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Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback – Week 10

Jeff Garcia is now gone, receiving 60% of the vote to eliminate. It is the feeling here that the sharks aren’t the only ones who think he should go, as San Francisco must be looking pretty hard at his future as well.

Who is up for elimination this week will be chosen from some pretty good quarterbacks, not surprising so late in the fantasy season. Here is who is left:

Drew Bledsoe
Daunte Culpepper
Aaron Brooks
Kerry Collins
Brett Favre
Steve McNair
Trent Green
Matt Hasselbeck
Peyton Manning

This week we have 2 contestants for your vote. Remember, the bottom performances from last week get the nominations, and they were Drew Bledsoe and Kerry Collins, who scored the lowest of the remaining entrants. In fact, they were just awful, making the nominations pretty clear this week.

Drew Bledsoe (Buffalo) – Terrible day from Bledsoe, with 104 yards and no TDs. Although he was passing against a good secondary coached by his old coach, certainly much more should be expected than this. And hasn’t he been here before?

Kerry Collins (New York Giants) – Another QB who is lucky he is still in this poll, who had a terrible day, and against a bad team. Did anyone tell the Giants the line closed at 11 points? Anyway, Collins just could not get it done, with 202 yards, 2 picks and no TDs.

No third choice, as the remaining QBs all played or were on byes, and the third choice is reserved for guys who did not start for their squads. The rules state that someone has to go. Who will it be? Who will be the Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback?

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