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Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback – Week 12

Aaron Brooks was eliminated in week 11 from the competition.  He received 69% of the vote as he beat out Brett Favre.  From some of the comments during the voting, it was clear that Brett stayed in play based on his reputation despite Aaron scoring more points than him.  Brett also dodged the nominations this week and will stay alive another day.


The overtime battle between Seattle and Baltimore produced the top two fantasy QBs from the past week.  Matt Hasselbeck surprised most experts and had a career game with 333 Yds passing and 5 TDs.  How many of you benched him against the Raven’s defense? 


Youngster Anthony Wright made the most of his opportunity by tossing 319 Yds and 4 TDs.  The waiver wire fiends will be all over him this week.  This is the Ravens we are talking about so don’t go too crazy.  If you have an open spot he may be worth looking at but don’t drop anyone who you will regret later.


John Kitna had another big week leading the surprising Bengals to another victory and a share of the division.  Kitna was one of those waiver wire pickups that has paid big dividends for his owners.  He threw for 243 Yds and 4 TDs, 3 of which went to Chad Johnson.


Here is the current status of the contestant pool:


Drew Bledsoe           Tom Brady               Drew Brees

Aaron Brooks            Kerry Collins             Daunte Culpepper

Brett Favre              Rich Gannon             Jeff Garcia

Trent Green             Matt Hasselbeck       Kelly Holcomb

Tommy Maddox        Peyton Manning        Donovan McNabb

Steve McNair           Jake Plummer           Kurt Warner


We are getting down to just the studs remaining.  This week Kerry Collins faces Peyton Manning.


Kerry Collins (New York Giants) – Kerry has had some tough weeks.  This time he wasn’t as bad as he has been but with the competition getting fiercer he still faces elimination.  Kerry threw for 160 Yds and 0 TDs for just 10 fantasy points.


Peyton Manning (Indianapolis) – This is Peyton’s first nomination.  Everyone in our competition will get a chance to be voted on, but Peyton wasn’t expecting it to come so soon.  He really struggled this week even in victory by throwing for just 229 Yds and 0 TDs for 11 fantasy points.


Will Kerry finally be eliminated or will Peyton be the man?  Your vote counts.  Who will be the Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback?

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