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UPDATED – Survivor Pools – Week 17

**UPDATED – Dec. 27 – 3:02pm**

The top
choice in the Patriots man-handled the Cardinals while the second choice in the
Saints kept the Lions winless season intact. The Texans and Broncos both
disappointed in multiple ways on Sunday.

 Are you down to the final week in your
survivor pool? Congrats so far, but you have just one more week to survive! Check
out the final week’s game-by-game analysis and continue your survivor run until
the end…




  1. Stay away from road teams.

  2. Stay away from divisional

  3. Never take a divisional team
    on the road.


On to Week 17…


Giants @
Vikings – Avoid.


Rams @
Falcons – Love the ATL if you still have them as they have something to play


@ Bills – I would have used the Pats last week if you still had them.


Lions @
Packers – 0-16 is just days away. The Pack won’t be the team that the Lions
beat in ’08.


@ Saints – The Panthers were a FG away from being the 1 seed. A loss in

New Orleans, where the
Saints are 6-1, could drop them to the 5th seed.


Bears @
Texans – That Texan loss last week was puzzling as they were playing good
football. The Bears need to win and hope for the Vikings to lose. I’d stay


Browns @
Steelers – How long will the Steeler starters play? It doesn’t matter.

Pittsburgh will roll.


Chiefs @
Bengals – Avoid.


Titans @
Colts – Avoid.


Raiders @
Bucs –

must win and get help to make the playoffs. 9-3 seems so far away.

Jaguars @ Ravens – Baltimore needs to win to get in and they’ll do so against a disappointing Jaguar team. 

@ Jets – Can Chad go back to NJ and take the fish to the playoffs?


Cowboys @
Eagles – Could have been a win and in game had the Eagles won last week. I
think the Birds keep the Boys out of the playoffs.


@ Niners – Avoid.


@ Cardinals – The Cards need to play better and they’ll play their starters for
the most of this one.


Broncos @
Chargers – This should be a close game, although most expect a Charger blowout.
It would be a fitting close to the season if

won this one after it appeared

would take advantage of one of the biggest
collapses of 2008.




I will rank the top 7
teams I like this weekend (in order):


2. Ravens



4. Packers

5. Bucs




than those 7 teams, the games are toss-ups this week. If I had to pick winners
(in no particular order) that I like this week if you do not have the 7 aforementioned teams, go with:


over Broncos


over Cowboys

Hopefully you have one of the top 7 teams above, though. 

for all of the feedback this season and good luck this week if you are still
alive! See you next season!


If you
have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at


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