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Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback – Week 16

For the first time this season, we have a dead even vote.  Daunte Culpepper and Steve McNair each received 50% of the vote, which leaves me to break the tie.  I haven’t voted all season so I have been looking forward to a week like this. 


Before I share who I voted for, let’s take a look at how their stats for the season compare:


  • Culpepper passed for 3,282 Yds compared to McNair’s 3,246 Yds. 
  • Both QBs threw for 24 TDs and ran for 4 more. 
  • Culpepper was picked off 10 times where McNair only had 7. 
  • Culpepper ran for 382 Yds compared to only 139 Yds for McNair. 
  • Culpepper scored 356 fantasy points on the year compared to 332 fantasy points for McNair.


However for my money Steve McNair was more consistent over the whole season.  Culpepper missed two games early in the year and had some games where he barely showed up on the box score.  McNair has played hurt down the stretch and did miss one game, but came back early from his injury when his team needed him.  I vote for Daunte Culpepper to be eliminated from the competition.


With Culpepper out, we are down to just 3 quarterbacks remaining:


Brett Favre, wow what can you say about this guy?  He hasn’t had the respect from most fantasy owners this season, however he has been clutch all year when his team needed him to be.  This week, with his team’s playoff chances still undecided, Brett puts up a monster game, no make that a monster first-half.  With the emotions flowing from learning that his father died the day before, Brett and the Packers came out flying in the first half on Monday night’s game.  It seemed liked everything he threw was being caught in a spectacular fashion.  Brett threw for 311 Yds and 4 TDs in the first half alone!  He finished the game with 399 total Yds for 43 fantasy points. 


With that performance, he took over the league lead for touchdowns for the season with 31!  Brett earned the final immunity and will automatically make it to the finals next week. 


Steve McNair gutted it out and played this week.  With the division title still up for grabs, and the only other option being Neil O’Donnell, Steve went out and led the Titans to a come-from-behind-last-second victory over the Texans.  Steve threw for 268 Yds and 2TDs to lead his team back into a tie with Indianapolis.


Peyton Manning played confused and looked awful, and the Colts didn’t appear like they were ready to make a run into the playoffs.  Peyton threw for just 146 Yds and no TDs.  I’m sure there were many disappointed Manning owners out there who lost a Fantasy Championship because of his minimal effort this week.  I was fortunate to win two championships this week, one where I survived Peyton’s poor performance on my own team and one where I eked out a win against a team led by Edgerrin James.


Here is the current status of the contestant pool:


Drew Bledsoe           Tom Brady               Drew Brees

Aaron Brooks            Kerry Collins             Daunte Culpepper

Brett Favre              Rich Gannon             Jeff Garcia

Trent Green             Matt Hasselbeck       Kelly Holcomb

Tommy Maddox        Peyton Manning        Donovan McNabb

Steve McNair           Jake Plummer           Kurt Warner


So this week, Brett “I have pictures of Greg” Favre is sitting pretty while you get to choose between the two potential MVP candidates in Steve McNair and Peyton Manning.


Make your voice heard and vote for one of these two to be eliminated.  Who will be the Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback?

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