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View From The Pigpen – NFC

Well the preseason is over, and a lot of you have already drafted many times and may have one last draft before the season starts. I’m just going to throw out some general thoughts on some of the players and teams this year. I am going to eat crow on some of my earlier picks, and admit I may have been wrong. I watched pretty much every preseason game that was played, especially taking note of the third one since that is the so-called “dress rehearsal” for the regular season. A lot of these thoughts are based on those games. I’ll go by divisions and make comments on each team, picking how they will finish along with some bust and breakout fantasy players. I know the old saying about opinions ….. but here in the pigpen we all stink, and we love it!


NFC West



San Francisco,

St. Louis



Hass will still be a QB1, it doesn’t matter who is catching the ball. Burleson was a bargain at his current ADP. Mo Morris was an outright steal at his ADP, he has looked better than JJ. If you grabbed Engram or Branch late in the draft, they could be nice for playoffs.



I was wrong on Leinart, Warner just looked better. If you drafted both, like I said, you did well. Back up Edge with Hightower. If Edge goes down, Hightower will get the job and run with it. I feel much better about Fitz and Boldin with Warner starting vs. Matt.

Arizona could make a push at

Seattle if they get off to a good start.


San Francisco

I feel sorry for

Alex Smith; I was wrong on him too, but the poor kid never had a chance with Nolan changing OC every year. Nolan doesn’t impress me as a head coach. J.T. O’Sullivan has a very quick release and may end up doing well. I was impressed with the way they pretty much dominated the Bears defense. Gore looks sharp and fast. I hope you didn’t sleep on

Isaac Bruce late in your draft.


St. Louis

Bulger won’t make it through the year with that offensive line. I’m leery of drafting any

St. Louis players. Linehan is gone after this year; it’s time to start rebuilding.

Jackson’s holdout will come back to haunt him, like always. Their defense just has no size; they can’t stop the run.


This division is full of offensive firepower.

Seattle has the best defense and that is why they will win out.

Arizona is better with Warner at QB. They have a chance to make the playoffs. The Niners will beat some good teams this year, but not be consistent enough. The Rams won’t win five games.



Jackson will not make it through the season without getting hurt.

Breakout: Mo Morris will lead

Seattle in rushing.



‑ Dallas,


NY Giants, Washington



Barber looked great; he didn’t look like he was in a RBBC at all. He is a stud, period. When they get ahead, he will be getting the rock a lot.

Patrick Crayton might make a nice WR3.

Witten wasn’t targeted much in the preseason, but when the real games start his roommate will get him the ball. Romo is getting better and better. Their special teams will be better with

Adam Jones and

Felix Jones. I like HBO’s Hard Knocks. T. Owens looks like a beast. He looks to me like he could easily be a stud for three more years.



McNabb will make Chicken Soup out of Chicken Sh*t this year. He still has a gun for an arm. He looks like a potential Top 5 guy, and that’s with no stud WR. Now with Curtis out,

DeSean Jackson may really be the best WR on the team. If you took

Jackson late in your draft, he may payoff big time.

Reggie Brown, you really disappoint me. Westy is the second best RB in PPR leagues, and will prove it again this year.


NY Giants

Devastating losses at their biggest strength, defensive line, kills them. Eli will have to step up even bigger this year; they will be playing from behind a little more, so you might see an increase in his numbers. I think he is a serviceable QB1 with some upside. Jacobs is the main RB, but Ward will get some touches. Bradshaw is an after thought. I would hate to have to tackle Jacobs with a full head of steam. Plax scares me this year; he got his ring last year and may be the type to rest on his accomplishments. He needs to show me he can still be a stud when the team might not be as good as it was last year. I wouldn’t want him as my WR1.



I know it’s preseason, but they look bad on offense. Having Portis in the game will help things, but can

Campbell get the offense down? Brennan may be the future starter. Cooley went way too high in drafts for my taste. Randle El might be a nice steal.


This division will be very competitive at the top. I think the Cowboys can make a serious run at the big game.

Philadelphia will beat out the Giants for second place. The Giants can’t overcome the defensive losses.

Washington brings up the rear, but improves as the season goes on.


Bust: Portis doesn’t finish Top 15

Breakout: D.

Jackson finishes the season as the top rookie WR.




