baltimore Raven?
*ozzie newsome says that last part to every one of the Raven�s draft picks during his initial phone call*

62. San Diego Chargers � Aaron Rouse � S � Virginia Tech
Aaron Rouse was a great player at the collegiate level and is a phenomenal athlete. Some teams are scared off by his size feeling he might be more of a LB tweener like Darnell Bing was last year. In any event the chargers need secondary help and this player could be golden in an already talented defense. Hopefully he can cover better than his predecessors and helps the defense to finally live up to its billing in the playoffs.

63. Chicago Bears � James Marten � OT � Boston College
The Bears are in need of depth at offensive tackle and need a player who can potentially start sometime in the future. Marten may never be more than a backup, but at this point in the draft he is the best value at a position of need and so he�s there pick. A lot of fans won�t be happy with this choice probably preferring a safety, but this tackle will fill the biggest need on the Bear�s roster at this point.

64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers � Brandon Mebane � DT � California
After trading Booger McFarland to Indianapolis and being already in need of youth on the defensive side of the ball the Buccs try to rebuild their defensive tackle stables with this pick. Mebane provides a nice size in the middle weighing in at 300 pounds and will give the Buccs new line coach a player he really does like to work with. This pick just fits however you look at it.

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