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Vinnie “Superbowl”

Folks – It’s been a rough year for Vinnie’s sports

  Luckily, my other ‘business
ventures’ (Nightclub, Poker Nights, Real Estate investments, and
my latest Korean Partnership) have given me plenty of loose money to make up
for my disastrous sport picks.

I was not planning on writing the yearly props article,
since, I figured, no one following me had any money left with their

  However, I received several
emails begging for my picks.

  Being a
sharp gambler, I immediately realized why.

My faithful readers want to fade my selections!!!

  Put a fork in the old guy, eh. Washed up at

  No need to be nice to your
seniors, just call it the way you see it.

Call a ball a ball, and a strike a strike.

  You, faithful readers, want to know whom I
will be betting on Sunday, so you can bet against me.

  Well – go for it – picks coming up soon, but
first a comical note.

Speaking of old, Last week I was in Vegas at the World of

  At the convention, I went to
see an old customer at a trade show booth.

I had done business with Tony Giovanni for years.

  Right about the time I took over my operation
15 years ago, Tony Sr. moved to

to play golf everyday, and put Tony Jr. in charge.

  So, I go to the booth, expecting to see Tony
Jr (maybe Tony Sr.).

  Who do you think I

  Tony Trip – That’s right, the
grandkid is in his 20’s running the booth.

Nearly had a heart attack when I saw that.

  Cripes. I’m old.

  Maybe it’s time for me to move to a sunny


Game Thoughts (New
England Patriots -12 @

New York


The Patriots will have a plan to shut down Plaxico

  The Giants may get their
running game going, but the Patriots bend, but not break defense, is a perfect
fit to just tease Eli Manning into making a bad decision.

  One mistake, then another, and the Patriots
will be blowing out the Giants.

  A good
chessplayer often doesn’t try to win the game, as much as let the opponent lose
the match.

  The Packers beat

  The Cowboys beat themselves.

  The Patriots are NOT a team I expect to beat

  The Patriots prove they are
the best team EVER, convincingly in


  Giants are just happy to be on the same

  After a couple frustrating stops,
and unable to keep up with Brady’s offense, the game will not even be

  In their last five games
against the spread,

New England is 0-5 and the Giants
are 5-0.

  Look for the Pats to go against
that betting trend, and win convincingly.


Pats -12 ***** (5 Stars)



Tom Brady OVER 2 (-125) rushing yards:

  With the Giants pass rush, he should have to
scramble a couple times and stumble over the line of scrimmage.


Tom Brady – Longest Completion OVER 47.5 yards:

  Don’t you think he want to go for the big one
with Randy Moss as a target – Likewise, don’t you think with 2 weeks of film
study, the Patriots found something in the Giants defense?

Kevin Faulk – Longest Reception OVER 9 ½ (-130):

  Kevin Faulk is a matchup player, and Brady
will find him for a 10+ yard gain sometime during the game.

Tedy Bruschi Total Tackles OVER 6 (-135) – He’ll be all over
the field, in perhaps his final game.

Mike Vrabel Total Tackles OVER 4.5 (-110) – He too will be
all over the field.

Team to Score First PATRIOTS -165: Pats have more Superbowl
experience – They should score first, right out of the gate.

Team to make the first successful field goal of the

  PATRIOTS -130 (Again, Patriots
should move the ball easily, and score first)

Team to record the first 6 (1st downs) in the game PATRIOTS
-155 – Not only do the Pats score first usually, but they move the ball
effectively, taking what the defense will give.

Will New York Giants score in both the 1st and 2nd
Quarters? NO -115 Pats defense should hold the Giants at least one of the
two quarters, probably the first quarter.

Will either team score in the last 2 minutes of the 1st Half
? YES -300: Both teams have intelligent quarterbacks that handle the two
minute drill well.

That’s it for Vinnie – Good Luck with your selections, I’ll
be a huge Patriot fan come Sunday.

you next year at FantasySharks for the best info on the web.




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