Green Bay,





T. Jackson has a gun and seems to be developing well. Hope his injury wasn’t too much of a setback. Peterson could see a slight slump in numbers as

Jackson develops his passing skills. He’s still a stud though. You must get

Chester if you draft Peterson. Berrian has the body of a stick man, but he can catch. He will help

Jackson in the passing game tremendously. I don’t know if I’m sold on them being the top defense in the league. They will be able to stop the run and get some pressure on the QB. But, can they defend the pass, when the rush doesn’t get there?


Green Bay

I think Rodgers will be a solid QB, and if he does play well, they win the division. Team him up with someone like Rivers, Delhomme or Schaub, and have a good QBBC.

Jennings and Driver will be fine; I like Driver as a WR3 better than

Jennings as a WR2. Grant has not played much, and he was being taken way too high in drafts for me. There were several RB’s being taken in rounds three and four that I would rather have had over him.



Kitna has quietly played as good as any QB in the preseason; he could be a nice late round pick as your QB2. I think he finishes with QB1 numbers. I like Marinelli, and they will have a winning season this year. Calvin takes over as the team’s No. 1, but

Roy is no slouch. Calvin is a great WR2 with upside, and

Roy is a weak WR2 or good WR3.

Kevin Smith looks to have won the job, but I don’t know if he will have any holes to run through. I wouldn’t want him as my RB3, and think he was being taken too early in drafts. If they can protect Kitna, they can compete for division title.



The Bears of two years ago are gone. They will have a QB controversy all year with no real answers. Forte is the best fantasy option on the team, but like

Kevin Smith, he won’t have many holes. He was being taken too early in drafts also. Hester won’t be able to shine at WR because of the QB situation. They will still score points on special teams, but they won’t stop teams like they used to. Rex has the most talent, but is too inconsistent. Orton is just a game manager.


This is another very competitive division. I think the winner might end up 10-6 on the year. I like the Vikings to win it all. T. Jackson is the key for them. If he continues to develop, watch out.

Green Bay could win if the Vikings stumble. They have the talent, but can Rodgers lead them?

Detroit will also compete well, and should still be in the race the last few weeks.

Chicago will struggle all year; I fear their time has passed.



Ryan Grant will not live up to the hype.

Breakout: Kitna will finish Top 12 at a bargain price.



New Orleans,






New Orleans

Brees is in for a big year; having Deuce back will help him and the whole team. Speaking of Deuce, he seems to not be showing any ill effects from the knee injury. Reggie also gets to benefit from having Deuce back; he returns to his old self with more experience. The defense is still bad, so that will help inflate the offensive numbers. Colston will be solid, and I like him as a solid WR1. Shockey will help in the passing game, but he is still the No. 3 option, behind Bush and Colston. He was No. 2 option in N.Y. I don’t see him putting up the same numbers he had in N.Y.



Delhomme will miss Smith the first two, but he will be solid. Muhammad will pick up the slack, like he has done before. I like DeAngelo as a good RB3 with upside. Stewart is in the same ballpark, but was picked too high in drafts. I like Williams in round seven over Stewart in round five. Smith comes back with a chip on his shoulder, and lights it up when he returns. Mushy could be a nice WR4 that an owner can count on. They have an underrated defense, especially if Stewart plays on special teams.




They will be solid on defense, but offense will be a question mark. Garcia may put up some decent numbers, but only if

Galloway is healthy.

Galloway scares me with his age and his hamstrings. I am not sold on Graham; Dunn will provide some value in PPR leagues, and eat into Graham’s work. If A. Bryant can rebound, he may surprise and end up a nice WR4. Bryant, with a healthy

Galloway, goes a long way in helping them compete for the division title.



Ryan will take his lumps this year, but be better for it in the long run. Turner has looked good, but when they get behind I don’t know how effective he will be. They will be behind a bunch, because their defense is not good. That’s also why I like White; they will be passing trying to get back in games.


This division has some good teams.

Carolina comes back to life and will compete with

New Orleans for the top spot.


Bay will be in the mix, but just doesn’t have enough offensive power.

Atlanta will struggle to win games.



Michael Turner won’t be able to get it going.


DeAngelo Williams proves he is a stud. 


Playoff teams





New Orleans,

Philadelphia and


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