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Vinnie Week 3

Ouch, another rough week, let’s hope this trend ends.  I’d hate to have to sell my liver to pay my bookie.  I’m down to only one kidney, and you can only give blood every 56 days.  So, this week it’s life or death for me.


In review

David Carr had a monster day for Houston, but Detroit won the turnover battle, the game, and the cover.  Did I mention Roy Williams looked like a seasoned veteran.


San Fran’s game was scary (insert Boo Williams joke here) with New Orleans torching the SanFran defense, but SanFran hung tough, and lost (but covered!)


Pittsburgh – A total disaster, Tommy Maddox gets hurt, and a rookie QB (Ben Roth.) gets his first action against the NFL’s best defense.  Still, the Steelers held the Ravens to under 100 yards passing, but their rookie led offense made too many mistakes.


Love a couple plays here


Texans +9.5 @ Kansas City:  Kansas City is 0-2, are the Texans that bad.  Take the points to the bank!  David Carr at last gets the backdoor cover this week.  Houston +9.5 ***


Chicago +9 @ Minny: Divisional games are rarely blowouts.  Plus, the Vikings have a short week, and the Bears have confidence now.  Chicago +9 ***


GB + 5.5 @ Indy: Indy can beat tough defenses(Tenn, Pats), what will they do against GB’s defense!  Plus, Farve doesn’t play well indoors, and the Packers are reeling from their home loss last week.  Lay the points with Indy –5.5 ***


If GB had killed Chicago last week, I was hoping to make Indy my first 5 star play of the year.  But, instead of a letdown, the Packers could behave like a wounded dog (nearly dead, or vicious).  So, the Indy game is only 3 stars.  Sorry boys to get your hopes up.


OK, three 3*** plays.  Going to be a perfect week this week, 3-0.  Bet on it! J


Keeping Score

***** (0-0)

**** (1-0)

*** (1-3)

** (0-1)



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