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Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback – Week 13

It wasn’t even close, in fact every vote cast this past week went for Kerry Collins to be eliminated.  Yup 100% of the ballot.  You can’t get more definitive than that.  Kerry was probably lucky to make it as far as he did because he and his Giants teammates have been just awful this season. 


So we are 12 down and just 6 Quarterbacks remain.  All 6 have been at the top of the stat sheet all season. 


Peyton Manning leads the way again this week with 278 Yds passing and 4 TDs for 37 points.  Unfortunately for Peyton he and the Colts came up just 1 yard short in their bid to complete an amazing comeback against the Patriots.  The Colts offense is talented and can put up points in a hurry but come playoff time, they won’t be able to survive falling behind by 21 points in the third period.


Matt Hasselbeck continues to roll along tossing 328 Yds and 3 TDs for 34 points.  The Seahawks are for real and are only 1 game back in the NFC West.  With the weapons Matt has to work with, he will continue to put up great numbers and will be a dominating fantasy QB for years to come.


Daunte Culpepper had decent statistics but the Vikings continue to struggle having lost 5 of their last 6 games.  They were riding high at 6-0 and it looked like nothing could stop them.  Although Daunte’s numbers (330 Yds passing, 70 Yds rushing and 1 TD) look good, he hurt his team’s chances with a fumble and interception both leading to Ram TDs.


Brett Favre continues to amaze his critics, this week throwing for 296 Yds and 2 TDs in a Turkey Day loss to the Lions.  The Lions showed that to beat the Packers, you need to stop Ahman Green.  Brett did what he could but even his arm couldn’t save the Pack as they went down to defeat.


Steve McNair played despite the potential of him reaggravating his calf injury.  He didn’t look sharp but did pass for 272 Yds and 2 TDs for 25 fantasy points.  The Jets gameplan was to keep Steve moving and struggled to keep his team on track. 


Trent Green had a solid outing with 155 Yds passing and 2 TDs for 19 fantasy points in a tough win over the Chargers.  The majority of the offense went to Priest Holmes so their wasn’t much Trent needed to do other than hand the ball off.


Here is the current status of the contestant pool:


Drew Bledsoe           Tom Brady               Drew Brees

Aaron Brooks            Kerry Collins             Daunte Culpepper

Brett Favre              Rich Gannon             Jeff Garcia

Trent Green             Matt Hasselbeck       Kelly Holcomb

Tommy Maddox        Peyton Manning        Donovan McNabb

Steve McNair           Jake Plummer           Kurt Warner


This week you get to vote between Steve McNair and Trent Green.


Make your voice heard and vote for one of these two to be eliminated.  Who will be the Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback?

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