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Vinnie: Preseason Futures and Hall of Fame, Week One Preseason

Vinnie’s back, coming off a very profitable off-season. Got my fingers into a pile of cash (7 figures!) and control of some very lucrative businesses. Now, its time to start a laundry service.

And, for what it’s worth, we might as well enjoy gambling online while it lasts, because it looks like the U.S. Government doesn’t want us to have fun anymore without taking their tax cut. Speaking of which, was playing poker this weekend online, and Stephen Davis was at the table. Wonder if the government will outlaw that too.

OK, let’s first look at futures.

Pittsburgh Steelers Under 10 +105

Pittsburgh has had a terrible off-season. First Ben’s motorcycle accident, then the first round draft pick (Santonio Holmes) gets arrested, twice! The loss of Randle-El is also a problem. Every team plays harder against defending Super Bowl Champs. I look for them to perhaps get 10 wins, but it will take 11 to lose this bet. Three Stars, Pittsburgh Under 10 +105 ***

Two HUGE plays for the preseason.

Now, let’s look at the Hall of Fame game and Week 1 of the preseason. The lines aren’t up yet at, but I talked to my buddy in Vegas for better info anyways.

Hall of Fame Game (Oakland +3 @ Philly).

First, let’s check the schedule. Oakland plays on August 6th, and not again until August 14th. Philly plays August 6th, and then August 10th. You’ve got to be kidding me. Preseason, and two games within 5 days. Thanks schedule makers, and TV advertisers.

Second, Art Shell is a winner, and he’s an aggressive coach, and his players will be playing hard for their new coach. Their QB’s (Brooks, Walters, and Marques) have something to prove. By the second half, Philly will be evaluating talent, and going through the motions. Oakland’s guys will be fighting hard, trying to make a good impressions. And, you are getting 3 points. Easy Money. Take Oakland +3 ****


Pittsburgh +3 @ Arizona

Arizona has a new stadium, it’s opening night, and many Steelers fans will be in the stadium. Regardless though, look for the Steelers to not play Big Ben much, and test out their backups thoroughly. Likewise, looks for Dennis Green to push his backups, and push the passing game. Momentum with a home opening win for the Cardinals is here. The free agent acquisition, Edge, should hit the end zone once as well. Dennis Green sets a new winning tone for a previously loser type franchise, the Cardinals, in their new stadium

Take Arizona -3****, and lay the points comfortably.


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