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Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback – Week 17

Peyton Manning was the odds on favorite at the beginning of the season to win this competition.  He was probably the first quarterback taken in your fantasy draft.  He also had some amazing 5 TD games.  But unfortunately he also had some stinkers, including a few down the stretch run.  Hopefully you didn’t lose your fantasy superbowl because of his performance in week 16.  No matter how you look at his season, his lack of consistency finally caught up to him as Peyton was eliminated in week 16 of the contest. 


Here is the current status of the contestant pool:


Drew Bledsoe           Tom Brady               Drew Brees

Aaron Brooks            Kerry Collins             Daunte Culpepper

Brett Favre              Rich Gannon             Jeff Garcia

Trent Green             Matt Hasselbeck       Kelly Holcomb

Tommy Maddox        Peyton Manning        Donovan McNabb

Steve McNair           Jake Plummer           Kurt Warner


That leaves us with the final two contestants, Brett Favre and Steve McNair. 


Midway through the season, people were questioning how Brett could have survived as long as he did.  But somehow he kept just ahead of the competition and away from the elimination votes.  He then came on strong and finished the season with a league leading 32 touchdown passes leading the Packers into the playoffs. 


Steve played strong all season, battling injuries and keeping the Titans in the playoff hunt.  When it looked like the Titans were going to make the playoffs, Steve rested his injured ankle to hopefully be healthy for the postseason.  How much will that decision help his team for real but hurt his chances with this contest? 


I would like to thank each of you for following along all season and for voting each week.  Looking back at the initial contestant pool, made up of the top 18 ranked QBs prior to the season, it seems odd that guys like Warner, Brees, Bledsoe, Collins and Holcomb were even in the contest (they all finished out of the top 18). 


This is your final chance to vote.  Make your voice heard and vote for one of these two to be eliminated.  Who will be the Ultimate Fantasy Quarterback?

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